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Prague as we know it is surprisingly young. Can you believe that most people consider the current Prague to be less than 250 years old? Mind blowing, right? How is that even possible?
You might think that something is fishy here, since you probably remember that some of the most famous landmarks in Praga are actually way older than that. After all, Charles Bridge was built around 1357! That’s when the namesake of the bridge, Emperor Charles IV, was alive! The Josefov, Jewish district where famous writer Franz Kafka was born, is supposedly 1000 years old. The Vyšehrad, Petřín Hill, Town Halls…all of them are so much older than 250 years! We must be mistaken, right? Prague must be much older than that!
Well, the answer is that while it is true that all these things are indeed that old, they were not part of the same city initially! You see, until 1784, what we know today as Prague was actually five different cities! Malá Strana, Nové Město, Staré Město, Hradčany and Josefov were combined into a single mega-city. This is why you might see distinct differences between architecture styles in these districts, and why Prague has so many Town Halls!

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The 3 tours we booked were all fantastic. All of the drivers provided a first class experience on the day. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I would book again.

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Easy to book, drivers arrived on time, well priced, glad we used them, made the transfers hassle free.

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There is one big airport in Prague – Vaclav Havel Airport. It is located about 15 kilometers from the strict city center. A car trip will take around 25-40 minutes, depending on the traffic. Public transport is also an option. If you decide to take a bus or a tramway, expect 45-60 minutes of travel at a minimum.
The easiest, fastest and safest way to secure your transport from or to the airport is a door-to-door transfer with MrShuttle. No point getting stressed out about navigating the public transport or catching a taxi if you can have our drivers waiting for you even before your plane lands. Meet-and-greet means no stress, just rest! We will take care of your luggage and make sure you arrive right next to your hotel.

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In case of a flight delay, do not worry. Our drivers are not packing up and going away the moment you are late. In fact, they will wait for you, so do not worry! If you booked a transport at MrShuttle, we will be there, no matter how long it takes. We prize your trust, and won’t betray it. You can trust us to be there when you need us.

If for whatever reason you need to cancel your transport with MrShuttle, do not worry. We understand, and will not demand any additional fees if you do it within 24hours of the scheduled transport. Rescheduling is also not a problem.


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Prague, the city of love! Make sure to check out the Prague Castle that once served a king. Vyšehrad Castle should also be near the top of your priority list. The sights you can witness from atop of it are breathtaking. There is a special reason why lovers flock to Charles Bridge - find out why yourself! For a general “I just want a little bit of everything”, you can’t start wrong by taking a walk around Old Town Square.

The Prague City Center was added to the UNESCO Heritage Site in 1992. It encompasses the Old Town Square, including Charles University - one of the oldest in Europe, dating back to 1348.

Prague is a wonderful city, but you would miss a lot if you didn’t get out of it for at least a day! There are many landscape parks around it, and you won’t regret taking a walk along the river. Make sure to see the Kutna Hora! The city center is positively antique, full of charming streets and avenues, fantastic city square, and Jesuit Collegium. Do not miss the St. Barbara’s Church!

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