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While modern Budapest is a single megacity, it didn’t start like that. In fact, before 1873, there was no “Budapest” at all! There were Buda, Pest and Óbuda instead. What were those? Well, they were three separate towns. However, if you want to go really deep and to the very beginning, you need to take a look at the first settlements of Celts. Yes, the first people who settled the terrain of contemporary Budapest were Celts! They quickly became occupied by the Romans, who built the city of Aquincum. It was Romans who built first of the first iconic heated baths and terms in what would be Budapest 1800 years later! Aquincum got destroyed, true, but it remains one of the best-preserved Roman sites. Make sure to visit the museum dedicated to it.
Buda and Pest were founded by Bulgarian settlers much later, around the 9th century. The Magyar tribes of Árpád. This is where the kingdom of Hungary was founded! Of the cities that were destined to become Budapest, Buda was particularly favored by the Hungarian rulers, especially King Matthias Corvinus.
However, it wasn’t Hungarians who truly recognized the bath potential of Buda after the Romans, but Turks. It was the Ottoman Turks who truly seized the terms potential of Buda. Some of their constructions are still in active use, 500 years later! While thermal and medicinal baths accompanied Budapest for most of its history, it only became known worldwide as the City of Spas in 1920. The world fell in love with The Széchenyi Medicinal Bath, the largest medicinal bath on the continent.

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There are so many wonderful things to see in Budapest it is hard to give just a handful of recommendations. Start with Andrassy Avenue, one of the most beautiful streets in Europe. Budapest is famous for its thermal baths, so you can’t say you experienced the city if you didn’t take a soak in Széchenyi Bath! St. Stephan’s Basilica is a treat for anybody wanting to witness some impressive architecture. There are very few people who would not enjoy a Danube River Cruise, so make sure to secure a place for it in your schedule!

Budapest was added to the UNESCO Heritage Sites in 1987. The entry includes Buda district on the right bank of Danube, and Pest district on the left bank. The Roman city of Aquincum also deserves its place on the list, so do not miss it.

The Budapest Airport is located about 22km from the city. There are multiple ways to get from the airport to the city. A car trip might take 35 or 45 minutes, maybe a little longer if the traffic is really intense. Public transport averages around 40-50 minutes, but is also susceptible to traffic jams. If you want reliable transport and don’t feel like taking care of all the annoying things when jetlagged, consider reserving your airport transfer in advance. Door-to-door transport with MrShuttle is the best! We will take care of your luggage, avoid traffic jams to get you to your destination fast and efficient, and wait for you in advance, so you don’t have to spend any extra unnecessary time at the airport. Meet-and-greet and enjoy no stress with MrShuttle!

Ever heard of Balaton? Probably seen some pictures? Well, let's be honest here - no picture or video can really convey how awesome Lake Balaton is. You are doing yourself a disservice by skipping it. Esztergom is just a car ride away, and cradle of Catholicism in Hungary, it is a very special place. The atmosphere there is unique and magical.

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