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Krakow is the second-largest city in Poland and its previous capital. But where is Krakow? It is situated in southern Poland in the stunning Lesser Poland region. Krakow keeps getting more and more popular among tourists from all over the world and it’s really easy to get here by any means of transportation! There have been almost 7 million passengers using Krakow Balice Airport last year, you can fly there directly from essentially any place in Europe as well as many cities outside it and the airport is constantly developing new destinations so that Krakow can be accessible to everyone!

Even if you are visiting Poland but Krakow is not the main interest you should still consider visiting! There are flights and fast trains to our city from Warsaw, the journey doesn’t even take 3 hours so you can drop by even just for one day. You can easily travel from Gdansk, Wroclaw or Poznan as well. There are also trains to Krakow from Prague or Vienna so the choices are pretty much endless, they are just around the corner! Remember that we can pick you up both from the airport and central train or bus station.

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Christa D. profile avatar
Christa D.

We were very pleased with our whole experience. Great tour company and it was all well organized. Michael was a great driver and everything was clearly explained in regards to the schedule of seeing Auschwitz and Salt Mines. There are plenty of comfort/restroom breaks throughout the day. (toilets cost money at Auschwitz) The pace was excellent and it was well worth our time. We highly recommend and feel it was great value. I wasn't looking forward to the salt mines but they actually surprised me. We had a nice day and would definitely use this company again.

JW profile avatar

Used KS for our airport transfers and a day trip to both Auschwitz Sites and the Salt Mines. Excellent services on all occasions. I would highly recommend. We watched a film on way to Auschwitz and had a substantial lunch all included in price. Our tour guide/driver on the day trip was Michael and I cannot speak highly enough of him. His english was very good, he was punctual, informative, polite and courteous. He was also extremely calm. Not something I would be if I was dealing with tourists, time management and traffic every day!!! Thank you Michael.

Chris M. profile avatar
Chris M.

Easy to book, drivers arrived on time, well priced, glad we used them, made the transfers hassle free.

Albina profile avatar

I highly recommend this company. The car for 6 people was waiting for us even before the scheduled time. The drivers were super nice and the car ( minibus) clean and comfortable. Good price too and you can pay in cash or credit card if you order via website.

Jbuc2 profile avatar
Jbuc2 ,

Excellent company! We booked a transfer with the company as we were originally due to arrive at night. However, our flight was cancelled and we had to re-arrange both the dates and the hotel we were staying at. The driver who picked us up was very polite and waiting for us when we came out of the arrivals door, the vehicle was spotlessly clean as well. Recommend this company both for transfers and tours!

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Can’t explore Krakow without moving around! Poland is pretty proud of its public transport, so if you want to save money while still being able to get where you want, you are in luck. A one-way ticket will cost you around 4zł (0.92 €).

If you don’t want to bother with public transit and instead prefer a taxi, the starting price is 7.00 zł (1.62 €), and then 2.30 zł (0.53 €) per kilometre. Don’t make them wait on you – that’s 35.00 zł (8.09 €) per hour!

For those who want to explore the city on their own from the front seat of a car, Krakow offers multiple attractive rent-a-car businesses. A cheap, compact car costs around 21zł (4.86 €) per day. A bigger, better car can cost 44zł (10.19 €), 120zł (27.78 €), or even 330zł (76.41 €) per day. A liter of gasoline costs 5,12zł (1,18 €). Don’t forget about parking fees – about 6zł (1,39 €) per hour.

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Krakow is the perfect starting location for you if you wish to explore more of Southern Poland’s secrets as it has great train and bus connections, but we highly recommend using our services while traveling because it’s the fastest and most comfortable way and you’ll be sure you won’t get lost anywhere on the way! Just outside Krakow, barely 20 minutes away from the city center by car (it’s even two times longer by public transportation) you will find Wieliczka’s legendary Salt Mine which is definitely a must-see during your visit in Krakow. As it’s very close to Krakow even after your trip to Salt Mine you’ll have plenty of time back in the city to take a walk through Krakow’s Main Square.
Former Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau is one of Poland’s most important historical sites and visiting it from Krakow is the most convenient as it is the nearest big city to Oswiecim where it’s located. Auschwitz-Birkenau is around 60-70 kilometers (37-43 miles) away from Krakow and if you choose to go there with our organized tour you will get there much quicker than by bus or train and you won’t have to worry about getting from the station to Auschwitz Museum. If you are staying in any other place in Poland, your options will be much more limited than in Krakow!

Krakow is also a great starting location for Poland’s winter capital – Zakopane (but it’s definitely worth visiting at any time of the year). The ride doesn’t take longer than two hours in good conditions and not everyone knows that such a picturesque place in the Tatra Mountains is located just a little bit more than 100 kilometers away from Krakow. If you decide to go with us we can guarantee you will see all the most beautiful and interesting spots there, all during a one day trip!


Here you can find answers for frequently asked questions.

The Airport is located about 12-13km (7-8mil) from the Krakow City Center. A car ride from the airport usually takes about 25-30 minutes. A bus trip is longer, taking about 45 minutes. A train trip between the airport and Krakow Main Station takes about 25-30 minutes. Do remember that both bus and train will only take you as far as their respective stations. You still have to navigate your own way to your hotel. That can easily double or triple the total time, and make it way more frustrating that it has to be. Currently, the safest and fastest way to get to your destination from the Airport is a private door-to-door transfer. MrShuttle knows the fastest way around the city, understands how to dodge traffic jams, and will not leave you until we are sure the address was right and you are indeed about to go into your hotel. We don’t want you to have your vacations ruined before they even begin. After each trip, our cars are carefully cleansed and disinfected, while our drivers uphold the highest sanitary standards. We care about the health of our clients, and will do anything and everything to make you safe. At end of each day, our cars are ozonised.

The main train station and main bus station is conveniently located, pretty close to the city center! Starting from Main Square will take you 10-15 minutes of leisure-paced walk. Starting from the Kazimierz District will take much longer. Even if you do your best to maintain brisk pace, expect 30 minutes at minimum. If you don’t want to walk, remember that MrShuttle offers transport to AND from bus and train stations. We can pick you up from your hotel and take you to the station, or do it the other way around. Your choice. Pick whatever is convenient for you!

The simplest way is to take a walk. Krakow is actually pretty compact city, and with some smart planning, you won’t have to resort to using public transport or calling a taxi. A good route will allow you to see everything on foot. However, not everybody might enjoy that, and what is the point of walking if you don’t like it? There are many reasons why you might not want to do that, like weather deciding to go all rainy. In such cases, jump into the public transport! A ticket costs around 4zł - less than 1 EUR. Getting a ticket is pretty trivial, as there are many ticket machines spread over the city. Just be aware that some of them do not accept credit and debit cards. Carry some spare change in your pocket to be safe. If you want to avoid jumping through the hoops of public transport, and have more complicated plans such as a family dinner, a tour, or anything else that would benefit from simple and direct transport, call MrShuttle. We can pick you up anywhere within Kraków and take you to anywhere else. Perfect for finishing your long day and getting directly back to your hotel! Just give us heads up in advance.

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