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{"list":"city-transfers","name":"Poznan to Szczecin Transfer","id":"3680_6117","price":"209.00","category":"transfer"}
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{"list":"city-transfers","name":"Miedzyzdroje to Szczecin Transfer","id":"3700_6106","price":"85.31","category":"transfer"}
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{"list":"city-transfers","name":"Berlin to Szczecin Airport Transfer","id":"252_6089","price":"123.50","category":"transfer"}
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{"list":"city-transfers","name":"Gdansk to Szczecin Transfer","id":"3702_6112","price":"246.81","category":"transfer"}
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{"list":"city-transfers","name":"Szczecin to Szczecin Airport Transfer","id":"250_6087","price":"41.61","category":"transfer"}
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{"list":"city-transfers","name":"Swinoujscie to Szczecin Transfer","id":"3701_6110","price":"73.91","category":"transfer"}
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{"list":"city-transfers","name":"Kolobrzeg to Szczecin Transfer","id":"3698_5708","price":"119.51","category":"transfer"}
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Szczecin is also known as “Stettin”. Stetting is the German name for the town. The first known mention of Szczecin is “Sadżin”, back in the Xth century. The village that would become Szczecin was founded around the VII century by Ukrani pagans. Mieszko I incorporated Szczecin under rule of not-yet-Poland around 967. It was turned christian a in 1121 by Bolesław III the Wrymouth. However, for most of its history, Szczecin was under imperial rule. Still, the citizens of Stettin were both Polish and German. This is one of the reasons why the culture and local architecture looks so mixed and interesting. Like many cities in the region, Szczecin heavily benefited from multiculturalism. Did you know that the empress Catherine the Great was born there, on 2 May 1729?

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Solidarity Szczecin-Goleniów Airport is very far from the city center, 45km away! Average ride from the airport takes about 50 minutes, but can be longer based on the traffic. Alternatively, you might take a train, but be aware that this will take between a 1h-1,5h.
The best way to reach Szczecin from the Airport is door-to-door airport transfer with MrShuttle. We listen to the traffic and can avoid any traffic jam, know the best routes, and won’t waste any of your time, going straight to your destination. Let us take care of all the boring details. Enjoy our meet-and-greet, sit back and relax. No need for stress!
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Szczecin is located along the Oder River and the Dąbie Lake. This makes it a great choice if you enjoy water attractions! If you are looking for some awesome architecture, the Pomeranian Dukes’ Castle, The Royal Gate, the Port Gate, The Main Building of the National Museum in Szczecin and Rampart of the Brave will offer you some splendid sights! Do not miss the Archcathedral Basilica of St. James the Apostle, though! For something entirely different, get excited traveling the Underground Stettin Routes. The Szczecin Landscape Park is partially contained within the city, making it a splendid and easily accessible choice for anybody interested in beautiful nature! We especially recommend getting amazed by the Emerald Lake.

The most popular choices of Szczecin’s visitors are Bukowa-skoven and the Crooked Forest. Personally, we also recommend the Recreated Slavic Viking Settlement! Not sure how to reach the Wolin island it is located in? Don’t worry! MrShuttle can take you there. You should also take a ride on Seaside Narrow-Gauge Railway, which will take you for an adventure along the shore, showing off the nearby seaside settlements.

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