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Wrocław is a beautiful city with hundreds of years of multicultural history. However, its beginnings were quite humble. Everything started for a very simple reason – because of the river Oder. Rivers were a big deal back in the day! They made the trade flow, because why carry all the valuables on your own, while you could make river currents do it for you? They also were capable of single-handily stopping armies and military advances. This is why Wrocław – or Vratislaw, Breslau, and a few other names – was so valuable and powerful! The river Oder made it prosperous and rich, while its strategic location made it vital for anyone wanting to have a military presence in Silesia. And trust us – everybody wanted a piece of that.

We recommend smart planning, and Wroclaw Airport Transfers by MrShuttle are the smartest option available. Prepaid and pre-arranged, our private transfers aim to make everything as smooth as possible. This is sincerely the best way to arrange your transport when visiting Wrocław in 2020. You can pre-book your transfer online, though if you prefer to do it over phone or chat, that’s an option too! Booking your transfer takes less than 5 minutes. 5 minutes online can save you hours of frustration after landing!

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Carolyn P.

Can't praise this company enough. Booked airport transfers with them and a tour. Very professional company and totally recommend them. Big thank you to Christian who was our driver for our tour. He was very professional.

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Sandra B.

Would recommend this tour & our driver (Bart) was so friendly & pleasant ????

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Eion F.

Great staff and great service,would highly recommend anyone to use this company!

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Door-to-door services make the whole process very comfy. What does “door-to-door” mean? It means that we will take care of you from “doors to doors”. From the moment you land in the airport, we are there to meet-and-greet you, help you with your luggage, and put you into our bus. Since we know Wroclaw very well, we know how to get you to your destination fast and efficient. We boast getting to the city center in about 20 minutes, which rivals the fastest taxis. Many hotels and hostels seem almost hidden in plain sight. It is not uncommon for tourists to be near the address their lodgings are supposed to be at and spin in a place confused since it doesn’t seem to be anywhere in sight! We will help you find it, and won’t leave until we are sure you are safe and sound.

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Here you can find answers for frequently asked questions.

The Wrocław Airport is located approximately 14km from the city center. A car ride will take about 25-35 minutes, but beware - it might take much longer. Traffic jams can be easily avoided if you know how, but if you get stuck in one, you will waste a lot of time. A bus from the airport to the main station takes off every 15 minutes, but the trip takes a minimum of 50 minutes. The safest and most consistent transport from the airport to the city center is MrShuttle. We offer doors-to-doors airport transfer services. What does it mean? We pick you up at the airport, and drop you off at your chosen destination, most likely your hotel. Since we know our way around the city, we can find the fastest way to your destination, avoiding traffic jams and other unpleasantness. Be smart and book your ride with MrShuttle in advance!

The main bus station and main train station are very close to the city center. The distance is about 2km, so be prepared for a 20 minutes walk.

The UNESCO World Heritage Site you can find in Wrocław is the Centennial Hall. One of the grandest achievements of the XXth century architecture, constructed by Max Berg in 19212. The Centennial Hall boasted, for a time, to be the greatest and biggest reinforced concrete building in the world. The hall is 42m tall, and its dome spans 65m. You can fit 10 000 inside. We are not exaggerating!

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