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Alicante is the second biggest city in the Valencian Community in Spain. This historical port is an amazing choice for any tourist wanting to visit the Costa Blanca holiday region! Visit if you want to combine the comfiness and relaxation of the seaside with a wonderful sight of classic Mediterranean architecture. There are so many interesting things to choose from: Casco Antiguo, Basilica of Santa María, Mercado Central, the Castle of Santa Barbara, Explanada de España…and that just the beginning! When you get tired of exploring the city, relax at one of the beaches or take a boat trip. Do not miss that one! You can’t really say you truly experienced Alicante if you didn’t reach Tabarca Islands by boat. And of course, make sure to see the famous Alicante Towers overseeing the coast.
However, Alicante is not everything that Spain has to offer. It serves as a great gateway to the region, which is why MrShuttle offers numerous transports and airport transfers from Alicante to many destinations in Spain. Just give us a call and we will figure out the best way for you to get where you want!

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Peter W.

Excellent service. All timings as promised. Very reliable.

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The 3 tours we booked were all fantastic. All of the drivers provided a first class experience on the day. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I would book again.

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Chris M.

Easy to book, drivers arrived on time, well priced, glad we used them, made the transfers hassle free.

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Alicante–Elche Airport is the fifth busiest airport in Spain, and for a good reason, too! Located 13km from the city center, Alicante Airport is bustling with passengers and visitors. The average car trip from the airport to the city center takes about 15-20 minutes, depending on the traffic. You can also take a bus, which will result in reaching the center in about 40 minutes. Still, because Alicante is so popular, you might not find any room on public transport! There are also many scammers waiting for you at the airport, offering you overpriced and unsafe transports.
To make sure you reach your destination safely and without being scammed, we recommend securing your transport in advance. A door-to-door transfer, such as with MrShuttle, is the most responsible, safest, and smartest way of leaving the airport. Not only you won’t have to find a free spot on a bus, but you also won’t have to be afraid of being scammed. Our drivers will wait for you in a pre-set place and approach you as you land, and then take care of you and your luggage. Then, we will take you directly to your destination, avoiding traffic jams. With MrShuttle, you can just sit back, relax, and let us do the legwork. Do note that we can take you to other cities than Alicante! Just tell us what you want, and we will work something out. We aim to please and make your stay a fun memory!

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In case of a flight delay, do not worry. Our drivers are not packing up and going away the moment you are late. In fact, they will wait for you, so do not worry! If you booked a transport at MrShuttle, we will be there, no matter how long it takes. We prize your trust, and won’t betray it. You can trust us to be there when you need us.

If for whatever reason you need to cancel your transport with MrShuttle, do not worry. We understand, and will not demand any additional fees if you do it within 24hours of the scheduled transport. Rescheduling is also not a problem.


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When reaching Alicante, you cannot miss the castle ruins towering on a cliff above the city. They look amazing from afar, and even better up close! However, the best thing about them is that they offer an incredible sight of Alicante from above. The route that will take you to the castle is very charming, so don’t worry, you won’t wish you could skip it. In the city itself, make sure to enjoy the Explanada de Espana boardwalk and the Rambla de Mendez Nuez street. There are so many restaurants and palaces there you will quickly lose count! Make some place in your schedule to see the Plaza de Gabriel Miro and Basílica of St Mary of Alicante. And when you want to chill and relax, well, Playa de San Juan will take good care of you.

There are many scenic and beautiful towns and villages all around Alicante! If you don’t know where to start, we recommend Villajoyosa. 35km from Alicante, the city is famous for The Vakor Chocolate museum. Pretty sweet, huh? Elche is also nearby, and is world-famous for the Palmeral of Elche! You might have heard about it - it is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites! Altamira Palace, Basilica de Sant Francesc Arab Baths of Palma de Mallorca are just a trip away! Talking about trips - what about Isla De Tabarca Cruise? This island has 70 residents, offers amazing routes for walks, and has an amazing beach. The crystal-clear water is perfect for fans of diving.

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