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The partially abandoned city of Chernobyl is a site of one of the most terrifying tragedies that struck humanity in the 20th century. The 26 April 1986 will be forever remembered as the day of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Disaster. The 9 days that followed the explosion are shrouded in mystery and secrets. While we learned some of the facts about the events that happened within that week and a half, there is still so much that we cannot be certain about. The disaster was one of its kind, unmatched by anything that happened before or after that. It changed how people perceive the safety of nuclear energy, made everybody hear about radioactivity and how ruinous it is for one’s health. It changed weather patterns and could be felt even in the neighboring countries. Because of how world-changing this disaster was, and how much of it is still unknown to us, it became a powerful part of people’s imagination. There are video games, books, movies, TV shows about Chernobyl; people try to sneak in and take pictures of the place, take out objects, some buy them on the internet to own something from Chernobyl. Overgrown and abandoned, the ghost town still has not healed from the scars that poisoned the very earth. However, a Chernobyl Recovery and Development Programme aiming to recover the place and alleviate the effects of disasters is working on saving whatever can be saved there.


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Nowadays, visitors who really want to visit Chernobyl can do so legally. However, doing so requires observing strict rules and following a specific procedure. To make sure everything is done properly and without complications, we suggest participating in an organized tour. 

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