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Kiev is the proud capital of Ukraine, a home to many wonderful cultural and historical landmarks. Famous for its Kiev Metro, Kiev is one of the most important and prosperous economic, cultural and scientific centers of Eastern Europe. As one of the oldest cities in Europe, it boasts long and colorful history, evidence of which you can find in many historical sites across the metropoly. The exact period in which the city was founded is still not agreed upon by scholars, who are finding evidence of it being founded earlier and earlier. According to legends, Kiev was found by a slavic tribe of Poland – taking the name from their leader, Kyi. 

While the origins and early history of Kiev is shrouded in mystery, what we know is that they greatly prospered from sitting on a trade route between Scandinavia and Constantinople, bringing great riches, innovations and culture to Kievans! Of course, it also brought them attention of greater powers, such as Khazars and Vikings, who demanded tributary from Kievans. It was thanks to the Viking influence that Kiev became the seat of power of newly founded Kievan Rus, which also was the first of East Baltic states. However, this prosperity couldn’t last forever. Kiev was razed to the ground by Mongols in the 12th century. This plunged the city into a dark age of unimportance, becoming just a small player insignificant in face of its neighbors. However, the Kiev reawakened during the Industrial Revolution, bringing it power and economy that allowed Ukrainan’s People’s Republic to declare independence from Soviet Russia. Due to turbulences of both Soviet influence and tragedies of World Wars, Kiev struggled and suffered many hardships and casualties in the 20th century. However, even during the Soviet period, it remained the third biggest city among the Soviet states, and continued to bounce back and rebuild itself stronger from each adversity. After the collapse of Soviet Union and Ukraine being able to be finally truly independent, Kiev switched from armament-dependent industry to new economic avenues, growing wealthier and stronger.

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Kiev is a host of many breathtaking landmarks, including those acknowledged by UNESCO. The Monastery of the Caves and the Saint Sophia Cathedral, which are a part of Seven Wonders of Ukraine, are major tourist attractions and primary religious centres, listed on UNESCO World Heritage Sites list. The National LIbrary of Kiev possesses many unique and fascinating works, including Collection of Jewish Musical Folklore, included in UNESCO’s Memory of World Register. Kiev sports countless museums, theatres, places of worship and many other sites. Fans of literature will want to visit the Mikhail Bulgakov museum, dedicated to one of the most famous Kievans in history. 

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