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Viennna - city of the music

Vienna is the grandest and most wonderful city in Austria. A state of its own, Vienna is important enough to be a player on an international scale. Host to many important world-spanning institutions, Vienna started as a humble Celtic village in 500 BC. As history moved on, it rose in prominence. While it served an important role as a border post in the Roman Empire, it reached the height of its prestige during the time of the Holy Roman Empire. Many would say that for all practical reasons, it was basically the capital of the Holy Roman Empire, and its most important city. Viennas importance didn’t falter after the fall of the Old Reich – it continued its role as an imperial powerhouse, becoming the seat of the Austrian Empire. 

Today, it is not any less regal! Rated as number 1 for 10 years straight in the “Quality of Life” survey, Vienna is a city beloved both by its citizens and tourists from all over the world. An incredibly popular tourist destination, Viennas rich history populated it with numerous fascinating heritage sites. You should explore it while you can, especially the UNESCO World Heritage city center. Why “while you can”? Well, Viennas prosperity is a double-edged sword. Because of its high-rise development, it has been moved to World Heritage In Danger list. That means that due to changes that take place in the city, it might transform in a way that will make it lose its historical visual identity. This means that in the future, you might not be able to experience what made Vienna a World Heritage Site anymore. So don’t take any chances, and plan your trip to Vienna today!

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John R.
Wielka Brytania

Tętniące życiem lotnisko. Bardzo nowoczesne i przestronne samochody. Czysto i dobrze utrzymane.

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Claire A.

Doskonały stosunek jakości do ceny, kierowcy byli bardzo uprzejmi i zawsze o wyznaczonym czasie lub nawet przed nim.

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Bardzo polecam tę firmę. Samochód na 6 osób czekał na nas jeszcze przed planowanym czasem. Kierowcy byli bardzo mili, a samochód czysty i wygodny. Dobra cena.

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Chris M.

Łatwe do rezerwacji, kierowcy przyjechali na czas. Cieszymy się, że z nich skorzystaliśmy. Dzięki nim transfery były bezproblemowe.

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There are many wonderful and incredible things to see in Vienna. We heartily recommend seeing the Hofburg, Schönbrunn Palace, Belvedere Palace, the Vienna Zoo, Karlskirche, the Imperial Crypt and the Capuchin Church, and the Museum Quarter. These are just a small slice of things to see in Vienna, so make sure to set aside a lot of time for sightseeing!

Vienna International Airport is located 18km from the city center. It is the only airport in the city, and one of 6 airports in Austria. It takes 25 minutes by the train to reach the city center. The best way to get from the airport to the city is by scheduling door-to-door private airport transfer in advance.

When visiting Vienna, remember to think beyond the city itself. Many interesting occasions are within your arms reach, within a car trip distance. Some of the coolest places to visit from Vienna include the Wachau Valley and Melk Abbey, Salzburg, Bratislava, the Vienna Woods, Eisenstadt, and many more! Make sure to secure your transport in advance. These trips can be really easy to set up, so don’t worry!