Sherlock Holmes private walking tour

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Visit the most famous locations from Sherlock Holmes book and BBC TV series.

We invite you to join us in celebration of the world’s most famous detective of all time, Sherlock Holmes! During this 3 hours walking tour, you will explore all of the important and famous locations related to Sherlock Holmes. This is a treat both for the fans of the original Sherlock Holmes stories written by Conan Doyle, and the fans of Sherlock BBC TV Series! During the tour, you will visit the 221b Baker Street to see where was the apartment of Sherlock Holmes! Every fan of the great detective should see it at least once during their lifetime! You will also pay respect to the writer himself, Conan Doyle, and see what inspired him to create his iconic duo of Sherlock and Watson. Of course, Watson will not be forgotten during the tour! You cannot have one without the other, after all. You will be also able to visit the Scotland Yard, the possibly most famous police force in the world.

The tour is recommended for all fans of Sherlock Holmes, casual or hardcore. Even the experts in Sherlock lore will learn something new and find themselves surprised!  

  • 221b Baker Street,
  • Sherlock Holmes Museum,
  • Sherlock Holmes Hotel, 
  • Conan Doyle's Practice,  
  • Oxford Circus,  
  • Piccadilly Circus,
  • Holmes & Watson's Meeting Place,  
  • Scotland Yard,  
  • Holmes' Study & Holmes' Statue,
  • Strand Magazine HQ, 
  • Charing Cross St.  

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Sherlock Holmes private walking tour
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