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Take a short walk through the quaint town of Windsor, continue your picturesque journey to the mystical Stonehenge and see historic Roman Baths - all in one day with our bestseller tour!

Come and take a walk through the town of Windsor, experience the impossible serenity of mysterious Stonehenge, and marvel at the Roman Baths. We proudly invite you to our bestseller tour! There are few better ways to spend your day near London than this!

The first stop of your journey will be the lavish Windsor Castle. Did you know that Windsor is Her Majesty the Queen’ favorite weekend residence? There is a reason why this place has been a beloved royal home for more than 900 years. There is much more to this place than picturesque sights. The atmosphere and living history there cannot be really described, it has to be experienced.

The State Apartments will fill you with a sense of ageless beauty. With a helpful audio guide, consume the awesome art pieces by the worlds most famous, such as Leonardo da Vinci and Rembrandt. This way, nothing will escape your notice, no historical context will be lacking, and you will learn all sort of neat and curious facts! You will be able to immerse yourself fully in Queen mary’s fine doll house, with its magnificent tiny silverware, miniature kitchen and even the doll-sized Crown Jewels! Pay respects to the Queen Mother and St George’s Chapel, and while you are at it, learn about Henry VIII and Jane Seymour.

Once you say your goodbyes to Windsor Castle, you will continue to your next stop: Stonehenge! A marvel of engineering and unsolved riddle, this stone circle sparks the imagination of children, scientists and engineers alike. For more than 5 000 years, Stonehenge stands over Salisbury Plain. We do not know how they were made, and what is their meaning. Stonehenge remains to be one of the most awe-inspiring mysteries of the world. There are many theories about what it could be, but you have to choose what you believe for yourself. And trust us, standing in the middle of this ancient monument will fill you with a feeling unlike any other. 

Continue your picturesque journey to the mystical Stonehenge. These mysterious rocks have stood on Salisbury Plain for over 5,000 years; some say we will never know for sure what they stand for. Perhaps this is an astronomical clock? Maybe it was a religious temple. Whatever you decide, nothing can compare to the feeling of standing in front of such an ancient monument. 

Did you know that Bath was the first city in England to become a UNESCO World Heritage site? Pretty neat if you ask us! Once you arrive there, you will quickly understand why. Your breath will be stolen by the gorgeous Georgian and Roman architecture. Even the more modern addition, such as cafes and local businesses, add to the magic and charm of the city, rather than taking away from it.

Of course, you cannot talk about Bath without talking about Roman Baths, so let’s stop circling around them!! These natural hot springs are the primary reason why people loved this place so much over history and flocked to it.  Sadly, you might not be able to soak in the Roman Baths anymore, but worry not. You can instead...sip the water! Sounds gross?! Not at all. If anything, it is quite classy! The Pump Room will allow you to experience the Baths water in a quite cozy, unique neo-classical salon. 

Sounds awesome? We sure hope it is! The whole trip takes around 9 hours, so it is quite a commitment. We sincerely believe it is worth your time. See you in London!

Tour Highlights:

  • Windsor Castle State Apartments
  • Visit Queen Mary's Dolls' House & St George's Chapel
  • Visit Mysterious Stonehenge
  • Roman Baths and Pump Rooms with spa water-tasting

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