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Germany – to visit or not to visit? That is the question

Although Shakespeare was actually English, many of us might paraphrase the most iconic Hamlet’s question when contemplating whether it’s worth visiting Germany. Despite the vibrant culture and wealthy economy, the country isn’t frequently listed on travellers’ bucket lists. Why is it so? 

Mesmerizing natural world full of green forests and picturesque valleys, architectural masterpieces that resemble well-known descriptions from fairy-tales and the world’s finest beer served by admirable ladies dressed up in traditional clothing. Still not convinced? 

What to see in Germany?

When asked about Germany, most people associate it with its capital, Berlin, and the Berlin Wall that used to evoke fear but today is a must-see symbol of the history of the country. However, that’s not all Berlin has to offer. After a moment of reflection, go to Erholungspark Marzahn which is a Chinese garden full of ponds, pavilions and remarkable monuments that should be seen by every visitor.

If crowded places aren’t your cup of tea, you’re in the right place, as Germany means more than its buzzing capital. It’s impossible not to mention Neuschwanstein Castle located in southwest Bavaria. The building can be considered a prototype of Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty castle. Aachen Cathedral is another impressive fruit of ingenuity. It was created in 935 which makes it the oldest cathedral in northern Europe. The project was inspired by churches in the Eastern Holy Roman Empire and refined by successive governments to make it even more multifaceted.

Our next stop is Burg Eltz in Rhineland-Palatinate. This outstanding castle will definitely attract all romantic souls who appreciate medieval monuments that make a dazzling impression thanks to being preserved completely intact. Funnily enough, it’s equipped with 15th century lavatories that operate relatively well which will certainly appeal to all tech geeks.

Germany abounds in globally renowned architectural sites such as Würzburg Residence with 300 rooms or Köln Dom, also known as Cologne Cathedral, built for over 600 years and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. If you want to find a perfect representation of luxury and splendor, these places meet all the requirements. 

Berlin Cathedral (Berliner Dom) and Museum Island (Museumsinsel) reflected in Spree River, Berlin, Germany

More than historical monuments

For all those who aren’t architecture aficionado, the country is full of picturesque landscapes like Dresden Elbe Valley or Sylt located on the northern coast and frequently called the “St. Tropez of the North”. Enchanting, sunny and tranquil scenery combined with classy boutiques and restaurants make it the perfect summer getaway. 

There’s much more to Germany than we expect. Perhaps instead of choosing the most distant locations in the world, it’s worth starting with our immediate neighbourhood and exploring local architectural masterpieces surrounded by enthralling nature.

Most renowned airports in Germany

There are over thirty passenger and cargo airports in Germany. Frankfurt Airport is the most popular one selected by more than 70 million travellers in 2019. It offers connections to 300 various destinations around the globe and it’s the world’s top 15 airport. Munich Airport with nearly 48 million passengers comes second in the ranking. Interestingly, it was heralded as “Europe’s Best Airport”. It’s situated in the heart of Bavaria which makes it an ideal hub if you’re planning to visit Switzerland, Austria, Italy or Slovakia. Other renowned German airports include Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Cologne Bonn and Hanover Airport. All of them welcome millions of travellers a year and, knowing German attention to detail, offer top-notch services.

A recipe for safe and comfortable travel

Now when you probably started packing your suitcases ready to explore incredible landmarks of Germany, there is one more important question that comes to mind – how to travel between German airports and the greatest cities in a way that is safe, efficient and doesn’t involve spending long hours in crowded public transport? Don’t worry, we have the perfect solution to the problem. Airport and intercity transfers offered by MrShuttle are a recipe for comfortable and fast travel at reasonable prices. With us, you won’t need to worry about language barrier issues or being robbed. Don’t hesitate and discover the beauty of the seventh-largest country in Europe!


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