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The city of freedom


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Visit the capital of Germany

Capital of Germany and the most populous city in the European Union, Berlin has it all – rich history, modern conveniences and pleasures, and amazing natural landscapes. No wonder so many people want to live there, and why so many want to come to visit! In fact, even if you are not interested in visiting Berlin itself, chances are you will still catch a glimpse of it. This is because the metropolis is a transportation hub on a continental scale – so if you are traveling in Europe, it is quite probable that you will pass through Berlin at some point. Rail, bus, air – Berlin does it all. 

You might be surprised, but it is the rail that made the city what it is today, in fact! Before the industrial revolution changed the world, Berlin’s importance ebb and flow. Devastated by wars, forced out of the Hansa League Berlin lost most of its privileges and importance. It was only when Frederick I decided to centralize the country that Berlin started to grow again. This decision snowballed out of control in the 19th century, when Berlin became a railway hub. Suddenly, the city experienced explosive growth in all areas – its population multiplied, its economy boomed, and its industry is one of the pillars of Germany’s power even today. When the German Empire was founded, Berlin was an obvious choice for its seat of power.

The 20th century was both the most blessed and most disastrous time for Berlin. It became a home for amazing artists that transformed both the city itself and the world in wondrous ways, creating fascinating architecture and works of art. It educated and formed some of the most brilliant minds of the century, such as Albert Einstein. However, it also became a seat of power for the Nazi Party and was punished for it by being the most bombed city in the world’s history. By the end of World War 2, more than 67000 bombs turned 6,427 acres into rubble, including heritage sites such as Berlin Palace. Then, after the war ended, it was divided into Allied and Soviet occupation zones, divided in half by the infamous Iron Curtain. The physical manifestation of it was the Berlin Wall, splitting the city into East and West Berlin.

However, The Wall didn’t last forever – its fall is considered to be the historical ending of both the Soviet Union and the Cold War period of history. It would be an understatement to say that Berlin is the city where the fate of the world in the 20th century was decided.

After decades of strife, Berlin rebuilt itself, becoming even more beautiful and powerful than ever before. Its three UNESCO World Heritage Sites remain amazing, and the remnants of West and East Berlin split still can be found by those knowing where to look. Still, the most exciting things are dawning in the near-future – Berlin Palace is being reconstructed! So make sure to keep in touch – we are as excited as you are to visit it in 2021! 

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It's impossible to make a short yet exhaustive list of everything you should see in Berlin. Here are some of top tourist attractions you should prioritize and pay special attention to: the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag, memorials dedicated to Berlin Wall, Berlin’s Television Tower, Charlottenburg Palace, Gendarmenmarkt, Grosser Tiergarten and...there is just too much to list! To make the best out of your time in Berlin, we heartily recommend finding a guide and letting them help set up your sightseeing route to make it the most optimal.

There are seven airports in Berlin. They are Berlin Brandenburg Airport, Berlin Schönefeld Airport, Berlin Tegel Airport, Berlin Tempelhof Airport, RAF Gatow, Johannisthal Air Field and Staaken. However, currently, the only one that operates is Berlin Brandenburg Airport. All others are closed at the moment, and some of them are actually historical sites! Berlin Brandenburg Airport is about 18km from the city center. To reach the city, you may take Airline Express train. The most secure and effective way to get to your hotel from the airport is to schedule a private door-to-door airport transfer, such as MrShuttle, a day ahead.

If you want to take a break from the city of Berlin itself, you are in luck. There are some amazing day trip options waiting for you to grab them. Some of the best attractions near Berlin include Potsdam, Dresden, Peacock Island, Spandau and Klein Glienicke. These are just some options to get you started! Make sure to be smart about your transport - by getting yourself a private transport to get you to and back from your trip, you save precious time and can fit more things into your visit!