As you all know the world is getting out of the lockdown and we are looking towards the new normality in life, work, and entertainment. A

Tourism took the hardest hit in this rapid change and there is no clear path for the rebound. This is because this pandemic was mostly caused by people traveling all around the world. That’s why it is mostly up to the travel industry to find solutions to keep our clients safe and well being. 

We feel this responsibility and together with our team we are working to solve the problem of virus transmission on our local level. 

First of all, our drivers are monitoring daily and registering their body temperature. In case of any disease, or a health problem among their parents, relatives, or home mates, they report it immediately and self-quarantine. 

All of them work in gloves and masks, they use the antibacterial gel before and after every contact with other people. Antibacterial gels and sprays are also provided for our clients and we highly recommend using it before and after the journey. Furthermore, we strongly recommend wearing face masks during the entire trip to minimize the risk.

Our cars are equipped with a special plastic separator – inside the car there is no direct contact with the driver. All our vehicles are being cleaned after the service, including the decontamination of handles and seats.  That’s not the end – we also apply ozone cleaning for every car, every 24 hours.  These simple solutions will help us to be ready for your arrival one the borders are open again. 

If you would like to support our efforts please go to our spring sale page and say yes by buying an open voucher until the end of 2022.  Please share with us our thoughts.