2-hour yachting experience from Sopot

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2-hour yachting experience from Sopot
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See one of the most beautiful sunsets from the deck of a 12-meters long yacht — a great way to spend an evening. Tour available every day from April till the end of August.
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Duration: 3 hours
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Avaiable languages: English
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Transportation from Gdansk to Sopot
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Complimentary glass of prosecco

Trip Itinerary

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    Hotel pick up and transportation to Sopot Marina

    Our English-speaking driver will pick you up from your hotel and transport you to Sopot Marina, where the tour starts. The drive will take about 30 minutes from Gdańsk. The tickets entrance for Sopot Marina is included.

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    2-hour yachting experience with our licensed staff

    The sail starts usually at 4 pm, however in winter/summer it might be organised earlier or later than that. The pickup time depends on the yacht availability, and it is always confirmed on the day before. After 2 hours you will be back in Sopot Marina. A complimentary glass of prosecco is included.

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    Hotel drop-off

    After the adventure, you will get back to your stay to enjoy the finest of Tricity!

Please note that all times are approximate and depend on traffic conditions and guides availability.

Mesmerizing yacht tours with Mr.Shuttle

The Baltic Sea coast is associated primarily with sunbathing and walking along the sea. It is worth going one step further and decide to take a cruise on the high sea. Experience the unique sea adventure and explore Tricity from the water.

Such a cruise gives you the opportunity to admire the magnificent bays and the coastline, and the sea itself will certainly provide a lot of excitement thanks to the presence of waves... after all, the Baltic is a sea with character!

The Baltic Sea and its secrets

The Baltic Sea is undoubtedly unique and connects as many as 9 countries with its coastline: Poland, Germany, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Estonia. It is surrounded on all sides by land. Only at the border with the North Sea, there are narrow straits. The Baltic is called the inland sea of northern Europe. Its approximate surface is about 415 266 square kilometres.

The shoreline of the Baltic Sea is estimated to be about 8100 km long and is very extensive and therefore varied. Compared to other natural large bodies of water, the Baltic Sea is not very deep. The average depth of the Baltic Sea is estimated to be about 53 meters, while at its deepest point it is about 459 meters.

In Poland, the deepest part of the Baltic Sea is almost 120 m deep (Gdansk Deep) and is classified as a semi-salty sea. The average salinity of the water is about 7%.

Explore the sea and enjoy the sunset

The Baltic Sea can have a different colour depending on the season, weather, location and vegetation. Contrary to appearances, the Baltic is not blue (as you might think), but... green! This is because there are a lot of microorganisms and plankton in the Baltic waters, which makes the seawater greenish. You will definitely see it when taking part in our charter yachts.

Have you ever seen a sunset over the sea? If not, we have a surprise for you. Imagine the sound of waves, the refreshing wind on your skin, and the pleasant rays of the sun during yacht tours!

Phenomenal, picturesque and above all romantic - this is the sunset by the sea. Sunset over the sea is a great opportunity to catch a moment and get a true picture of the Baltic. A yacht charter is an exceptional idea to feel it on your own skin.

Our yacht charter is a moment in which you will feel a completely different atmosphere - as if you were in a completely different place.

The best yacht tour with Mr.Shuttle

See the beautiful Baltic Sea and its shoreline from the deck of a 12-meter long yacht. A great option for a stag/hen party or for romantic sailing with your beloved one.

You can’t come to mesmerizing Tricity and not participate in one of our water tours. Everyone who wants to discover the Pomeranian Voivodeship should experience the thrill of yacht tours and Balticf highlights from the boat. The best way is to charter a boat and sees the fantastic beaches, bays and sunset to cherish the finest moment of your life.

We give our word that a 2-hour cruise with a glass of Prosecco is the coveted moment of relaxation you need. Just enjoy the view and stop thinking about the time during a yacht charter.

Discover the world's most exclusive and tailored Yacht Charter Experiences in Poland.

Why you should discover the world with Mr.Shuttle?

The tours with Mr.Shuttle are exceptional and deliver outstanding travel experiences. We want to make your visit special disregarding the place you are supposed to head. Mr.Shuttle is the only company that organizes multiple tours on a regular basis to ensure that everyone is able to explore the world highlights, at the most affordable and attractive prices.

Here you find some other perks arising from the service offered by Mr.Shuttle:

  • Free hotel pickup - disregarding the place type, we will pick you up from the hotel or an apartment without any additional charges.
  • Professional guides - all tour guides including a driver speaks English to assist you during your trip. Customer satisfaction and comfort are our utmost priority.
  • Friendly atmosphere - Travel with Mr.Shuttle to view the best highlights of the world in a friendly atmosphere! Most of our tours are tailor-made to deliver the best service type to you!

At the Polish seaside, you will find many wonderful places that not only enchant with picturesque landscapes, unusual architecture or opportunities for active leisure but also are a source of rich culinary experiences and tourist attractions.

The view of Polish see will appeal to those who appreciate solo travel, as well as those who travel in a group - with family or friends. Come aboard and take part in a fantastic sea trip experience with MrShuttle! Let's sail together!

Enjoy the sun and luxury sailing experience through the seaside fleet! Yacht charter is bound to exceed your expectations.

Yacht tours and their health benefits

Check the availability of top yacht tours and sail ahead to grasp your unforgettable moments and.. health improvement! Sailing helps to reduce your stress and improve your cardiovascular health. Air saturated with iodine improves immunity, and a bath in salty seawater positively affects the body.

The seaside air contains many health-promoting ingredients such as bromine, calcium and magnesium, which are very important in our life. Nevertheless, the most critical thing is iodine as an essential component for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland.

Apart from a luxury yacht charter, you will also receive a great opportunity to improve your health at the same time. This is a double service at one price!

Check out other tours and travel around the world with Mr.Shuttle! If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with us with your queries.

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More details about this tour

Here is a break down of all the activities in the tour:
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Wear comfortable clothes and shoes (high heels are forbidden) suitable for the weather.

  • waterproof/ windstopper jacket
  • water bottle
  • change of clothes in case of getting wet
  • sunglasses

We will pick you up at your hotel in Gdańsk or Sopot.

More reasons why you should use our services:

We have invented this tour on the market and we are the best in it.

Tour available: every day from April till August. Minimum pax to organize the tour: 2 Maximum 12 people on Yacht.

Door-to-door transportation

Our driver will pick you up from your hotel and take you to Sopot Marina for a tour. After the sail you will be taken back to hotel by the same driver.

Shared Tour

Other participants might join.

Complimentary drink

Glass of prosecco.

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Here you can find answers for frequently asked questions.

English, Polish

Tour available: every day from April till August

The entrance tickets are included to Marina Sopot.

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