Poland Travel Restriction

With the world slowly but steadily defeating the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are looking for places to visit and unwind. After months of staying in the same place and reduced mobility, the desire to just unwind and travel is not … Read More

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Visiting Gdańsk In 2020

Gdańsk, also known as Danzig, is one of the hottest Baltic spots. If you want to visit Poland and enjoy the Baltic Sea, there is no better choice than Gdańsk. A part of Trójmiasto agglomeration, also known as Tricity in … Read More

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Visiting Wrocław in 2020

What is Wrocław? Winner of European Best Destination 2018, Wroclaw is a proud capital of Lower Silesia. Lying on banks of Oder, this city has been a historically important part of multiple kingdoms. Over 1000 years, Wroclaw, Breslau, Vratislav has … Read More

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Traveling to Poland during covid 19 – July 2020

Traveling to Poland. Is it safe? Summer 2020 is coming. Many people over the world, tired of the pandemic, want to just kick back and relax. To escape the pandemic reality and enjoy yourself, take a well-deserved break. When choosing … Read More

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How to get in and out of an Airport safely?

Traveling to Poland – Safe or Not? Before you even arrive in a Polish Airport, you need to ask yourself a very important question: is Poland safe or not? Should you fly here? Poland is considered a safe, good choice … Read More

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Polish Borders reopened!

13.06.2020, Poland took another important step towards returning to normality and defrosting the economy. Just in time for the summer holiday season, the decision to open Polish borders went into effect. This is a happy moment for us all, and … Read More

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Covid-19 Update Krakow Tours

Covid-19 Preventive Solutions

As you all know the world is getting out of the lockdown and we are looking towards the new normality in life, work, and entertainment.  Tourism took the hardest hit in this rapid change and there is no clear path … Read More

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Cancellation Policy for Tours Affected by Covid-19 Shutdown

With uncertainty surrounding the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, we are doing our best to adapt our normal cancellation policy. At this time we have adapted our cancellation policy for all trips through June 15th. For trips with a departure date … Read More

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What to do and know about Chernobyl – Kiev

It is with great pleasure and pride to announce that Mr. Shuttle now offers tours to the infamous Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant!Experience first hand the place that is known to be where one of the greatest man made disasters took … Read More

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transport  pracowników

Special transport from/to Berlin

Due to restrictions for foreigners on crossing the border Polish border, we would like to inform you that Mr. Shuttle is making a lot of effort to ensure Your safe return home. The next organized transportation of foreigners from Poland … Read More

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