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Wroclaw Tours

MrShuttle – best tours and transport in Wroclaw

Winner of European Best Destination 2018, Wroclaw is a proud capital of Lower Silesia. Lying on the banks of Oder, this city has been a historically important part of multiple kingdoms. Over 1000 years, Wroclaw, Breslau, Vratislav has been a part of Poland, Hungary, Bohemia, Prussia, and Germany. This unique multicultural history has shaped it to be one of the most inclusive, colorful places in Poland and Europe, combining the best of qualities of the many societies that shaped it. One of the smartest cities in the world and the origin of 9 Nobel Prize laureates, Wroclaw is a place you should not miss – especially because since 2018, it has only got better!

Can you get door-to-door transport in Wroclaw?

Yes, it is possible to get all-inclusive door-to-door transport in Wrocław! If you are looking for reliable transport from airport, you are lucky to have found us. And if you are unsure what “door-to-door” means, here is a quick explanation. Door-to-door service is a service where we take care of our customer from the start to the end of their travel, picking them at an agreed pick-up point and then driving you to any point in Wrocław you want. We do not charge for distance traveled, time spent or fuel burned. The price is always fixed, which makes it a perfect choice for a lengthy drive, such as when your hotel is in either a remote area of Wrocław, or somewhere near the center. Why? Because Wroclaw has very busy traffic, and sometimes, you can spend a lot of time in a jam. This can make taxis and other transports charging you for time unfairly expensive. We believe that honesty and upfront costs are the only way to conduct the business fairly, so you will not be surprised by any hidden costs when deciding to take our door-to-door services. The offer extends beyond airport transfers. Our door-to-door tours function in a similar way. The biggest difference is that you can decide where you want us to drop you after the tour is done. It does not have to be your hotel. If you want to grab something to eat or continue sightseeing, we can take you anywhere within Wrocław.


Can you get English speaking guides in Wroclaw?

Yes! There are many people in Poland who speak English, and we made sure that our guides and drivers can speak it too. Our aim is to make sure that your experience in Wrocław is the best available, and this includes making sure that you are always understood by our staff. It is no fun to be in Poland and not being able to talk with anybody in a language you know. Since we only work with the best, you will always be able to get answers for your questions about the most popular places and discover all the secrets of Wrocław. Some might think that the driver’s ability to speak English is unnecessary, but it has proved to be very useful many times to our customers! A lot of positive reviews we receive actually compliment the English of our drivers. They are friendly and want to make your stay a pleasant one. Don’t be scared to ask any questions you might have. They know the city like nobody else, and might recommend something that will fit your taste or needs! Don’t be shy, they spend hours driving – talking is fun. Of course, if you prefer a silent ride, they will respect that too.

Where can you ask questions about Wroclaw and Wroclaw tours?

Your first stop can be found at the bottom of this page, in the FAQ section. FAQ stands for frequently asked questions. If there is something that the FAQ does not cover, you can ask us directly! There is more than a couple of ways of doing it, so choose the one you are comfortable with. You can make a phone call, email us or chat with us through the chat box you should see in the corner of this page. Of course, all of these options are available in English. For more in-depth exploration of Poland, Wroclaw, Polish culture and history, take a look at our blog. We post a variety of interesting articles there. They range from extended descriptions of places, explanations of the relevant history, to travel advice and TOP best things.


Tourist Attractions in Wroclaw

UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Wroclaw

You can find 16 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Poland. These sites are chosen because of their beautiful nature, historical and cultural importance. In Wrocław itself, you can find one World Heritage Site, and in it its immediate area, three more.

  • Centennial Hall

Added to the list in 2006, Centennial Hall is a Modernist masterpiece made of concrete. Designed by Max Berg, it held the title of the world’s largest concrete dome for a time. It serves as an exhibition and sports hall capable of hosting cultural events as well. It has a tremendous capacity of thousands of people. You will be able to see it during our Wroclaw Bike tour with guide!

  • Churches of Peace in Jawor and Swidnica

Added to the list in 2001, these churches are after historic event known as the Peace of Westphalia. Peace of Westphalia ended the Thirty Years War in the Holy Roman Empire and was celebrated with the construction of three churches in Jawor, Swidnica and Głogow. The third one burned, but the first two remain. You can visit both of them during our Jawor and Swidnica Peace Church Tour and Pearls of Lower Silesia Tour.

  • Muskauer Park

Added to the list in 2004, Muskauer Park is a Heritage Site actually that is both Polish and German. Damaged during World War 2, this park has been restored through a combined effort of both countries.

Tours in Wroclaw

Wroclaw is an awesome city, and to help you discover and experience it to the fullest, we prepared a set of tours. For the most classic experience, we recommend Wroclaw City Walk. It covers all the best highlights of Wrocław. You won’t miss any detail of the famous Wroclaw Old Town, beginning with Ostrow Tumski and ending at the Wroclaw Town Hall. If you are interested in the Ostrow Tumski part of the Old Town specifically, the Wroclaw Island Tour will be the perfect experience for you. Focused on exploring the islands, this tour ends with a cruise trip on the Oder. Not interested in the boat and would rather ride a bike? We will tell you a secret – MrShuttle himself is an avid fan of biking, and Wroclaw Bike Tour with Guide is one we are the proudest of! Our certified local guides will take you for a trip around Wroclaw and show you what is the most beautiful about the city. Healthy, ecological, and just plain fun, Wroclaw Bike Tour with Guide is one of the best trips around.

Tours from Wroclaw

While Wroclaw itself can provide more fun than a single day contain, it is recommended to set aside at least a day or two for a trip in the region. The Pearls of Silesia Tour is a fantastic way to experience your day while being able to visit the Churches of Peace in Jawor and Swidnica. The tour also covers the Ksiaz Castle. If you are interested in just the Churches, the Jawor and Swidnica Peace Churches tour is a great choice. If you want to spend some time out in the mountains, choose the Karkonosze Polish Mountains tour from Wroclaw. You will get to see the famous Stave Church and conquer the Sniezka and Kopa! The Secrets of World War II Tour is an exciting adventure that will let you experience the mysterious side of Lower Silesia. The Osówka Complex, Ksiaz Castle and Gross-Rosen in Rogoznica all have something for you to discover.

Additionally, Wroclaw is just close enough that you can reach Auschwitz-Birkenau within a day-trip range. For more details on Auschwitz-Birkenau, head to our blog or Krakow City page.

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We used this service recently to and from the airport. Peter, the driver, was waiting for us as we entered the arrivals hall. He was very pleasant and spoke to us about places in Kraków that we should visit. On our journey back to the airport our driver was waiting for us right on time, outside the apartment. I would use this reliable, reasonably priced service again if I returned to Kraków.

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Here you can find answers for frequently asked questions.

There are so many great options it is hard to give a single recommendation. You might as well decide to start where Wrocław itself started. Ostrów Tumski island is the oldest part of the city. This is where the first people of Wroclaw founded their village at least in the Xth century, if not earlier. Atmospheric and inspiring, the island remains one of the favorite scenic points of both the locals and tourists. You also should absolutely make sure to not miss the Market Square! One of the biggest of its time, it was and still is bustling with life. The colorful tenement houses and unique Town Hall attract the eye and make for fantastic photo opportunities. If you are a fan of nature, you might want to take a break from architecture and visit the oceanarium and Zoo. Wrocław’s zoo is the oldest in the country!

If you want to get somewhere right here right now, it is hard to beat taxis. However, exactly because of that, they will drain your cash pretty fast if you try to use them too much. Taxis in Wrocław are very expensive. A more economical alternative is using public transport, which might look scary at first, but has been made much easier recently. Why? Because Jakdojade exists! Use the app to plan your routes, remember to have your tickets to avoid being fined, and jump right into the public transport. However, there is one alternative we would recommend above that. Wrocław has the amazing bike-friendly infrastructure and is eager to let you use it. Wrocławski Rower Miejski - Wroclaw City Bike - allows you to easily and conveniently rent bikes for even short trips. See one, grab one, and bike away! Just make sure to leave them at one of the bike stations when you are done.

In most cases, no. However, when coming to see the Panorama of the Battle of Racławice, the ticket you get is actually a bundle. It allows you to see the National Museum and the Ethnographic Museum. However, currently, Panorama of the Battle of Racławice is temporarily unavailable and will remain so until the end of March 2021. Additionally, entry to the National Museum is free every Saturday.

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