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The Floating City


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Venice – The Floating City

Venice is the world-famous enchanting capital of the Veneto region in northeastern Italy. One of the hottest tourist destinations in the world, Venice offers a fantastic and unique experience. Come, visit The City of Masks, board a gondola, and explore the water canals-like streets! There is so much to do in Venice that you will still not exhaust all the possibilities for adventure even after a couple of visits. To help you enjoy Venice to the fullest, we prepared a collection of Venice Tours that will make your trip unforgettable! 

Can you experience Venice in one day?

No, it’s impossible to experience the entirety of what Venice has to offer in one day. It is just too much, and you will run out of time. However, if you are willing to pick and choose, you can have a fantastic one-day essential experience in Venice. 

During our Venice in 1-day combo tour, you will get to see:

  • St Mark’s Basilica
  • Pala d’Oro
  • The Grand Canal
  • Mark’s Square
  • Doge’s Palace
  • Bridge of Sighs
  • and more!

All our tours are guided, and this one is no different. A pre-planned tour with a passionate English-speaking guide will help you get the most out of your trip while wasting no time. Hasslefree tourism is the way of the future. Do note that you will have tickets to attractions pre-purchased by signing up for these tours and get to skip the line. Time-saving!

If you want to spend half of your day exploring Venice’s islands, a half-day semi-private Murano Burano Boat tour will allow you to discover the Murano and Burano islands of Venice. Venice has a fascinating and unique island culture, with each island having a very distinct feel. 

For those who would rather walk than use a boat, Best of Venice and St.Mark’s Basilica walking tour is the best option. You will walk whenever possible to the most important places in Venice, such as Doge’s Palace and St Mark’s Basilica. While the iconic way to go around Venice is on a boat, try sightseeing on foot at least once. The perspective from the streets is quite different from the canal!


St Mark’s Basilica, Doge’s Palace, Grand Canal – what are the most important things to not miss in Venice?

When choosing your tour, you should consider the most iconic landmarks in the city’s history. To help you make sure that you remember all the essential attractions, here is a quick list of Venice’s most important famous attractions to explore and discover:


Make sure to take a boat around the city, learn about local glass-blowing traditions, and relax in one of the small restaurants. And you absolutely have to give the gondola ride a try!

When to best visit Venice?

Well, that depends. Common wisdom will tell you that the best time to visit Venice is in the summer. The weather is just perfect for enjoying the water, the sea, and walking around breathing in the air. There are many cultural events in the summer, and local businesses are eager to offer their best services. 

This is also why many travelers will tell you that summer might be the worst time to visit Venice. Venice is so good in the summer that there are just too many tourists! It might be harder to get a hotel room, and if you don’t like crowds, you might feel like it is getting overcrowded. 

If these issues bother you, the best time to visit Venice is late summer or late fall. The window of time between September and November might be perfect for you. The weather gets colder, but there are few tourists. And because of this, prices go down, too!

Regardless of when you visit Venice, consider taking an evening walk around the city. Most people focus on Venice during the day and forget to see its beautiful nocturnal side. Venetian nights are quite an experience! Just the right atmosphere for spooky stories and legends. If you are a fan of those, make sure to take the Original Venice Ghost & Legends Walking Tour and discover the hidden side of Venice.

The Carnival of Venice

The Carnival of Venice deserves some special mention and attention. This iconic event is often considered the face of Venice…or rather, its mask! Full of colorful outfits and stunning masks, Carnival of Venice is the most unique to Venice for sure. If you want to participate yourself, make sure to plan—a limited-time attraction. From February 12 to March 1, this period is one of the most crowded times of the year. 

Your best bet to enjoy the Carnival is to prebook your stay in Venice and ensure everything is taken care of way ahead of time. If you are interested, contact us – Mr. Shuttle will help you get everything right to join the masked crowds in Venice!

Why should you visit Venice?

That is a good question! Of course, everybody will tell you it is breathtaking, but what does that really mean? What is so special about Venice? Why is it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world? What is that special Venetian magic that keeps attracting people?

  • There is something unique and romantic about gondolas and the grand canal in Venice. And it works in practice! While commuting and moving around in other cities can be tiring or annoying, your canal trips will be relaxing and calming in Venice. There is a reason why our Best of Venice walk & Gondola Ride SUPER SAVER! the tour is a bestseller.
  • Venice has great photo opportunities! Each boat trip is a great opportunity for taking a few unique photos. Even if you are moving past the same building for the fifth time, the lightning, weather, and angle will make each photo unique! 
  • Amazing beaches and sea! Many people focus so much on the boats, canals, and architecture in the city that they forget that part of the experience is hitting the beach. Venice has many safe, clean, and fun beaches with great water. A fantastic way to cool yourself when summer weather gets hot!
  • Picturesque architecture and city streets straight from movie posters! And this is not an exaggeration. Venice has been featured in countless movies, so the chances are that if you suddenly feel like you are inside a movie you watched, you are literally in a place where it was filmed! Directors love Venice for a good reason. You can spend hours walking around these stunning streets.
  • Delicious food! Not only Venice comes with the usual traditional Italian culinary goodness, but it also has a unique culture of countless cafes and restaurants that are small, comfy, and offer top-notch service. There is no room in Venice for bad service – competition is too strong!
  • Countless bridges, historical buildings, art, landmarks, and other attractions will allow you to travel through time and submerge yourself in the past, forgetting that you are in the modern age. This is extra easy when you realize that navigation software can’t really wrap itself around Venice, being rather useless. You have to orient yourself the old-fashioned way! Or, well, ask a guide.
  • Amazing wine. People might not think about it, but Venice has some of the best vineyards in the country. Once you become tired of the city’s crowds and want to relax with a refresher, make sure to take the Prosecco Wine tour.

Venice The Sinking City

There is one more reason why you should consider visiting Venice sooner or later. However, unlike those mentioned above, it is not a happy one. Due to the climate crisis and other environmental issues, Venice is literally sinking. The city is built uniquely, with many buildings relying on wooden poles to stay above water. The average water level and ties are rising, too. Scientists have realized that it leads to these buildings sinking and moving closer and closer to the sea level over time. It is considered inevitable that a large part of Venice will disappear under the water. 

Will it disappear overnight? No, but every year, we are losing a bit of Venice that we might never recover. So if you want to experience the Sinking City as much as you can, come sooner than later. Some studies speculate that by the year 2100, it will all be gone.

How to get to Venice?

Decided that you want to visit? That is great! Most of the time, you will arrive in Venice via  one of the following ways:

  • TRAIN – Train is a fantastic choice when traveling to Venice. The Santa Lucia Train Station in the northeastern part of the city is the gateway for many tourists every day. Arguably the best way to reach Venice from inside of Italy.
  • BUS – Santa Lucia Train Station has many bus terminals. Travel by bus is a popular choice if you are traveling directly to Venice from outside of Italy.
  • AIRPORT – Marco Polo Airport might be small, but often it is just enough. 
  • CAR – Venice can be reached by car, so many private transfers and trips will take you there from other cities. MrShuttle included!

Remember that no matter how you enter Venice, MrShuttle offers transfers to the city that will take you straight to your hotel or other accommodation of choice. Navigating Venice can be confusing and tiring, especially after a long journey. Let yourself rest. We will take care of you.

What else to visit in Italy?

Venice is a beautiful city, but not the only place worth seeing in Italy. It might be worth taking a day or two and take a trip to other breathtaking Italian cities and locations. You can do so by jumping onto a train, taking a bus, or asking MrShuttle to provide you with a private transfer exclusive just for you!

When in Italy, travelers also choose to see:

  • ROME

Want to see one of these? We already got you there! Make sure to check our pages dedicated to these wonderful Italian cities. This way you will see the best available tours, airport and city transfers, and learn something about the city’s history!




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