Sofia – Bulgaria

Sofia, Bulgaria

Largest city of Bulgaria


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Sofia, the capital and largest city of Bulgaria, is a fascinating place that combines rich history, culture and modernity. It is known as a crossroads of cultures and traditions, which creates a unique character of this place.

The history of Sofia dates back to antiquity, even going back to Roman times. In the city center you can find remains from that period, such as the ruins of ancient temples, fortifications and thermal springs. One of the most famous sights is the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, an impressive neo-Byzantine building that impresses with its architecture and scale.

Walking through the streets of Sofia, you can see a mixture of architectural styles, from communist architecture to classical buildings from the tsarist period. Many of these buildings have been renovated and transformed into modern shops, cafes and restaurants, creating a unique atmosphere that combines the past with the present.

Art and culture lovers will find plenty to discover in Sofia. The city offers a rich arts scene, including numerous museums, art galleries, theaters and concerts. The National Palace of Culture is an important cultural center that hosts performances, exhibitions and other artistic events.

Sofia is also a great starting point to discover the beauty of Bulgaria. In the vicinity of the city you can find picturesque mountains, charming villages and even ancient cities such as Plovdiv.

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