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Finland, located in the north of Europe, is a fascinating country with unique nature, rich culture and innovative society. Its capital is the beautiful city of Helsinki, which is one of the most important cultural, economic and political centers of the region.

Helsinki is located on the shores of the Baltic Sea and is characterized by a harmonious combination of modern architecture and preserved history. One of the capital’s landmarks is the Helsinki Cathedral, an imposing neo-Gothic church that proudly towers over the city. In turn, the surrounding cultural institutions, such as the National Museum of Finland or the Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art, bring visitors closer to both the history and the work of contemporary artists.

Helsinki is also famous for its care for greenery and ecology. Throughout the city you can find numerous parks and gardens that create a friendly environment for residents and tourists. One of the most famous is Park Esplanadi, where you can walk among beautiful vegetation and rest on benches, enjoying the charms of the city.


Why is Finland a good place to visit?

  • Beautiful nature: Finland is known for its picturesque landscapes, including hundreds of lakes, dense forests and charming islands. It is a paradise for nature lovers who can enjoy outdoor activities such as fishing, canoeing, hiking and cycling.
  • Clean and safe: Finland is one of the cleanest and safest countries in the world. This is a place where you can enjoy peace and a sense of security while traveling.
  • Unique culture: Finnish culture is extremely interesting and diverse. You can learn about folk traditions, modern art and enjoy the Finnish sauna – an indispensable element of social life and relaxation.
  • Winter Activities: If winter activities are your thing, Finland offers plenty of opportunities, such as cross-country skiing, alpine skiing, dog sledding and northern lights viewing.
  • Innovation and design: Helsinki is a city full of creativity and innovation. You can visit designer shops, contemporary art galleries and participate in cultural events that emphasize the unique character of the city.
  • Rich history: Finland has an interesting history that is present in architecture, museums and traditions. You can learn about the region’s history by visiting places like Helsinki’s Suomenlinna Fortress.
  • Nordic cuisine: The Finns have their culinary specialties that are worth trying. Fish, berries, mushrooms and local delicacies are part of the unique Finnish cuisine.
  • Aurora Borealis Watching: In the northern parts of Finland, such as Lapland, you have the chance to see the Northern Lights spectacularly, which is an unforgettable experience.
  • Hospitality of the inhabitants: Finns are friendly and hospitable to tourists, ready to help and share their culture.
  • High quality of life: Finland regularly tops the rankings as countries with the highest quality of life, which means that you can enjoy good care, excellent services and comfortable conditions when traveling.
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