Panoramic view of the beautiful coast of Teulada in Sardinia with the little Island of Tuerredda. Turquoise sea in the coast of Sardinia. Tuerredda Coast, Sardinia, Italy. High resolution.

Sardinia, Italy

Island of clear and pristine waters

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Why visit Sardinia with MrShuttle

If you’re looking for a perfect holiday destination, Sardinia is your answer. With its stunning beaches and clear waters, this island in the Mediterranean Sea is a paradise for sun-seeking travelers. However, beaches and the weather are not the only reason why Sardinia should be on your bucket list. 

Nature and sports

Apart from pristine beaches, Sardinia has rugged mountains, forests, waterfalls, and many more natural wonders Nature enthusiasts will not be disappointed with the varied landscape and opportunities to enjoy the natural side of the island. Sardinia is home to several nature reserves and a treat for hikers. Those interested in other outdoor activities will also find plenty of options, from windsurfing to rock climbing.

A place for everyone

Sardinia is a great option for all kinds of travelers. Whether you’re looking for a fun family vacation or a luxury stay with spas and yachts, you’ll find it all here. Travelers who like to include sightseeing on their itinerary will also have plenty of things to see as Sardinia has many ancient remains. In particular, the Ancient city of Nora.


You may have heard that people in Sardinia tend to live long lives. In fact, this was the first place in the world declared a Blue Zone. Food is often quoted as one of the reasons for this so don’t miss your chance to indulge in some of their delicacies. Make sure to also taste a bit of the traditional wine, Cannonau.

Places to visit in Sardinia

The island’s capital city, Cagliari, is home to a number of museums where you can learn about and explore Sardinia’s history. You will also find plenty of restaurants, shops, and charming streets.

Although small in size, Olbia is a great city for those interested in history. In particular, the Archeological Museum of Olbia has some great exhibitions and artefacts. This is also a getaway to some of the best beaches on the island.

If you want to mix beach time with some historical sightseeing and nice architecture, visit Alghero on the northwest coast of Sardinia.

For a fusion of sandy beaches, vibrant nightlife, shopping and sightseeing, consider Villasimius located in the south of the island.

If you’re looking for a paradise, head to Costa Paradiso. This is the place for beach lovers and those who want to do some water activities or just relax.

Arguably the most famous part of Sardinia is Costa Smeralda. If you’re looking for some glamour this summer,  you’ll find it here. Porto Cervo is one of the popular resorts you can go to if you’re prepared to splash out. 

Easy transfers in Sardinia with MrShuttle

If you really want to have a perfect holiday, then don’t forget about organizing a transfer between the airport and your destination in Sardinia. With MrShuttle you can order a door-to-door airport transfer not only to and from Cagliari but also other places like Villasimius. Check all our Sardinia transfers out and have a great time! 

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