The Czartoryski Museum in Krakow houses one of the most precious art masterpieces - the portrait "Lady with an Ermine" by Leonardo da Vinci. It's an extraordinary opportunity for art lovers and historians to explore one of the few portraits of women created by da Vinci. T

History of the Artwork

Painted in the 15th century, “Lady with an Ermine” is a unique portrait of a woman, admired for its subtlety and precision in detail. It’s one of the few works da Vinci dedicated to representing female figures.

Visiting the Museum

The Czartoryski Museum is where “Lady with an Ermine” is exhibited to the public. Standing before it, you can admire the masterful work of the artist and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the Renaissance.

Krakow: A City Full of History

In addition to visiting the museum, it’s worth getting to know Krakow itself. The historic Main Market Square, Wawel Castle, and the Kazimierz district – each of these places offers unforgettable experiences related to the city’s history and culture.

Enjoyments After Sightseeing

After a day full of experiences, you can relax in one of the many restaurants offering traditional Polish cuisine or take a stroll along the Vistula River.

Conclusion: Plan Your Visit

By visiting the Czartoryski Museum, you have the chance to see one of Leonardo da Vinci’s most important works. Krakow, full of history and culture, is the perfect place to spend unforgettable moments. So, if you’re looking for extraordinary experiences, don’t miss the opportunity to visit “Lady with an Ermine” and discover the charms of Krakow.

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