More and more countries are deciding to ease or lift restrictions. Traveling is no more troublesome! M

With international travel restrictions diversification, MrShuttle has prepared this new hub of vital information and advice to support those heading off on their long-awaited abroad vacations or any purpose-related holiday in Poland.

Latest updates on the COVID-19 situation

COVID restrictions for travellers in Europe are being lifted rapidly, and more countries are announcing the full opening of borders for tourists regardless of their vaccination status, including Poland. From 28.03, masks in public spaces ceased to be obligatory, and further restrictions were lifted. Most restrictions of an economic nature ceased to apply in Poland from 1 March.
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Coronavirus in the world – the safety measures taken in Poland

Nationwide rules:

Since December 2020, when the Covid-19 vaccination began in Poland, over 53 doses of vaccine have already been administered (nearly 60 % of the total population), which means that every second person is fully vaccinated. After two years of restrictions, travel is returning to the normality we knew before the pandemic. From 28 March, those travelling to Poland from both the EU and non-EU countries are no longer required to stay in quarantine, take the COVID-19 test or provide the EU Covid Certificate to Border Guard officers.
The decrease in the number of coronavirus infections (less than 1000 on the 3rd of April, 2022), the high level of vaccination against COVID-19, the acquisition of group immunity by the population, and the milder course of the disease in the Omicron variant, meaning that more and more countries are deciding to ease or lift restrictions.


Ongoing restrictions in Poland:

A list of current restrictions in Poland is available on the government website: