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  • {"list":"city-bestsellers","name":"Tirana Airport to Delvine Transfer","id":"4895_18636","price":"223.44","category":"transfer"}
    Aerial view of Delvine : Delvina in Albania. Taken in autumn with beautiful mountains in background.
  • {"list":"city-bestsellers","name":"Tirana Airport to Tirana Transfer","id":"4875_18615","price":"26.88","category":"transfer"}
    Skanderbeg square with flag, Skanderbeg monument and The Et’hem Bey Mosque in the center of Tirana city, Albania.
  • {"list":"city-bestsellers","name":"Tirana Airport to Ballsh Transfer","id":"4879_18619","price":"111.72","category":"transfer"}
    ballsh albania
  • {"list":"city-bestsellers","name":"Tirana Airport to Berat Transfer","id":"4881_18624","price":"110.04","category":"transfer"}
    berat albania
  • {"list":"city-bestsellers","name":"Tirana Airport to Biz Martanesh Transfer","id":"4885_18628","price":"113.40","category":"transfer"}
    Panoramic view of Vali’s Mouth north of Tirana, Albania – Biz Martanesh
  • {"list":"city-bestsellers","name":"Tirana Airport to Borsh Transfer","id":"4887_18631","price":"202.44","category":"transfer"}
    Summer morning pebbly beach with sunbeds and strawy sunshades (Borsh, Albania). Blue sky with some clouds.

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Albania, located on the western coast of the Balkan Peninsula, is a country with an extraordinary history, picturesque landscapes and hospitable people. Although it was closed to tourists for many years due to political changes and isolation, today it is a fascinating place that deserves to be discovered.

Here are some reasons why you should visit Albania:

  • Beautiful Coast: The Albanian Riviera is a unique place that offers fabulous beaches, blue waters of the Ionian Sea and charming fishing villages. Ksamil Beach, Dhermi and Jale are just some of the local gems.
  • History and Culture: Albania has a rich history dating back to ancient times. Visit ancient ruins such as Butrint – a UNESCO site, and discover the unique way of life in traditional mountain villages.
  • Friendly People: Albanians are famous for their hospitality and cordiality towards visitors. You will be welcomed by people willing to share their culture and history with you.
  • Mountains and Nature: Albania offers many opportunities for lovers of active holidays. The mountains of Northern Albania are a paradise for lovers of trekking and climbing. Picturesque lakes like Ohrid and Prespa are great places to relax and get in touch with nature.
  • Culinary: Albanian cuisine is a unique combination of Mediterranean flavors with Balkan and Turkish influences. Try local dishes such as byrek (dumplings), tave kosi (roast lamb) and, of course, a variety of seafood.
  • Remarkable Architecture: Albania has a distinctive architecture that combines eastern and western influences. You can admire mosques, churches and fortifications that reflect the country’s multicultural heritage.
  • Pleasant Climate: Albania enjoys a Mediterranean climate, which means long, warm summers and mild winters. These are ideal conditions for those who want to spend time outdoors.
  • Amazing Views: Whether you are on the coast or in the mountains, Albania offers amazing views. Sunsets over the Ionian Sea or mountain panoramas will certainly stay in your memory for a long time.
  • Price and Authenticity: Compared to other tourist destinations in Europe, Albania is still relatively inexpensive. You can experience the authentic culture and life without putting too much strain on your wallet.
  • Amazing Memories: Ultimately, Albania is a place that will give you unique experiences and memories. From beautiful beaches to secret towns to friendly people, every day spent in Albania will be full of discoveries and adventures.

A visit to Albania is an opportunity to discover undiscovered corners of Europe, rich history and beautiful nature. It is a country that is ready to welcome travelers with open arms and provide unforgettable experiences.


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