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Brussels tour

Plan your Brussels tour with us! Best tours in Brussels with MrShuttle.

Decided to visit Brussels? Want to experience the best of the Belgian capital’s top attractions? Dreaming to see the city famous for its chocolate, fries, waffles, and beer? Hesitating on what kind of tour will let you fully discover the capital of the European Union? MrShuttle is here to help you! We can offer you the most fascinating tours in Brussels led by our professional highly trained guides! Save your time and let us organize your day! Enjoy the Brussels tours with a flexible cancellation policy that would simplify the traveling process and maximize your customer’s convenience. You have a great chance to avoid spending hours walking without a purpose in search of attractions. Moreover, let your trip be fully guided by our experts. You can relax and enjoy all of the activities that we carefully prepared for you. Brussels might be the city of your dream! The versatility of the urban styles might impress you with its vibrant palette of cozy vibes. Hence, the opportunity to visit Belgian city is a perfect chance to extend the boundaries of your wish-list. With MrShuttle you can experience the unique taste of Belgium and visit all of the must-see spots of the city and surroundings!

If you want to discover the heart of Europe – Brussels is the city you should see. With its rich history, picturesque architecture, many breathtaking attractions, tons of tasty food, it is the place you will enjoy. Here is where the European Parliament is located together with most of the EU institutions as well as NATO headquarters. MrShuttle is here to give you access to all of Brussel’s top attractions and tours. The Grand Place with its striking architectonics, Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudula, Manneken Pis, and Palace of Justice are just a few of the main must-see attractions of the city. With us, you can explore as well many things that are worth seeing nearby the Belgian capital. Visit Ghent and Bruges, take a tour to learn about The Great War in Flanders Fields and Northern France, enjoy a trip to Luxemburg & Dinant with us. In MrShuttle we can even take you from Brussels for a trip to the city of Amsterdam or Cologne! Feel free to choose from a variety of tours around Belgium we have on our offer – a combination of coach and walking tours with a private guide. We focus on both depth of experience as well as professionalism, that is why our guide will secure your trip at the same time sharing deep insight into local culture and history. These activities might exceed your expectations because you would consider coming back as an option for a future trip. Brussels is an extravagant and simultaneously unforgettable place that is popular for its serene and luring atmosphere of comfort.

Brussels is famous for its delicious cuisine, brewery, and gastronomy. Everyone heard about Belgian chocolate and Belgian beers. Being on a tour in Brussels you have an excellent opportunity to taste that beer right at the place where it is crafted! With the uncounted number of restaurants and beer devoted bars, it is a dream of every food lover.

Will I get English speaking guide in Brussels?

Rest assured that you will! Our main goal is to turn your day with us into an unforgettable experience that you will remember forever. We are aware that to appreciate a new place it is essential to understand all that your guide is saying. Each of our tours is escorted by a competent and qualified English speaking guide. Now when savoring your Brussels tour around Grand Place, Manneken pis, European Parliament, or in the city of Bruges you will clearly understand what happened back in the past. To grasp Belgian history it is vital to follow the tales told by our escorts. They are all fluent in English. You will be able to ask about every interesting detail when you visit the most popular landmarks in the city of Brussels. In case of unforeseen circumstances, our drivers are proficient in English too. In case you need a stop, quickly come back to the hotel just after departure, ask about some additional attractions or simply have a pleasant chat while you enjoy your ride, feel free to speak directly to the driver.

The most popular tourist attractions to discover in Brussels, Belgium.

The main must-see tour in the city of Brussels including Grand Place visit.

Your visit to the Belgian capital should kick off with a tour that will let you see the highlights of the top attractions of this magnificent city. We are here to give you private access to such an experience. It is called “The grand Brussels experience coach tour” and it operates daily, starting at 10 AM. Our first-class guide will meet you at Grasmarkt and take you for a two and a half hours breathtaking tour showing the main tourist attractions in Brussels. You will be transported by coach to discover the splendid and enormous court called Palace of Justice, Royal Saint-Hubert’s Galleries which are an enthralling place to shop, and of course to see the marvelous architecture of the popular Grand Place with Town Hall and many other things Brussels is famous for.

As soon as the Covid-19 restrictions are going to be lifted we are going to reintroduce our gastronomy tour Taste of Brussels. Following the name of the tour, you will be tasting all those appetizing waffles, chocolate, and Belgian beers. You will listen to folk tales around the statue of Madame Chapeau and see the underground river. However as for now because of the restrictions, there is temporary cancellation of that tour.

Day tours from Brussels

Tours to Ghent and Bruges.

Since medieval times Brussels is often called the “crossroads of Europe” as it was founded on a crucial trade route leading from Cologne to the beautiful cities of Ghent and Bruges. Back in the 13th century, Ghent was one of the biggest cities in Europe. Those two cities are absolute pearls of architecture that you must see when you visit Brussels. From all of the tours, they are the top destination for many tourists. Both immersed in canals, popular for their old-fashioned charm that you can admire tasting Belgian chocolate. Discover all the main activities of the cities with MrShuttle! There are so many things to discover, that if you want to see two cities in one day prepare for a ten to eleven hours tour. However, if you want to have full experience of those astonishing places, you are free to choose between separate day tours starting from Brussels to both of them. The tours are called The real discovery of Bruges and The full-day experience tour of Ghent. Those tours are conducted in small groups to let you savor the authentic soul each city has.

Remembrance tours of great battles near Brussels.

For those who like to go back in time to days of world wars to learn more about the main battles that took place near Brussels, Belgium, we prepared special tours that serve as a memorial of those who have fallen on fields of Flanders or in Ardennes. A tour of The Great War in Flanders Fields and Northern France will take you to Essex Farm, Passchendaele & Tyne Cot Cemetery – the biggest cemetery for Commonwealth forces in the world; Monument of the Brooding Soldier that commemorates Canadian First Division; tremendous Vimy Memorial, and at the end of the day you will see Last Post Ceremony at Menin Gate before coming back to Brussels. The second of our remembrance tours is commemorating The Battle of the Bulge in the Ardeness. Following this tale you are going to visit Bastogne War Museum, see McAuliffe Square together with Sherman battle tank in Bastogne, fox holes, and the village of Foy, the tomb of General Patto on American cemetery in Luxembourg, and Abbey of Neunmunster that was used as Nazi prison during the war. All that top historical sites included in one day trip from Brussels.

Top tours outside Belgium with pick up point in Brussels.

Visiting Brussels but willing to see other countries? Even though we all love Belgian chocolate it is good to use the opportunity to see neighboring lands. Book one of the trips prepared by MrShuttle and don’t worry about the cancellation in case of unforeseen circumstances. From Brussels, you have free access to one-day trips to visit places like Luxemburg & Dinant, Cologne & the Postcard town of Monschau in Germany, or in Holland, you can choose between a day tour to see Amsterdam or take a ride with us to appreciate the splendid Keukenhof estate: Tulips Galore. 

Tours to admirable Luxembourg and Dinant.

Being in Brussels is a perfect occasion to visit one of the tiniest and at the same time most alluring countries of the world – Luxembourg. You will be transported by coach to the beautiful center which is the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Our guide will share with you all the stories and secrets of the Kirchberg district and take you to the Palace of Grand Duke. You are going to visit the Abbey of Neunmunster, the picturesque town of Dinant, and the incredibly scenic valley of the River Meuse.

Holland: walking tours around the tulips garden in Keukenhof or visit the capital of Netherlands -Amsterdam.

When thinking of Benelux many people see through the prism of their imagination an endless field of tulips. These fields are a must-see attraction and MrShuttle can take you to the best tulip garden in the Netherlands and one of the largest flower gardens in the world – the Keukenhof. To admire an ocean of blooming tulips you will have to visit this spot in spring, but it is one of the attractions worth seeing. After arriving you will be free to take a stroll along the breathtaking alleys in the garden. Incredible shades of multicolored flowers create an unforgettable experience. Do not forget to take your photo camera! The Keukenhof is located just a short hop from Amsterdam, one of the top cities in Europe. But for these two destinations, we prepared separate guided day tours. With all those attractions in Amsterdam you just need enough time to see it all: old city, Royal Palace, Amsterdam’s canals, Heineken brewery, Dutch National bank, and visit to the Craftcenter. We can’t wait to share all those activities with you!

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