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Frankfurt am Main is the fifth grandest city in Germany and the biggest one in the state of Hesse. This global hub of commerce is one of the most diverse places in Europe, with more than a quarter of its 2.2 million population being foreign nationals! With a million of its people having a migrant background, Frankfurt is as colorful and diverse as its citizens!

An alpha city and a top player in many areas such as commerce, tourism, and education, Frankfurt attracts millions of tourists every year.

However, Frankfurt wasn’t always such a hub of brilliance and fun. In fact, it used to be all swampy and unpleasant! The settlement, started by Romans, remained obscure and unknown for hundreds of years. Everything changed with the magnificent and powerful Charlemagne decided to build himself a royal court there! Many deliberations, councils, canons, and laws were discussed and established there. Charlemagne’s family grew so fond of the place that his son made the palace bigger. It is not a surprise that Franks loved Frankfurt – after all, they liked it enough to name it after themselves. Soon enough, Frankfurt became the central seat of power of Eastern Francia. This is also where kings of Germany, such as Frederic Barbarossa, were elected.

It didn’t end there, though! Frankfurt expanded, even more, becoming the Free Imperial City of Frankfurt.

When the printing press was invented in Mainz, the nearby Frankfurt greatly benefited from it. Education and fine arts exploded, and Frankfurt started hosting the most important book fair in Germany. In fact, it still does, so make sure to visit the Frankfurt Book Fair when you can! World-famous German poet and writer Johann Wolfgang Goethe was born and raised in Frankfurt. Thanks to this, you will find many institutions and buildings dedicated to him in Frankfurt – including a university and a museum.

The darkest period of Frankfurt history is fresh and recent, just from before World War II. The infamous and terrifying Kristallnacht took place in Frankfurt, destroying its beautiful Synagogues and ruining countless lives. During the War, Frankfurt was relentlessly bombed. The entirety of Old City was destroyed during one of the attacks.

However, since then, Frankfurt got from its knees and is prospering and booming again, inviting you to visit and witness its wonders! And there is much to see. The Römerberg – Aldstadt, Old Town – was faithfully reconstructed and amazes countless visitors with its wide diversity of architectural styles. The Historical Museum of Frankfurt is a must-see!

However, if one really wants to delve deep into art, culture, and history in Frankfurt, they MUST visit the Museumsufer, the Museum District. These internationally famous 16 museums gather history and wonders from both Germany and the entire world alike. Archeology, Icons, Film, Architecture, Sculpture – Frankfurt has a Museum for each of these, and often more than one!

Those who enjoy nature more than architecture definitely will love the Palm Garden, the biggest and grandest botanic garden in the country!

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Here you can find answers for frequently asked questions.

When visiting Frankfurt, make sure to visit the Römerberg, Museumsufer, the Palm Garden, Frankfurt Cathedral, Kleinmarkethalle, the Hauptwache, Frankfurt Zoo, and Jewish Museum. These are only some of the best things you can see in Frankfurt. Try finding a tour!

There are two airports in Frankfurt. They are Frankfurt Airport (7,2 km from the city) and Frankfurt-Hahn Airport (120km from the city. Frankfurt Airport is the one in Frankfurt proper and is one of the biggest international airports in Europe. This makes it one of the best choices when traveling to Germany, and the best one when traveling to Frankfurt. The best way to reach your hotel or other destination from Frankfurt Airport is to use door-to-door airport transfer with Mr.Shuttle.

Frankfurt is near many famous sites. It won’t take you more than a day to visit Taunus mountain range, Hessenpark, Frankenstein Castle, Rhine Valley, Saalburg, German Fairy Tale Route, Rüdesheim and many, many more! There are so many options that one visit in Frankfurt might not be enough to enjoy them all! Make sure to secure a good transport to waste no time on getting to the attractions, and focus on having fun.

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