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Experience Spanish culture in the Basque Country!

San Sebastian (Donostia in Basque) is a charming city in the Basque Country, located on the waters of the Bay of Biscay, on the Costa Verde – also known as the Pearl of the North. It is considered the culinary capital not only of the Basque Country but of the whole of Spain. It has 17 restaurants awarded by the Michelin guide – three out of seven Spanish restaurants with 3 stars are located here. The charming beach attracts tourists longing for relaxation. It is located just 30 kilometres from the border with France, making it an excellent starting point for exploring the southern regions of its neighbour. Try pintxos and enjoy private tours in San Sebastian.

The Pearl of Northeast Spain: San Sebastian and its Tourist Attractions

San Sebastián (Donostia) was already a popular holiday resort visited by wealthier Spaniards and foreigners in the early 20th century. This small Basque town in a shell-like bay has a unique charm. In addition to its numerous monuments and excellent beaches, the town is best known for its cinema festival (Festival Internacional de Cine de San Sebastián), which takes place in September. The main prize awarded during this festival is the Golden Shell. Apart from that, while in this enchanting place, it is worth paying attention to such places as:

  • Playa de la Concha (La Concha)

San Sebastian’s international calling card, apart from one of the most important film festivals in the world, is its magnificent beaches. The most famous is La Concha (The Shell), located in the very centre of the city. It is surrounded by a stylish sea promenade that reminds us of the noble character of the summer resort in the past. La Concha is where you can see most of the town surrounded by hills and the bay of Bahía de La Concha with the Isla de Santa Clara (Santa Clara Island). You should visit all of them to feel the atmosphere of San Sebastian!

An excellent tourist attraction for families with children and others is the Aquarium of San Sebastián (Aquarium de San Sebastián). It is located in the harbour next to the Paseo Nuevo promenade.

  • Peine del Viento

To the left of La Concha beach is La Ondarreta beach. Walking to its end, you will come to a very peculiar site in San Sebastian. It is a composition of sculptures called Peine del Viento (wind crest) formed by bent, thick iron bars embedded in the seaside rocks.

  • Old Town – Parte Vieja

The Old Town is undoubtedly the most visited district in the city of San Sebastián. In this quarter, we find the most interesting monuments, such as the Iglesia de San Vicente, which is the oldest church in the city. In addition, do not miss the Basilica of Santa María del Coro from the 18th century, which guards the city’s patron saint, Virgen del Coro (Black Madonna and Child). Another tourist attraction in the area is the Museum of San Telmo (Museo San Telmo), the former Dominican monastery that dates back to the 16th century, and the Plaza de la Constitución (Constitution Square) many essential celebrations take place. This square was once used as a bullfighting arena.

  • Monte Igueldo

The hill of Monte Igueldo is one of the biggest tourist attractions in San Sebastián and rises about 413 metres above sea level. The hill is located at the end of the bay of Bahía de La Concha, bordering directly on the sea. From the top of the hill, you can observe one of the most beautiful views in this part of the Bastide country, which can be enjoyed straight from the Terrazas viewing terrace. An additional curiosity is that on the hill, there is a neighbourhood called Igueldo, where about a thousand people live. Monte Igueldo can be reached by cable car or one of the trails specially designed to climb the mountain. The cable car starts at the bottom of the hill and takes you to the top in just a few minutes. It was opened in 1912, so it is considered one of the oldest cable cars in Spain.

  • Fine cuisine: a hallmark of the region

In the old town, you can’t miss the characteristic narrow streets lined with cafés, bars, and restaurants loved by locals and tourists alike. When talking about cuisine in San Sebastián, it is impossible to ignore the regional snacks called pintxos. They can be enjoyed in most bars and restaurants, not only in this town but also in the whole of the Basque Country. So, as in other regions of Spain, tapas are king; you will definitely taste pintxos in this region. In addition, San Sebastián is famous for its excellent cuisine, so when you come to this picturesque place, be prepared for some fantastic food. The Michelin guide has recognised many restaurants. There are also “starred” restaurants that serve excellent food.

Sightseeing with MrShuttle: why visit the world with us?

The Basque Country is a region that offers a lot. Visiting such places usually requires preparation, especially when it comes to transport and communication issues. This is why we are here to give you our best support during your holiday. We care about your comfort, which is why we also offer tailor-made services. . Everything for your comfort! We support you from the very beginning of your holiday! This is why we crave delivering the best services and comfort to you and your beloved ones, starting from the shuttle:

Door-to-door service: Sightseeing can be tiring, especially if you’re dependent on public transportation. We offer a comfortable and hassle-free shuttle. You will be collected from the San Sebastian airport (or railway station in San Sebastian) and dropped off whenever you decided to stay.

English-speaking guides and drivers: We don’t let the language barrier get in our way, so you can be sure that the drivers and guides who will accompany you speak English. When exploring Spain, of course, Spanish too. But the sky is not the limit! We offer more languages, so please raise a request to us to find out more if you can get any more support. Ask if interested in San Sebastian Private Tour. We will do our best to show you top sights in the form of private tours.

Helpful guide: All travellers who search for more private tours or walking attractions, can get in touch with us to ask about the possibility to arrange more tailored excursions. Get your holiday to the next level and explore San Sebastian with us! We will tell you what you should visit to feel the local atmosphere. Feel free to ask about other tours in San Sebastian.

Discover San Sebastian with MrShuttle, enjoy local food and wine and start an immediate adventure in the Basque country! The city allows you to discover pivotal sites both when it comes to walking or taking a bike. If you are passionate about the “Spanish” sun, must-see sights of the Basque country and friendly atmosphere, you’re bound to be excited about city tours.

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