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Santiago de Compostela, Spain

The most famous pilgrimage site in Spain


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Santiago de Compostela Tours

Must-see places in Santiago de Compostela

Since the Middle Ages, Santiago de Compostela has been the destination of pilgrimages to the tomb of St James. The famous ” route ” is walked by Christians and everyone regardless of religion, age, or nationality. The city has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as the El Camino de Santiago route leads to it. The Old Town is one of the largest and best-preserved on the Iberian Peninsula. The city also has lively nightlife thanks to its large student population, fantastic restaurants or many places to relax.

Santiago de Compostela – A Unique Pilgrimage Destination and Much More

Santiago de Compostela is a vibrant city offering several reasons to enchant the travellers, disregarding the fact if you are a pilgrim or not: innumerable restaurants and bars where you can enjoy the exquisite seafood of Galicia. There are many options in this city that combine its historic context with a more modern and contemporary side.

The destination of pilgrimages to Santiago de Compostela is the tomb of the Apostle. He was the first apostle to suffer martyrdom – he was beheaded in Jerusalem. In the 7th century, his remains were transferred from Jerusalem to Santiago de Compostela. According to legend, St James appeared during the battle with the Moors at Clavijo, forcing them to flee. Therefore, this saint is portrayed as a pilgrim and apostle and a conqueror of the Moors. This is not the only legend, as there are several others regarding the uniqueness of St James.

Santiago de Compostela Cathedral – The Highlight of The Pilgrimage

According to legend, the saint’s tomb was miraculously found by Charlemagne. A great light was supposed to appear in the sky, and the rain of stars indicated the burial place of St James and his two disciples, Athanasius and Theodomiro. It was initially called Campus Stellae (Field of Stars), after which the city was named Santiago de Compostela. Soon, a church was built on the site, and pilgrims started coming there. The first documented visit dates from 850, and the pilgrim was a French bishop from Le Puy-en-Velay.

The cult of the saint expanded rapidly, and there was a need to build a more representative place. In 1075, construction of the cathedral began, commissioned by King Alfonso VI of Castile of Spain. Over the following centuries, the building was embellished, and the most impressive is undoubtedly the Baroque façade, which Fernando Casas y Novoa designed. It is very richly decorated and shows the figures of St James, his two disciples and the scene of the miraculous discovery of their tomb.

Santiago de Compostela: Tourist Attractions

Pilgrimage Museum

In Roman times a pilgrim was a man who travelled the world (more like a wanderer). In the Middle Ages, a pilgrim was a man walking to or from Santiago de Compostela in Galicia (so says Dante in “The New Life”). Man in all cultures and religions follows a path to purification, perfection or salvation. These and other stories can be found on the ground floor of the Pilgrimage Museum.

The Pilgrimage Museum has existed for a long time since it was founded in 1951. But it only opened to the public in 1996 in Calle San Miguel (today, the museum administration and library).

Viewpoint on the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela

The Alameda Park is accessible from several directions, but you are most likely to enter it from the Campo da Estrela when walking from Compostela’s old town; that is, you will enter directly onto the colourful Marie. When you meet them, turn into the alley on the right and follow it to the end, where you will find the viewpoint. This is where most postcard photos are taken.

The Old Town of Santiago de Compostela

In the old town of Santiago de Compostela, let yourself get lost. After the third turn, you will start to recognise shop windows, arcades and facades of historic buildings. The centre, centred around the cathedral, is not significant. And every long narrow street eventually leads to its surroundings. Here you will find plenty of tavernas, restaurants and excellent local produce: regional cheeses and rows of unlabelled wine bottles. There you will find cheap homemade snacks and Galician wine. And of course, there are plenty of charming souvenir shops. This region is famous for its meals, unique style and charming streets for a night walk. Enjoy Spanish culture and explore top attractions!

El Camino de Santiago

El Camino de Santiago is a route you can follow on foot, by bike or, if you are brave enough, on horseback or on a donkey. You can start at your doorstep or, more popularly, at the French-Spanish border. From there, it is only 800 kilometres to Santiago. El Camino de Santiago is the perfect time to get away from reality and experience Spanish culture. And of course, an idea for a tour!

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