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Tenerife, Spain

The greatest of the Canary Islands

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Tenerife – the greatest of the Canary Islands

We all dream about exploring the sun-dappled Canary Islands, especially during winter. But why do we feel so attracted to this part of the world and what do we actually know about it?

Tenerife is the largest and the most populated Canary Island. Although this place is visited by millions of people each year, going off the beaten track and taking a completely different perspective will allow you to see how incredibly diverse it is.

Interestingly, there are a few cultural elements that make the island even more extraordinary. Did you know that Scotland’s flag is the same as Tenerife’s one? All due to the fact that St.Andrew is the patron of both places.

Much to the surprise of all superstitious visitors, inhabitants of Tenerife (and the rest of Spain) consider Tuesday the 13th, not Friday, to be the most unlucky day. Therefore, when scheduling your vacations, make sure you don’t spend any unfortunate Tuesdays on the island. 

What to see in Tenerife? A brief guide

Tenerife isn’t only about popular tourist destinations but also about unique, secluded attractions. 

The island’s volcanic landscape provides incredible hiking opportunities for active travellers wishing to appreciate breathtaking views while burning calories of conejo al salmorejo (a local rabbit stew) or arroz a la cubana, a delicious dish consisting of rice, sausages, fried eggs and bananas.

Santa Cruz, the capital of the island, abounds in enchanting sightseeing attractions that can be found between Calle la Noria, Plaza de Espana, Plaza de Candelaria and Plaza de Weyler. When exploring the city, it’s undoubtedly worth visiting Auditorio de Tenerife Adán Martín that resembles Sydney’s unique Opera House.

Looking for exceptional ideas for a romantic evening? Stargazing in Teide National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the second most popular park in the world guarantees a unique and intimate atmosphere. It’s one of the finest free attractions thanks to which it’s possible to admire 83 officially recognised constellations.

The historical side of the island

If you’re interested in more untypical attractions of Tenerife, you should definitely see Chinamada, a little hamlet in the north of the Anaga mountain range. The area is inhabited by local “troglodytes” living in modernised cave houses.

When visiting the surroundings of Anaga Rural Park, check out another destination whose exploration will seem better than time travel. Taganana is an unquestionable gem of the island that had been separated from the rest of the world till the creation of the local road in the 1950s. Visiting these places is a perfect recipe for getting a taste of local culture and reflecting on the old days.

Following the historical path, it’s definitely recommended to check out the Museum of Nature and Man in Santa Cruz de Tenerife and explore how your life would look back in the past. The museum exhibits numerous outstanding artefacts such as native carvings and tools that depict the story of the Canary Islands.

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