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Izmir tours

Discover the best Turkish spots with MrShuttle!

The city of Izmir is located in the popular Aegean Riviera region on the Aegean Sea. Izmir is the third-largest city in Turkey and was known as Smyrna in ancient times. The city is the hometown of famous Homer too. From the time of Alexander the Great, the Agora or market square has been preserved, and in 1922… the city centre was destroyed by fire.

Nowadays, the city is gladly visited by tourists from various regions of the world. Join others and enjoy the best Izmir tours together with MrShuttle!

About Izmir: Top Attractions & Activities

For tourists who decide to visit Izmir, the holiday will certainly be successful. Numerous attractions await visitors in this Turkish metropolis – excursions to the city’s immediate surroundings will also provide many unforgettable experiences. Izmir, also known as an ancient city (Smyrna), has a long and stormy history. What can you see here? First of all, you can admire the ruins of the historic agora and the Ottoman-style Izmir Clock Tower, which is the symbol of the city. When visiting Izmir, plan your holiday in such a way that you also visit the local temples with the Hisar Mosque at the head, the synagogues or St Polycarp’s Church. The Kadifekale Castle will be the best place to admire the panorama of Izmir.

Today, Izmir is an important commercial centre and port city, where life flourishes not only during the day but also at night. The modern city centre is filled with shops, bars and clubs, providing entertainment for tourists who are always looking for a good time. However, for those on holiday, Izmir also offers the opportunity to explore its neighbourhood. Just an hour’s drive away is the Cesme peninsula, where warm beaches and clear waters invite you to carefree relaxation while offering excellent conditions for water sports. Spending your holidays in Izmir, you can also go to nearby Camalti to admire the flamingos and pelicans, or to the ancient city – ruins of Ephesus. In Ephesus, you can also find the world-famous Celsus Library. There are many hotels in Izmir, making it an ideal starting point for exploring the city and its surroundings. All amenities are available here to make your holiday in here completely enjoyable.

Is this the end of the attractions? Absolutely not! Izmir is the perfect starting point for interesting places you can’t miss. Do you know that Roman culture is visible here too?


The city of Izmir: The best starting point for local adventures

Some people going on a holiday to Turkey choose to spend it actively, especially through the participation in various tours and sightseeing. The remaining group craves water sports or typical relaxation under the palm trees. Searching for interesting Izmir tours? Whatever your holiday plans are, Pamukkale is a must-see place in Turkey. Especially, if you seek a more private tour to avoid big crowds!

Pamukkale: A white paradise within your reach

The name Pamukkale is foreign to most and you’re probably wondering about its meaning. Translated from Turkish into English, Pamukkale means “Cotton Castle”. It only takes a glance at the limestone terraces to understand that the name was given very accurately and 100% reflects reality.

It is worth knowing that the limestone terraces of Pamukkale are located within the national park. You can watch them, but you can not enter this area. There is a specially prepared route available for tourists. A new path with concrete pools was created with “artificial” pools completely covered by limestone sediments. As a result, this man-made route is almost indistinguishable from the real and protected limestone terraces. This tour in a more private atmosphere is the bull’s eye!

You can climb these terraces, swim there, sit on the edge. You can simply enjoy them to the full, so on a hot day, they will guarantee excellent cooling and refreshment!

Sounds interesting? Excellent! Pamukkale City Guided Tour will definitely meet your expectations.. or even exceed them!

Are you passionate about water and boats? We have an excellent combination for you. You can also attend Pamukkale Boat Tour. Pamukkale is a Turkish town famous for its incredible limestone landscapes created by nature, but also for its magnificent Roman ruins of ancient buildings and its wonderful Kusadasi Port. A cruise is an excellent alternative to standard means of transport. Discover Turkey without limits from the moment you board!

The magnificent remains of ancient temples, picturesque water cascades and limestone sculptures create a unique picture of a holiday in Turkey. Pamukkale’s excellent infrastructure ensures a comfortable and carefree holiday and nearby Hierapolis captivates with the majesty of ancient ruins. Take a new step in your travel strategy and explore the heritage of top tourist attractions!

If you love adrenaline and don’t want to give it up on your dream holiday – you must go on the Pamukkale Quad Tour. It is not only a combination of fun and speed but an excellent tourist experience. If you want to experience Turkish culture and discover a new place, this tour is bound to give you excitement! Spend 3 hours with your family or summer fellows on quads in Turkey. Still, you can enjoy other city tours with MrShuttle or visit local restaurants!

Water Entertainment: Adaland Aqua Park Tour

Water is man’s natural habitat. Time spent in the water is great fun not only for children but also for adults. Swimming stimulates both physical and mental development. It is also a great way to bond and of course… perfect refreshment in a sunny country like Turkey! If you seek a tour (with a more private atmosphere), which will deliver the best experience linked to water entertainment – this option is definitely for you!

If you want to take a break from sightseeing, but continue to visit an interesting place. Decide on the Adalan Aqua Park Tour and explore another wonderful place! We are convinced that you will be delighted. Adaland in Kusadasi is 1 of the 10 largest aqua parks in the world. Kamikaze slides, black hole, pontoon and mattress slides, paddling pools with slides for the little ones are just a few of the many attractions at the Aquapark.

Of course, your safety is first and foremost and lifeguards are on site too.

More travel options for travel addicts!

The above city tours or sport-related activities are must-see places when choosing Turkey for your holiday. Apart from Izmir tours, you may also want to see more places beyond the list. Especially, if you crave top travel spots. Most of them you can explore with MrShuttle, also in a form of a private tour!

  • Istanbul

Istanbul is an intercontinental city, the (historical and business) part of which lies within Europe, while the remaining (mainly residential) part lies in Asia. Of course, it is the largest city in Turkey and at the same time the largest city in Europe, with (as of today) more than a 16million people living there! If you like city tours and want to cherish your “sightseeing sense” this option is definitely for you. We prepared Istanbul City Guided Tour if you do not want to waste your time and bother yourself with public transport and enjoy this place with a knowledgeable tour guide.

  • Mary’s House in Ephesus

The House of the Virgin Mary can be still visited today. According to the beliefs of many researchers, the mother of Jesus, Mary, spent the last years of her life on site. Mary’s house is associated with many questions and uncertainties, but there is a grain of truth in every.. history! Many people believe that towards the end of her life the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus, came with St John to this place.

  • Terrace Houses in Ephesus

The Terrace Houses complex in Ephesus consists of luxurious residential villas. Every separate house is an ancient-related building. This is top Turkey’s region associated with luxury. Local houses are also called: the houses of rich”, which is a fine example of Roman architecture. As you see, the culture of this country is linked to the impact of other nations!

  • Temple of Artemis

The Temple of Artemis has also located nearby the ancient city, which is Ephesus. Moreover, it was considered one of seven wonders by ancient Greeks. If you search for incredible trips, think about too Turkey’s pivotal site and visit the temple. The culture of this country dates back to ancient times in many regions!

MrShuttle – a recipe for comfortable and carefree travelling

Start your adventure with us and have fun without any hustle. We want to make your every tour very engaging. More reasons why you should use our services when booking Izmir tours (or any others)! Especially if you are interested in a more private tour (we can organise it!)

Free hotel pick-up: Hassle-free travel is our speciality! Discover interesting places immediately and have fun without wasting your time! Our driver speaks English and will answer any queries you may have too.

Safety: We know that all travel plans must go hand in hand with safety. We guarantee that each tour is well-planned to deliver an outstanding experience to you and your beloved ones. This is why you can enjoy all tours from the very beginning!

Skip the lines: When you book any tour with MrShuttle, all tickets are already included in the price to help you enjoy the trip. Our driver will give you the tickets and share all the essential information about the meeting point, toilet locations. enjoy the private atmosphere and visit top places in each country without wasting your time.

We speak your language: Guided tours in English: If you are concerned with a new place and want to experience local heritage to the fullest, check out our offer. We have a wide range of trips, which will satisfy your needs. Wondering if sightseeing is feasible for non-English speakers? Contact us to see if we can offer you a tour in different languages.

Airport shuttle: Explore the world with MrShuttle short after reaching one of your travel destinations. We will take you from the airport at every time slot, or drop you off as well! Your safety is very important to us.

We are sure that Turkey is one of the best travel destinations, which offers an interesting history to all tourists. Apart from many interesting private trips, top cities (Istanbul) and other excursions – remember that this country is famous for sandy beaches, excellent temperatures. Especially in the Izmir Region!

Are you interested in any of the Izmir Tours? Or any other private tour? Just drop us a message or contact us regarding all of the listed tours. We will help you with pleasure and advise accordingly!

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