Dragon city:

Krakow has long been considered the city of dragons and every visitor probably knows that. There is a new attraction on the map of Krakow, interesting not only for children. Dragon statues have been placed in key places in Krakow. In our opinion, this dragon trail will be an interesting complement to admiring the traditional monuments of Krakow.


Where to find them?

The dragons were designed by Andrzej Mleczko and Edward Lutczyn, famous Krakow artists. It is no coincidence that dragons can be found in a given place, the places where they are located are usually associated with an interesting history, legend or an interesting character from Krakow.

They are hard to miss because each figure is approximately 60 cm tall. Additionally, below you can find a link to a map where you will find their location.

How to learn more about the dragon? Each of them has an attribute closely related to the place in which it is located. Be sure to take a photo of them!

Here you will find the map!