Before you even arrive in a Polish Airport, you need to ask yourself a very important question: is Poland safe or not? Should you fly here? B

Traveling to Poland – Safe or Not?

Poland is considered a safe, good choice for your Summer 2020 vacations. However, there are some precautions that you should have in mind when visiting not only Poland but any other countries where COVID-19 is present. Also, do remember that there is no requirement of self-isolation when visiting Poland. In many countries, you also do not have to self-isolate after coming back from Poland, either. In fact, even the United Kingdom is removing that requirement in just a few days – 10.07.2020 is the day after which people entering the UK from Poland have to worry about it.

While the pandemic situation in Poland is under control, the lockdown was relaxed and you can enjoy our cities and many facilities freely, it is still very important to maintain certain basic rules of social distancing and minimizing needless risk to yourself and others. Airports are places that are densely packed with people moving in and out of the country. While airports themselves are pretty safe due to many security rules that were specifically designed for the pandemic, moving to or out of the airport itself is much trickier to do safely.

Airports – getting in and out safely

blankWhy is it so tricky? Many polish airports are placed a fair distance from the city center, requiring you to take a short trip from or to the city. Normally, you would have multiple interesting options to choose from, each providing different pros and cons. And while they are still available, many of them are, to be frank, not worth the risk.

Airports and Public Transport

Usually, the first choice of many visitors would be to use public transport. There are many buses and trains that come and go to and from the airport. The tickets are cheap, and they generally follow a well-planned schedule. What is the catch, then?
The problem lies in the fact that this always was and still is the most popular choice. Both trains and buses are simply overcrowded. By choosing buses or trains, you choose to spend an extended time in close quarters with many strangers, and while masks are obligatory in public transit, they still might not be enough to prevent the virus from jumping to you if you are grazing elbows with so many people! This is why we absolutely discourage the temptation to cut costs and catch a train. The risks are simply not worth it.

Airports and Taxis

A better, but still not ideal option is to catch a taxi. There are many taxi services waiting for tourists arriving after their flight. Their primary goal is to find clients who did not plan for their transport in advance and do not want to use public transport. This makes instantly available taxi cars a tempting option, even if not an economic one. These taxi services are usually more expensive than any alternative, so you are paying extra for not having to wait (or not waiting as much). They also see many many many people going in and out of the cars, and you never have a guarantee if the car was properly washed and disinfected before returning to the airport hoping to get another batch of clients. It still is safer than catching a bus, but not nearly as safe as it might look at first glance.

Airports and Dedicated Airport Transfers

The third alternative is to pre-book your door-to-door airport transfer in advance. You might wonder how is that better than just getting a taxi? There are key differences. When using services such as MrShuttle, you guarantee that there will be a car waiting for you when your airplane lands. We won’t be picking up anybody else or looking for other clients, we will be there for you, and just for you (and anybody else you are traveling with, of course). Because we know when to pick you up in advance, we don’t have to make the price high. We don’t prey on disoriented tourists wanting to just get to their hotel as fast as possible and willing to pay anything, even twice as much as it would normally take.

blankHowever, most importantly, we respect and understand the importance of safety in times of pandemic. We do not cut corners. We would rather take less total rides making less profit than to cut time cleaning and disinfecting the cars in-between. The safety and health of both our drivers and our customers is the number one priority to us, and we do not accept compromises. Since the start of the pandemic, we took extra safety steps that exceeded the law-enforced minimum. When you book a aiport transfer with MrShuttle, you have a guarantee that the car is effectively as clean as if nobody else ever was in it before you and the driver. 

Stay Safe with MrShuttle

This is why we sincerely recommend pre-booking your ride and choosing this way over a taxi, train or bus. While the bus might be cheaper and a taxi might be more flexible (after all, you don’t have to reserve it in advance), neither option is truly safe. When going to the airport from the city, situation is pretty much the same. 

To summarize it all, you have three options: public transport, taxi, and airport transfer. Public transport is cheapest by far, but also most dangerous and risky. Taxis are the most expensive and only slightly safer than public transport. Airport Transfer, such as MrShuttle, is less expensive than taxis while being the safest and most responsible. The only downside of that option is that you need to prepare in advance, but we trust you to make the best decision and take some time to plan ahead.