Do you dream of travelling to other countries, discovering new places, and tasting different cuisines? Travel is one of the best investments you can make, but it can be costly. D

If you’d like to travel more, but money is the issue, have a look at some of our quick tips on how to reduce travel costs.

1) Avoid high season

The vast majority of people travel at specific times of the year. For example, European countries tend to be most popular during the summer vacation, when the weather is nice and school is out. It’s not surprising that due to its high popularity, prices of flights and accommodation tend to rise as well. To save money, choose to travel in the low season, for example in spring or autumn. The weather should still be pleasant in most places, but you’ll have a bigger range of hotels to select from, and the flights will be cheaper. Another perk? There will be fewer tourists, so you will spend less time queuing at attractions and have more opportunities to take nice photos. Apart from the obvious summer months, be aware of other occasions when travel is more popular, for example, Christmas or winter break.

2) Book in advance

When it comes to travel, you can assume that for the most part, the sooner you book, the less money you’ll spend. This applies not only to transport tickets like trains and buses but also to accommodation. The longer you leave it, the more likely that majority of places will be booked. By reserving your place earlier, you have a wider range of hotels to choose from. This way you can find one that is not only budget-friendly but also to your liking.

3) Be flexible

Travel costs may differ significantly depending on the days you travel. It is often the case that flights are cheaper in the middle of the week, for example on Tuesdays, when fewer people go on holiday. At the same time, accommodation tends to be more expensive over the weekends. Do a bit of research to see which day of the month flights to your chosen destination are the cheapest and if you can travel on those dates. If you’re not set on specific countries or cities, you can save even more money by being flexible with the places you visit. Have a look at which flights are the cheapest in a given month and then consider visiting. It will save you money, and over time you’ll get to see many wonderful places.

4) Pack light

A plane ticket can be expensive when you add on the various extras airlines tend to offer. To avoid paying more money for your flights, be sensible when packing. By taking just a free carry-on, you can save money and make the trip much more convenient. Dragging a large and heavy suitcase is not fun, so if you’re not going away for too long, save yourself the trouble and pack a light.

5) Make a list of free and budget-friendly attractions

Travel doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg! Before embarking on your trip, do a bit of research about the place you’re visiting. It could be that some of the city’s museums are free to visit or offer free entry on certain days of the week. Get an idea of which sights you want to visit and check their prices ahead of time. Perhaps booking tickets for some places online and in advance is cheaper than buying them on-site? If you’re visiting a city with plenty of attractions and would like to visit most of them, consider purchasing a tourist City Card. They can offer great value for money if you want to visit multiple places and use public transport.

6) Join free walking tours

Walking is one of the best ways to experience a new place and it’s even better if you do it with a local guide. These days, you can find free walking tours organized in many cities around the world. Although they are not completely free of charge as a contribution is expected, they are a great solution for budget-conscious travellers. You decide how much money you pay based on how much you enjoyed the tour.

7) Think about transportation to your destination

If your destination boasts attractions outside the city centre, or there’s a place you want to visit in the area, consider how you’re going to get there. Check what type of transportation is available, how developed the connection is, and how much it will cost. If you’re travelling in a bigger group, you may find that renting a car will be more comfortable and save you money and time. You may even decide to book a private transfer between the airport and the hotel and enjoy a pleasant car ride with your travel companions.

We hope that with these essential tips, you will manage to lower travel costs and visit many exciting places. Ready to conquer the world?