The regulations announced by the Auschwitz Museum include a point regarding appropriate clothing. This notation states that visitors are required to dress properly to the character of the place. It does not include details or a ban on wearing certain items of clothing. However, due to the seriousness of this place, one should choose the right clothes. Out of respect for the millions of people murdered in the camp, flamboyant or skimpy attire is inappropriate. It is an unwritten Auschwitz rule and should be respected by each visitor. T

Railway in Auschwitz Birkenau Poland. Stable access with tracks to the prison camp and extermination

Is it OK to wear short clothes to Auschwitz

Although wearing short clothes in Auschwitz is permissible, it is not appropriate. This concentration camp is a place where many people died and Third Reich terror along with Hitler’s regime took place. Auschwitz Birkenau Museum is also a Holocaust memorial and an area of historical significance. For this reason, one should dress respectfully. 

Visiting Auschwitz is also connected with being outside. Do not forget about comfortable shoes and umbrellas as weather conditions may differ quickly. 


Planning the tour to Auschwitz Birkenau memorial

There are tour companies offering a day trip to the Auschwitz extermination camp such as Auschwitz & Birkenau Tour from Krakow or Auschwitz Birkenau & Salt Mine One Day Tour. It is worth choosing as one day is enough to visit both places at once. The Auschwitz Museum in the morning, and the Salt Mines in Wieliczka in the afternoon will fill the whole day and one will not waste a single moment.