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What to see in Poland?

Decided to visit Poland? Not sure where to start and what to choose from? Overwhelmed by many cool Polish cities, such as Warsaw, Krakow, Gdańsk? Interested in what to see in Poland? MrShuttle aims to help you have the best possible experience during your vacations in Poland! Our country is full of fun adventures just waiting for you. Are you in the mood for a castle tour? Looking for Unesco World Heritage sites in Poland? Poland is a safe, friendly country. Many come to Poland to see the world-famous Auschwitz-Birkenau and Wieliczka Salt Mine Tour.

However, not everything that is cool about Poland is that famous. Here at MrShuttle, we will help you discover Poland attractions near the place you want to visit. You might know you want to see Wieliczka Salt Mine, but don’t know what to do with the other 3 days you are in Kraków. Or you might be visiting Gdansk to enjoy the sea and beaches, but not having any idea about one of the coolest and largest castles in Europe, Malbork Castle!

Hopefully, we will help you find the hidden gems of Europe in the places you visit. This way, you won’t have to regret missing some of the greatest attractions and tours available. If you are eager to find what adventures await you, scroll down and find the name of the city you are interested in. If you have more questions about how MrShuttle works, read on and make sure to check out the FAQ and user reviews on the bottom of the site! Poland is our home country, and we are eager to show you what is so great and unique about it.

How does MrShuttle work? What is door-to-door service?

MrShuttle focuses on delivering a perfect door-to-door experience. What does ‘door to door’ mean? The simplest way to explain is that we pick you up at point A, and drop you off at a point B. You choose what A and B are! They can be anything, within the bounds of the city. Want an example? When you arrive at your airport, we will pick you up and take you anywhere you want, for example, to a hotel you are staying at. When you sign up for a tour, we will come to pick you up whenever you are, and then drop you off somewhere you want to go. It might be your hotel, or it might be the historic old town where you want to continue sightseeing. Anything within the bounds of the town is fair game. Want to return to your hotel to rest? Sure! Eager to jump to the old town and continue sightseeing instead? No problem. We respect your plans and schedule and do everything we can to help you have fun. Flexibility is the key. Just call us and we will figure out how to make things work.

Both solo travelers and groups have enjoyed our services. For those who do not want to share tours with strangers, we have many tours that allow you to enjoy the tour with only you, the guide, and your friends. When looking for those, search for “private” tours!

One of our goals is to help to inform you what interesting but unobvious tours are around travel destinations you have already chosen. Because of this, we host a blog with a number of useful articles recommending TOP attractions in a given location, such as monuments and heritage sites. By browsing our site, you will find interesting Poland attractions you didn’t know existed.


Do you need to speak Polish in Poland? Can you get an English speaking guide in Poland?

Many travelers are anxious about the possibility of not being understood in a foreign country. It is a very reasonable thing to consider. Many people in Poland speak multiple languages. English is popular among the younger generation. German is popular in western Poland, while Russian and Ukrainian are spoken by many Poles in the eastern part of the country. People in Poland are friendly and will try their best to help you in whatever language they can.

By choosing MrShuttle, you don’t have to be afraid of communication problems. Our drivers are often complimented about their English by our customers (check our reviews!). We are veterans of the industry in Poland, so we had a lot of experience with travelers. If English is not your native language and you don’t speak Polish, don’t be shy. We will figure it out and make it fun, too. There is nothing to be embarrassed about.

To make sure that you understand all the cool things about the attractions and destinations you are visiting, we work with the finest professional guides available. Of course, they also speak English. MrShuttle believes that a key to a great historical tour is a professional guide. If you have any questions about Polish architecture, culture, history or anything else, just ask! Guides are passionate about their cities and curious visitors are their favorite. Small talk makes their day more fun, so talk to your heart’s content! To just see Wawel or Malbork Castle is one thing, to explore it with all the context provided is something else. This way, you will get to understand all the big and small historical details. Art and architecture are appreciated the most when explained.

Where to ask any questions about Poland attractions?

If you are interested in a specific attraction, look for our page dedicated to the area your attraction is in. We divided them by name of the largest nearest city. For example, if you want answers to your questions about Auschwitz-Birkenau&Wieliczka the best place to start is the Krakow page.

We try to answer the most asked questions in Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) you can find at bottom of each landing page.

We also have a blog where we write about many interesting topics. There, you can find practical advice, TOP lists, and expanded history of various places we think are worth your time. Some of the questions you did not find an answer for in FAQ or on the city/country page are answered on our blog. Follow us to receive all relevant news regarding travel to Poland.

If you do not want to look for answers on the blog, you can also contact us directly. You can call us and receive a quick and easy answer over the phone (in English, of course). You can also email us, submit a question through the contact form, or use chat.

One of the best sources of information is your fellow travelers. Places such as TripAdvisor gather reviews from tourists, and many of our customers leave their reviews there. We are thankful to our customers for the time they spend leaving us comments and reviews. They help us make our work better and better, and it’s largely thanks to their feedback that we keep qualifying for certificates of high quality and customers choice.

Tourist Attractions in Poland


Kraków is the city of kings. A great choice for any visitor wanting to see polish nature, culture, history or art. This once royal city is still one of the most popular European travel destinations. Some say it is the most beautiful city in Poland. It is also MrShuttle’s home city, so it has a special place in our hearts! Cracow served as the capital of Poland for centuries. The 13th century Royal Wawel Castle was home for Polish kings. According to legend, it was also home to a Smok Wawelski – Wawel Dragon – once. Today, the remains of the Dragon oversee the Vistula located atop the Wawel Hill. Caution, Wawel Dragon breathes real fire! The beautiful historic Kraków Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The market square is breathtaking. A number of Krakow museums are sometimes free for tourists. Which Krakow museums are free and when? Check Krakow FAQ to find out.

However, two of the main tourist attractions of Cracow are not inside the city. For a lot of visitors, the true destination is Auschwitz-Birkenau museum. Dedicated to the memory of victims of World War II genocide, this concentration camp will never be forgotten. You may have heard that the surrounding forest is silent and there are no birds in it. The other main attraction of the area is Wieliczka Salt Mine. Krakow is also a good jumping point for anybody wanting to visit Zakopane and Tatra Mountains. Nature lovers must find time to see the Tatra National Park or Ojcow National Park. A great choice for any tourist who loves mountain hiking.

There is a lot to see in Cracow and it might sound very overwhelming. For those who want to see the greatest available highlights, we recommend taking a look at our 3 day and 4 day Krakow Premium Tour. They include a trip to Auschwitz-Birkenau and Wieliczka Salt Mine, too. It is a quintessential Kraków experience.


Gdańsk is the capital of the Polish sea! An absolute favorite of any tourist coming to Poland and wanting to hit the beaches. Gdansk offers an exciting seaside package of adventure, action, and relaxation! Since its establishment in the 10th century, Gdansk is a city of freedom and commerce. Gdańsk is a part of Trójmiasto or Tricity. Trójmiasto is a metropolitan agglomeration of three cities, Gdańsk Sopot and Gdynia. They blend together so well you will probably not even notice where one starts and another ends! Tourists who choose Gdańsk can choose from an exciting range of options, especially for those who like to get active. You will be able to go yachting, kayaking, and even ride some nasty 4×4 trucks! Trójmiasto is as enchanting by night as it is by day – see it by yourself by taking a night walk with our guide.

Gdansk is not all just about seaside fun. For those looking for some historical landmarks, definitely make sure to see the Malbork Castle! Once the main castle of the Teutonic Order, now Malbork is one of the grandest surviving European castles. Gdańsk is also a very important city in modern history – this is where the Solidarity movement started. This is considered to be the start of the fall of Soviet Union! If you want to learn more, there are many museums dedicated to the topic in Gdańsk – all of which you can see by taking our Solidarity Tour. Like many other Polish cities, Gdańsk also was scarred by World War II. Stutthof Concentration Camp was the last camp liberated by the Allies.


The current capital of Poland on the banks of Vistula. Almost entirely destroyed during World War II and Warsaw Uprising, the city has been miraculously rebuilt. You would never guess that the beautiful historic Warsaw Old Town has been reconstructed from the ground! The Old Town is a polish UNESCO World Heritage Site. Warsaw is famous for its 17th century Łazienki Royal Baths Park. The last Polish king, August Poniatowski, celebrated art and beauty during many parties in Łazienki. The Royal Baths Park is a part of The Royal Route, which you can explore by taking our private Warsaw Highlights Tour! The Palace of Culture and Science is a skyscraper and while controversial, it is an icon of modern Warsaw.

Outside of the Polish capital, there are many interesting things to see around. Nicolaus Copernicus was born in Toruń. If you want to discover more about this famous polish scientist, we encourage you to visit Nicolaus Copernicus Museum – included in our Nicolaus Copernicus Tour. Fans of Frédéric Chopin will be excited to explore the Żelazowa Wola and other important places from the life of the most outstanding Polish Pianist in history. Our private Chopin Tour is just for you.

Treblinka Concentration Camp is also an important historic destination. Treblinka was a location of extermination camp for Jews. Located about two hours from Warsaw, you can explore Treblinka with help of our Treblinka Concentration Camp Tour. English Audioguide is of course included.


Wroclaw is the biggest and most important city in Lower Silesia region of Poland. A gem forged by multicultural influence, Wroclaw has breathtaking architecture and fascinating history. To appreciate it in the fullest, take the Wroclaw City Walk tour. This way, you will be able to see Market Square, Town Hall, and many others! Do not skip the Tumski Bridge, it brings good luck.

The world-famous Millenial Hall is the most recognizable Unesco World Heritage site in the area, but not the only one! There are actually three more. The best way to experience two of them, which are churches in Jawor and Świdnica, is to take Pearls of Lower Silesia tour. The final site is Muskauer Park. Any fan of nature should take a look at it!

People say that there is a forest and a mountain in the area that hides underground Nazi infrastructure designed for Hitler himself. Is it true? Is it just a rumor? Many travel here to try to find them. If this sounds thrilling and exciting to you, look at our Secrets of the World War II Tour.

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