Among the many treats you can find:

  • Handmade grissini - Did you know that they were invented right in Turin? You will have the opportunity to taste the handmade breadsticks in one of the best wine bars in the city, along with a great glass of Piedmont wine.
  • Piedmont cheeses and cured meats- Piedmont has a long experience in the cheese industry, many of which have certifications of origin (DOC and DOP).
  • Agnolotti - traditional stuffed pasta of Monferrato, rich in meat and vegetables, served for centuries with roast sauce.
  • Tajarin - delicious fresh pasta, straight from the peasant tradition of the Langhe.
  • Tartare - is a dish made from raw ground Piedmont beef. It is often served with a raw egg yolk and fresh rye bread with vegetables separately. For those who don't like raw meat, we offer a delicious creamy vegetarian cake with melted local cheeses.
  • Homemade chocolate treats - Turin is the chocolate capital, in fact, in this very city was created the first praline in 1800. We'll try some of the most loved!
  • Bicerin - traditional, tiered hot drink consisting of coffee, milk and chocolate. A delicacy that has remained unchanged since 1763 and the sweetest way to end our tour.