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There is no more famous landmark in Barcelona than the Sagrada Familia. Although there are still a few years left to build the temple, it already makes a great impression.

Basilica Sagrada Familia – Barcelona's Most Famous Monument

Be impressed with the most fabulous and landmark city of Catalonia, and pay a visit to Barcelona! Enjoy Gaudi's park and the excellent sense of art in his works. Find out more about the history and importance of Sagrada Familia, the most iconic Basilica in Barcelona.. or even Spain!. Discover how the nature-inspired results of Gaudí's work make this place unique and special. We are convinced that you will understand why Sagrada Familia is a must-see spot in Barcelona! Pay a visit to Barcelona and start from the landmark place of the city.

La Sagrada Família - The dream of a great architect

The creator of the Sagrada Familia, Antonio Gaudí, was born in 1852. Due to frequent illnesses, he spent a lot of time alone, which meant that he avoided people in his adult life, but it might have been a root cause of the development of the imagination of the future architect. He graduated from the Higher School of Architecture in Barcelona in 1878, although with some minor difficulties. Apparently, while receiving his diploma, he heard that he "would be a fool or a genius."

Initially, he worked as an assistant to famous architects, and his talent was constantly developing. Finally, in 1883 he was appointed to complete the construction of a temple in Barcelona. The young architect decided to change the existing project entirely and devoted the rest of his life to get this done.

He worked on the project very hard for over forty years. In his last years, he had no longer undertaken other projects, concentrating only on Sagrada Familia. He moved to the construction site and ceased taking care of himself, directing all his energy to this project. Unfortunately, this approach ended tragically. In 1926, Gaudí went out into the street and did not notice the approaching tram. Although the architect survived the accident, he was considered homeless and placed in a shelter. When Gaudíwas finally identified, it was too late for the rescue. The artist was buried in the Sagrada Crypt, as per his request.

La Sagrada Familia's finish date

The construction of the basilica began in 1882 and still has not been completed. After 144 long years, Barcelona's Sagrada Familia was finally slated for completion in 2026 as a glorification for the 100th anniversary of the death of its architect Antoni Gaudí. The completion date of the Sagrada Familia has been changed many times. Why is construction taking so long? We are in a hurry with the answer!

Two elements are required to complete the project: the artistic part and the surroundings of the basilica. The city officials are responsible for relevant approvals when it comes to the completion of the main entrance to the temple. For this purpose, it is necessary to demolish the neighboring buildings and relocate local dwellers. So far, this problem has not been resolved and is not on the work schedule in the nearest future.

Completing the project of the Sagrada Familia (which also serves as Sagrada Familia Museum) is a complicated and time-consuming task. The main reasons that caused such a long delay were the architectural complexity of the project, historical events such as Gaudí's death, the Spanish Civil War, the destruction of the original project, and limited private funding for work-related activities. Nevertheless, the Spanish Civil War affected the construction significantly. Early in the Civil War, anarchists set fire to parts of the Sagrada Familia, including the office where Gaudí worked.

The complexity of Gaudi's vision on the project

Gaudi's perspective was unique both for its shape and size. La Sagrada Familia is supposed to be the tallest church in the world, reaching 172.5 meters high. Currently, the 1st place belongs to the church in Ulm, Germany (161.53 m). Gaudi was the inventor of the new architecture cherished curves. Before him, the architecture was dominated by squares, rectangles, and triangles. The Catalan genius drew attention to the fact that such classical geometric forms are sporadic in nature. In his opinion, it was much better to focus on solutions inspired by the natural environment.

My ideas have an indisputable logic; the only thing that surprises me is that no one has used them before."

Antoni Gaudí fought to defend his ideas and died as a poor man, but was buried like a king and deemed one of the greatest masters of contemporary architecture. Tourists from the entire world visit the Sagrada Familia to admire his outstanding work and vision. The Sagrada Família church is a symbol of Barcelona and Spain, entered on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

In 2017, the Sagrada Familia was the most visited monument in Spain. The number of guests exceeded 4.5 million people. It is worth comparing this result with another important indicator. According to a study by Barcelona authorities, 80% of tourists admiring the basilica do not decide to go inside. This means that over 20 million people passed through the Sagrada Familia area in 2017. Therefore, it can be said that it was in 2017 that the race to finish the Sagrada Familia began. The construction budget was then € 40 million, the largest ever. It was almost twice the expenditure from previous years, which oscillated around EUR 20-25 million.

The guided tour to Sagrada Familia with MrShuttle

Explore Gaudí's quirky and breathtaking La Sagrada Familia Church from outside and inside. Take advantage of our services and visit the Sagrada Familia - an unfinished masterpiece by Antonio Gaudí. This unique basilica is one of the most visited monuments in Spain. There is an entrance fee to visit the interior of the Sagrada Familia. To purchase tickets, you can visit the on-site ticket office. However, they can also be ordered online in advance. Avoid the waiting crowds and explore the basilica at your own pace with a dedicated guide who will tell even more about this unique site. La Sagrada Familia tour is bound to meet your expectations!

More Gaudi's work - what else can I see?

After completing the Sagrada Familia tour, you can go on foot to Parc Güell with a picturesque with over the port in Barcelona. An excellent choice for football fans will be the Camp Nou stadium, where you can also visit another Gaudi building - Casa Milà. Avinguda Diagonal, which is the road from Sagrada Familia to Camp Nou, runs throughout Barcelona. Walking along towards the stadium will give you a chance to admire La Monumental - a building that once served as a bullfighting arena.

There is no more famous landmark in Barcelona than the Sagrada Familia. Although there are still a few years left to build the temple, it already makes a great impression.

Do not hesitate and check availability to participate in an unforgettable trip and explore remarkable places in Barcelona. We are convinced that a guided tour with MrShuttle will satisfy your needs!

Looking for more Barcelona tours and activities? Check out our offer and let us know what you are interested in. Have a great stay in Barcelona!

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