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What is Spain really like? Certainly colorful, charming, and incredibly diverse. However, it takes time to visit all its nooks and crannies, including numerous islands. Without leaving the Catalan capital, tourists may travel quickly all over Spain and feel a peculiar atmosphere. Nevertheless, the appearance of this city we owe the legend of Spanish architecture, Antonio Gaudi. Discover how the nature-inspired results of his work make this city unique and special.

Antoni Gaudí - the most eccentric artist

Antoni Gaudi is a legend, the most famous Spanish architect. An outright genius, exposed to harsh criticism and cherished at the same time throughout his activity. He was able to bring the craziest vision of the enterprise to its sensible end. Antoni was born in 1852 in the Catalan town of Reus but spent most of his life in Barcelona. He was fascinated by buildings since he was a child, and at school, he was the best at geometry. Due to frequent illnesses, he spent a lot of time alone, which meant that he avoided people in his adult life, but it might have been a root cause of the development of the imagination of the future architect. He graduated from the Higher School of Architecture in Barcelona in 1878, although with some minor difficulties. Apparently, while receiving his diploma, he heard that he "would be a fool or a genius". The artist fell in love once in his life, without reciprocity. People saw him as a religious loner, devoted to God, locked in his own world.

The community strongly criticized Gaudi. People get admired by his masterpieces or don't leave a thread on his artistic approach. One of the most controversial projects is Casa Mila. The most recognizable critic of the architect's work was Picasso. As he wrote in a letter to his friend, he wanted to "send Gaudi and the Sagrada Familia to hell." Gaudi was not a person to seek budget cuts in his projects. Güell's secretary and accountant were shocked by the architect's scandalous freedom to spend money. He was criticized by the environment for these extravagant building methods.

Gaudí's Artworks & Famous Architecture

Initially, he worked as an assistant to famous architects, and his talent was constantly developing. Gaudí developed his own visual language as part of his artistic performance. Finally, in 1883 he was appointed to complete the construction of the most impressive basilica in Barcelona. The young architect decided to change the existing project entirely and devoted the rest of his life to get this done, La Sagrada Familia.

Here you will find out about Gaudi's landmarks you can't miss out on when visiting Barcelona:

La Sagrada Familia

There is no more famous landmark in Barcelona than the Sagrada Familia. Although there are still a few years left to build the temple, it already makes a great impression. The construction of the basilica began in 1882 and still has not been completed. After 144 long years, Barcelona's Sagrada Familia was finally slated for completion in 2026 as a glorification for the 100th anniversary of the death of its architect Antoni Gaudí. The completion date of the Sagrada Familia has been changed many times.

Gaudí's perspective was unique both for its shape and size. Gaudi was the inventor of the new architecture and reflected his vision through new curves. Before him, the architecture was dominated by squares, rectangles and triangles. The Catalan genius drew attention to the fact that such classical geometric forms are sporadic in nature. His main intention was to reflect nature. Tourists from the entire world visit the Sagrada Familia to admire his outstanding work and vision. The Sagrada Família church is a symbol of Barcelona and Spain, entered on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

In 2017, the Sagrada Familia was the most visited monument in Spain. The number of guests exceeded 4.5 million people. You should definitely discover this place!

Casa Milà (La Pedrera)

La Pedrera is a project performed by Antoni Gaudi for another wealthy Barcelona's burgher, Pere Mila. At the family's request, the primary assumption of the project was the main floor (a kind of apartment) intended for the owners. The rest, however, were to be premises for rent. When designing Casa Mila, Gaudi also took into account the clients' wishes regarding pillars and lifts, staircases and ventilation. As a result, the new building was to stand out from the rest in Barcelona from the outside and inside in almost every respect. It was supposed to be an unprecedented building, and this is what happened.

The whole arrangement consists of two buildings that could be called blocks, with two separate yards, staircases and elevators that reach virtually every part of the building. All rooms are well ventilated and lighted. The structure is coherently connected with each other, which from the outside forms a single whole due to the unusual external facade with very irregular, undulating shapes. The works were interrupted by city officials several times. The artist did not comply with the requirements, including the legal ones. One of the pillars is on the sidewalk. The roof was also much higher than the city regulations. Finally, by the magistrate's decision in December 1914, the building was announced as a national monument.

Casa Batlló

Residential building located at Passeig de Gràcia 43 in Barcelona. The contemporary appearance of Casa Batllo is the result of the complete renovation of an old traditional house built in 1877 by Emilio Sala Cortés. Gaudí accepted an offer to accomplish a renovation of Josep Batllo and Casanovas (textile industry). Thus, Gaudí built this fantastic house, one of the most imaginative and memorable spots of Barcelona.

The project of Antoni Gaudi i Cornet in 1904 was greatly distrusted by the authorities of Barcelona. The fundamental reason was associated with many elements in the project that far exceeded the limits of the bylaws. Gaudi followed his creativity and created one of his most imaginative and decorative works, still impressing millions in the 21st century.

Park Güell in Barcelona

Gaudi was ahead of the time and changed his beloved city forever. Today, millions of tourists come to Barcelona, many of them are being attracted by the outstanding park overlooking a prestigious port - and most of them head to Park Güell as one of the first places. Park Güell, one of the most iconic works of the famous architect Antonio Gaudí in Barcelona. A place is full of magic and, despite its small size, full of unique solutions and intrigues.

And where did the name of the park come from? Eusebi Güell was a wealthy businessman who made his fortune during the Catalan industrial revolution at the end of the 19th century. Güell met Antonio Gaudi in 1878 at the World Exposition in Paris, immediately noticing his genius. Gaudi and Güell have grown closer over the following years, not only because of their view of architecture and shared interests but also because of their deep faith and approach to the spiritual realm. Güell became a close friend of Gaudi's, and over the years, they pursued increasingly ambitious plans together.

Today's Park Güell is three kilometres of winding paths and bridges, and two buildings, one of which was residential, which was to serve as an advertisement for the estate .. which was to be a joint project of friends. Unfortunately, its implementation did not take place. The artist himself lived in this building. Today it holds a small museum dedicated to the artist. In 1922, the land was purchased by the municipal authorities and was opened to residents. In 1984, the park and other works by Gaudi were entered on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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