Tour of Turin’s Pastry Shops

Tour of Turin’s Pastry Shops
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Tour of Turin's Pastry Shops

Turin is famous for its chocolates and the popular gianduiotto, but the city's rich Docian heritage extends beyond these two delicacies. During the cold winter season, the locals of Turin often congregate in cafes before attending a show or exhibition, where they indulge in hot beverages and delectable pastries that are unique to Turin's culinary traditions. These pastries can be found in the city's historic pastry shops, which are renowned for their lavish furnishings, intricate wooden interiors, and exquisite ceramics reminiscent of the era when Turin served as the capital of the Kingdom of Italy.

During our food tour, we will enlighten you with tales and myths about the desserts you'll sample, palace conspiracies, fortunate sculptures, and even those with ill fate. We'll offer both warm and icy beverages to suit the weather and serve freshly baked treats crafted before our eyes by skillful pastry chefs using traditional local ingredients passed down through generations. No details or narratives will be left out during this experience.

Among the many turinese delicacies you can taste:

  • Gianduiotto is a type of chocolate that was invented in Turin in 1852. It has a creamy texture and is shaped like an ingot. The chocolate is made by blending Piedmontese hazelnut, cocoa and sugar. Each piece of Gianduiotto is wrapped in golden tin foil.
  • Bicerin is a beverage that has been around since the 18th century. It is made by layering espresso, chocolate and whole milk or cream in a large glass. Alexandre Dumas praised Bicerin in his letters. Marron glacé is a dessert that has its roots in Piedmont. It consists of a chestnut that has been candied with sugar syrup and glazed.
  • Marron glacé was created after the crusaders returned to Europe with large amounts of sugar. The dessert became popular due to the abundance of chestnuts in Piedmont's forests. It was even the favorite dessert of the royal family.
  • During the summer, Pinguino ice cream is a popular treat. It is a homemade ice cream that is covered in crispy dark chocolate.
  • The Cremino is a popular chocolate from Piedmont that has three layers, with the outer layers made of gianduia chocolate and the inner layer made of various ingredients including coffee, hazelnut paste, or lemon. It is typically shaped like a small cube and wrapped in tin foil with a colored strip indicating the flavor.
  • Sliced artisan chocolate is also available with a variety of flavors to choose from.
  • Visitors can also experience homemade ice cream at a family-owned ice cream shop and taste the popular Turinese ice cream.
  • To end the journey into the ancient tradition of Turin pastry, visitors can enjoy a cup of excellent espresso at one of the city's oldest and most beautiful cafes.


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  • Tasting at every stop,
  • Hot and cold drinks and coffee.


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Piazza S. Carlo, 161, 10123 Torino TO, Italia - near the Statue of Emmanuel Filiberto

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Piazza S. Carlo, 161, 10123 Torino TO, Italia – near the Statue of Emmanuel Filiberto

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