Summer 2020 is coming. Many people over the world, tired of the pandemic, want to just kick back and relax. To escape the pandemic reality and enjoy yourself, take a well-deserved break. S

Traveling to Poland. Is it safe?

When choosing the destination of your summer retreat, you must ask yourself a very important question – is it safe to go there? Different countries have been struggling more or less against the virus, so the smart approach is to look around and check the situation. You are supposed to rest, not risk yourself! Due to the recent opening of the internal borders of the European Union, Euro countries became valid places to visit. Poland is amongst them. Before choosing, you need to ask yourself a very important question. Is it safe to travel to Poland? Is Poland safe? Are you in danger of catching COVID-19?


Is it safe to visit Poland?

Short answer: yes, it is safe to visit Poland!

Poland was one of the first European Union countries to open its borders. EU instructed the member countries to open their borders around 15.06.2020; Poland was ahead of the schedule, opening them even before that. If you want to learn more about the opening of Polish borders, click to read more! Also, for the visitors from the United Kingdom, remember – after 10.07.2020, there is no need for you to quarantine yourself when coming back from Poland. Removal of requirement to self-isolate after visiting Poland is probably one of the best proofs of the safety of our country.

Poland had a very fast and responsible reaction to the first sightings of the virus back in the first months of 2020. The lockdown was issued immediately before COVID-19 could do serious and heavy damage. As a result, the dramatic situation that touched many countries all in the world was averted and avoided in Poland. Masks, closing down of many non-essential businesses and responsibility of Polish citizens allowed to contain the virus and keep Polish streets safe.

Today, months after the lockdown was started, the analysis of Poland’s situation has deemed the country safe for opening the borders. Many businesses have been reopened. People are enjoying the cities and nature within carefully crafted rules of social distancing. You can go and enjoy a pizza or other food at your favorite restaurant without worry, thanks to the masks and safety standards requiring tables to be spread beyond COVID’s reach. You can do your shopping without any problems. Poland has adapted well to the pandemic reality and refused to stop functioning. 

What makes Poland safe?  

Wear your mask! The safety in Poland has been achieved due to the thorough application of social distancing rules. Quick and decisive introduction of masks during the first days of the pandemic stopped limited COVID’s spread. The numbers you can read about in the news are mostly concentrated and isolated in specific places. You can buy masks cheaply even at convenience stores.

Wash your hands! Talking about purchasing things! At the entrance to every store, you can and should wash and disinfect your hands. Necessary equipment is provided at no cost by the store. The same rule applies to every other public place where you are expected to touch things. This way, you can ensure both your own safety, but also the safety of all people coming in after you. Be responsible! Less than a minute of your time can save lives! Do not let COVID-19 take advantage of laziness! While every store offers and requires disinfection, many go one step beyond and provide their clients with disposable, one-time-use gloves at no cost.

Keep your distance! While you are not required to wear masks outside, you still should maintain a safe social distancing rule of 2 meters of distance. In fact, in public spaces, you are required to do that! Additionally, while not having a mask on is OK when going on a walk, it is still required in-doors anywhere other than in your own room. Museums, stores, cinema, theater, public transport – you cannot enter any of these without a mask. How many people can enter a given place at once is decided by how much space is available – currently, 4 square meters per person. Observing these rules helps make Poland safe for everybody. You cannot defeat COVID-19 without respecting it.

Some bars and restaurants allow you to enjoy yourself without having a mask when consuming your meal or a drink. This is achieved by providing socially distant “safe zones”. The distance between you and other clients has to be no less than 2 meters at all times. You still need to enter the place with a mask on. You are just not required to keep it on after reaching your table.

Gather responsibly! With all these rules and restrictions, you might be worried if fun events are even allowed. What about dance parties, cultural happenings, festivals? Currently, they are not forbidden. They are, however, restricted in size. Gatherings cannot be larger than 150 people, everybody involved has to wear masks and maintain 2m distance whenever possible. Of course, the space chosen for a given event has to be large enough. So don’t worry – while the events might be smaller, they are still happening! COVID-19 cannot stop culture! Party safe!

Choosing your transport safely and responsibly during the pandemic. Avoid public transport. One exception we feel morally obliged to remind you of is that the most popular method of transportation in Poland – public transit – is still considered to be somewhat risky. While buses and trains observe social distancing rules, they are probably the most dangerous place in the entire country. Why tempt fate? The best way to stay safe is to avoid COVID-19. Whenever you have the chance, we recommend traveling by foot. However, it is not your only safe option.

Travel safely with MrShuttle!

MrShuttle can help you get where you want safely and quickly. We have been on top of the safety game since the beginning of the pandemic, sparing no effort to make sure that our clients reach their destination fast, safely, and happy. We know that there is nothing more important than safety, health, and comfort.

Safe Summer 2020

Of course, hearing about so many safety measures might make you worry. After all, if there is a need for so many security steps beyond social distancing, does it not mean that Poland is not safe? While it is a natural question, the answer is actually totally opposite! It is thanks to all of these steps and preventive measures why you will be safe in Poland. We take the pandemic seriously and stay vigilant. The only thing we ask of you is to respect the situation and enjoy our country in a safe, fun, and responsible way. Keep your mask handy, maintain social distance, and observe the rules of restaurants, shops, and museums. They are in place not to annoy you, but to protect you.

Poland is a splendid choice to spend your summer vacation. We hope to see you soon!