Winner of European Best Destination 2018, Wroclaw is a proud capital of Lower Silesia. Lying on banks of Oder, this city has been a historically important part of multiple kingdoms. W

Over 1000 years, Wroclaw, Breslau, Vratislav has been a part of Poland, Hungary, Bohemia, Prussia, and Germany. This unique multicultural history has shaped it to be one of the most inclusive, colorful places in entire Europe, combining the best of qualities of the many societies that shaped it. One of the smartest cities in the world and origin of 9 Nobel Prize laureates, Wroclaw is a place you should not miss – especially because since 2018, it has only got better! Hopefully, we will help convince you why Visiting Wrocław in 2021 is a great idea.

How Expensive Is Wrocław?

Is Wrocław expensive?

Let’s get this out of the way – Wroclaw is a tiny bit more expensive than other Polish cities. However, the difference is not much, and it should not dissuade you from visiting. This is especially true if you compare Wroclaw to other Polish tourism hot spots – while Wroclaw is more expensive than the average Polish city, it is actually cheaper than Warsaw and Krakow, for example. So as far as tourist destinations go, Wroclaw is about average compared to other Polish competitors.

Should I Carry Cash?

That is a good question to ask! How much should you be ready to spend when visiting Wroclaw in 2021? Is it better to carry around cash or credit card? A smart traveler is always prepared!

While cash was the preferred method of payment up until a few years ago, nowadays, you can pay almost anywhere with a credit card. Pretty much all shops and restaurants will happily let you pay with a credit card. Some taxis still prefer cash, so if that is your favorite method of transport, fear not. There are many ATMs around Wroclaw. The best way to get your cash is at “kantor”, where you will exchange your money into Polish złoty at current rates.

Of course, when choosing to ride around Wroclaw with MrShuttle, you don’t have to worry about this at all!


Hotels and Accommodations – Where To Stay In Wroclaw? 

There are many interesting options to choose from when deciding where to stay. Usually, the better localization and closer to the city center, the more expensive it will be. You need to figure out how much you value easy access to the city versus how economical you want to be.


Hopefully, these approximations will help you choose where to stay when visiting Wrocław in 2021.







The most traditional and classic way to spend a night in Wroclaw is at a hotel. Popular in 2010, popular in 2018, still great choice when visiting Wrocław in 2021. Places such as Europeum Hotel and Centrum Dikul Hotel offer classic services, great accessibility, and amazing localization. Pretty much every hotel comes with WiFi access, and many are pet-friendly, so you don’t have to leave your beloved dog or cat behind when coming to visit Poland! All-Inclusive Hotels are an amazing option for a couple wanting to focus entirely on the joys of vacation while having everything else taken care of.

On average, you will pay around 290zł – 65.28 EUR – per night.



Tourist Apartments


Tourist Apartments have become recently a valid and popular alternative to hotels. Traditionally associated with traveling businessmen visiting the city for work-related reasons, they became a hit with tourists. Quiet, economical, well-located, apartments might not have all of the cool services the hotel offers, but make up for it in charm and price. They are a perfect option for people looking for privacy. Apartments can be a great option both for a single traveler, a couple, or an entire group of friends.

On average, you will pay around 200zł – 45.02 EUR – per night.





Hostels are still one of the most popular economical choices for tourists. They sacrifice privacy for being amazingly cheap and low cost. After all, you are renting a bed in a shared space – there isn’t much to pay for, since all you are getting is a place to sleep, a place to keep your things at, and a place to wash yourself at. Despite that, many people still are super enthusiastic about hostels, and consider them the most adventurous way to travel around. After all, having to share your space with strangers can be a chance to make new friends! Hostels are also a popular choice for large groups and families since if you can reserve all the beds in a room, you have it all for yourself.

A night at a hostel can be as cheap as 25zł – 5.63 EUR!



Guest Rooms & Homestays


A novel alternative to hostel rooms that became recently popular is renting a tourist guest room and homestays. These private lodgings are made available by Wroclavians who have extra space in their own houses and are happy to host a guest for a few days. This results in a unique experience unlike anything else! You tend to get much more privacy than in a hostel, while getting a chance to interact with and befriend your hosts. This results in a more personal and touching stay than any other option. How much interaction there is between the hosts and the guests depends on a given lodging, so make sure to ask in advance and figure out if you are happy with a given setup.

An example of Guest Room option is Sweet Home.

Price-wise, guest rooms range between 30zł and around 150zł, so between 6.75 EUR and 33.76 EUR.


Transportation – What is the best way to go around Wroclaw?

There are so many things to see in Wroclaw that you simply cannot ignore the cost of moving around. While it is fun to think that you can get everywhere on foot, trust us – your feet would hate you and you would not have time to see everything! Because of that, you will have to make some strategic decisions and choices regarding moving around the city. These are our recommendations for moving around the city when visiting Wrocław in 2021.




The easiest way to move around the city is by getting a taxi. Taxi can and will take you anywhere you want, fast and at will. However, they also tend to be pretty expensive. You will always have to pay the initial cost – around 5zł or 1.12 EUR – and extra cost per kilometer traveled. On average, you will pay 3zł – 0,67 EUR – per kilometer during the day. All taxis also have a minimal cost you cannot go under, usually around 15zł – 3.37 EUR.

Do also note that these prices may vary based on location and time of day. Taxis will be pretty much always much more expensive at night.







Public Transport


If not taxis, then what? A good and economic alternative is using city transit. Wroclaw can boast a very well planned and interconnected web of city transportation, allowing you to seamlessly go from one place to another. There are many many places where you can buy city transport tickets in Wroclaw, but be aware that you cannot buy them with cash when visiting in 2021. So prepare your credit card! There are many options available, including single-ride tickets, but what you should be looking for are long-term tickets. Why? The answer is easy – the longer the ticket, the more cost-efficient it becomes! An hour-long ticket costs 4,40zł – 0.99 EUR – but a 24h ticket costs only 11zł, 2.47 EUR! We heavily recommend getting a multi-day ticket once and to enjoy it for your entire stay. A week-long ticket costs 46zł, 10.35 EUR, which is often slightly less than a single taxi-ride.

Jakdojade is incredibly helpful at understanding how to use the city transit to get from Point A to Point B. Try it out, it’s free and available in English! If you want an economical option and are not shy about some walking, this is a pretty good option when visiting Wrocław in 2021.


Renting a Car

What about cars? While you can rent a car at about 70zł – 15.74 EUR – per day, we honestly do not recommend doing so. Why? Well, Wroclaw is a complicated city to navigate. It can be very frustrating to try moving around on your own. Indeed, many Poles who visit Wroclaw regularly dread the trip, joking about how hard and unintuitive it is to ride through it. Many streets are temporarily or permanently banned for cars. There is a ton of one-way streets. And of course, you will have to pay for parking, usually 3zł – 0,67 EUR – per each started hour of wait.

Usually, renting a car is the option that offers you the most freedom and flexibility, but in the case of Wroclaw, you will feel constrained by the weird and unintuitive street connections. Unless you really know what you are getting into, we recommend giving navigating Wroclaw by car on your own a hard pass. When visiting Wrocław in 2021, try something else.



Wroclaw City Bike – Wrocławski Rower Miejski

The last but not least, and possibly our favorite way to move around Wroclaw, is Wrocławski Rower Miejski. What’s that?! Translated into Wroclaw City Bike, it is a shared pool of bikes provided by the city to anyone willing to pay a small initial fee of 10zł – 2.25 EUR. The first 20 minutes of bike use are free, the first hour costs 2zł -0.45 EUR – and every hour after that costs 4zł – 0,9 EUR.

Wroclaw City Bike is the healthiest and most hip way to move around the city, since its infrastructure is uniquely friendly towards bikers. Bike stations are strategically spread all around, and they are very convenient to both pick-up and drop off your bike at. To join the Wroclaw City Bike fun, all you need is an app, which is available in English! You can find more detail about Wroclaw City Bike here. This is probably our most recommended choice when visiting Wrocław in 2021!

Food and Drinks in Wroclaw – how much to expect?

So now you know how much to prepare for your lodgings, and you probably decided which way of moving around the city will be the best for you. With these essentials out of the way, let’s talk about something more fun, but still as important – getting your food and drinks!

Buying Your Own Food

There are many ways of going about figuring your supplies. Some people – especially those who choose to stay at apartments – prefer to buy ingredients and cook their own meals. This tends to be the most economic, but also the most time-consuming option. Assuming you buy your foodstuffs at supermarkets, you can actually make by spending 20zł – 4.49 EUR – per person per day.

What if you do not want to cook yourself, though? Well, then we still recommend getting bottled water in larger bottles at supermarkets and then rationing them out to smaller ones. You can not only save a lot this way but also enjoy pretty great flavors of bottled mineral water Wroclaw has to offer. Staying hydrated is very important for your health and enjoyment of the trip, so take care of it – and why not do it in a fun and flavorful way, too?


Meals At Restaurants – Economical, Ethnic, and Fast Food

For meals, there is an entire world open to you! Wroclaw is full of restaurants, bars, food chains, and coffee shops. A meal in an average, cheap and economical restaurant can be found for as low as 23zł – 5.16 EUR. That is pretty good since a lot of it is of genuinely great taste and quality! Economical does not have to equal bad. Local cuisine can be found for twice or thrice that cost if you are willing to go all in and look for something more expensive. When visiting Wrocław in 2021, there is plenty to choose from. So pick your price range and explore!

Being a multicultural hub, Wroclaw can boast many ethnic restaurants worth checking out. Classics such as Italian-style pizza can be found for as little as 30zł – 6.73 EUR, while Asian-style restaurants average around 30zł – 6,73 EUR. Chinese restaurants are the cheapest of the Asian style restaurants, only slightly cheaper than Pizza, at 20zł – 4.49 EUR – on average. The most expensive Asian-style restaurants, and most expensive ethnic restaurants in Wroclaw in general, are Japanese restaurants, with an average meal costing around 41zł – 9.20 EUR. Italian and French style restaurants fall in the middle, averaging around 34zł – 7.63 EUR.

Of course, sometimes you just want to grab a burger! Wroclaw is not behind on the fast-food front! McDonald’s, BurgerKing, KFC, and your other favorites are easily found pretty much anywhere. A typical fast food meal is around 20zł – 4,49 EUR. Chomp away!


Drinks and Beverages

After a great meal, it is natural to want to relax with some fun beverages. A typical local beer costs around 9zł – 2.02 EUR. Do note that beer gardens in the city center tend to be more expensive, averaging around 12zł – 2.69 EUR. The cheapest way to get alcohol is at a convenience store, where a can of beer can cost almost 10 times less, around 3zł – 0.673 EUR. Bottled alcohol, such as whiskey, vodka and rum, is much more expensive. Respectably okay alcohol can be found around 60zł – 13.47 EUR – but prices can easily go into triple digits if you are looking for the really good stuff.

Polish alcohol is a popular souvenir, and it is often bought as gifts for your friends and family at home. While there are limits and regulations regarding how much alcohol can you take outside of Poland for personal use (such as gifting), they deal with such large volumes of the product that you do not have to worry about accidentally buying too much. Wroclaw does not shy from nightlife, and if you decide that you are in a mood for a drink, there are many super interesting places to visit and explore.

Arriving At Wrocław – Airport Transfer With Mr Shuttle

Before you can go and enjoy Wrocław and uncover all the incredible things it has to offer, you need to get from the airport to your hotel! While there are many options available, we think one of them is generally superior to the others.

Transfer by Bus

One of the most popular options of going in and out of the Copernicus Airport used to be WRO Airport Express – dedicated buses whose only job was to take people in and out of the airport. However, they are currently suspended, so don’t get your hopes up

City buses are still operating and travelling between the city and the airport, but we know that moving around with all your luggage after a long flight tends to be frustrating and tiring. Especially when you are still jet-lagged!

Transfer by Taxi&Private Cars

We understand that when you are still feeling off after landing, it is really easy to just grab the easiest and most accessible option available. Because of this, Airport is swarmed by many cars and drivers hoping for easy money from disoriented tourists. We do not recommend these! They tend to be expensive since they prey on the fact that you want an easy solution and are not willing to wait or search for anything better. These predatory drivers know that a tired tourist will pay anything to get to their hotel, and will gladly throw an outrageous price at you. They also know that you will be very unlikely to refuse it once you get into the car, so don’t be surprised if you get told how much to pay at the last possible moment.

Transfer by Train

Of course, since Copernicus Airport is 10 kilometers from the city center, you can’t just walk! You could take a train, but that still requires figuring out how to find your hotel from the station. Why bother with unnecessary footwork and frustration? All of these problems can be easily avoided if you plan your airport transfer in advance. No need to hope that there is a free taxi. No need to buy a ticket for a bus or for a train, and no need for figuring out how to get from the station to your hotel.

Transfer with MrShuttle

mercedes_vito_gdansk_airport_im.L.WalesaPlan ahead and save time and money. We recommend smart planning, and Wroclaw Airport Transfers by MrShuttle are the smartest option available. Prepaid and pre-arranged, our private transfers aim to make everything as smooth as possible. This is sincerely the best way to arrange your transport when visiting Wrocław in 2021. You can prebook your transfer online, though if you prefer to do it over the phone or chat, that’s an option too! Booking your transfer takes less than 5 minutes. 5 minutes online can save you hours of frustration after landing!

Door-to-door services make the whole process very comfy. What does “door-to-door” mean? It means that we will take care of you from “doors to doors”. From the moment you land in the airport, we are there to meet-and-greet you, help you with your luggage, and put you into our bus. Since we know Wroclaw very well, we know how to get you to your destination fast and efficient. We boast getting to the city center in about 20 minutes, which rivals fastest taxis. Many hotels and hostels seem almost hidden in plain sight. It is not uncommon for tourists to be near the address their lodgings are supposed to be at, and spin in a place confused, since it doesn’t seem to be anywhere in sight! We will help you find it, and won’t leave until we are sure you are safe and sound.

Adapting to Flight Delays

You might wonder, what happens if your flight is delayed? Would it mean that our driver will go away and there will be nobody to pick you up? Not at all! We keep tabs on all flight delays. We are going to wait as long as needed for you, so relax. Be it 15 minutes or three hours, we will be there, ready to go whenever you are. We worked for many years to earn the trust of our customers.

We understand how important it is to know that you can count on us. Nothing ruins the trip as much as a disastrous start. Getting lost at the airport, not being able to secure the transfer, and then looking for the stupid hidden hotel the navigation app tells you is right in front of you – leave these things behind. Focus on excitement and adventure, while we take care of the boring logistics.


Free Cancellation

But talking about logistics, let’s answer a pretty common question. What happens if you need to cancel a private airport transfer with MrShuttle? This kind of doubt prevents a lot of people from making online bookings of all kinds. Maybe you get sick and your entire trip is cancelled. Maybe something goes wrong. Life happens! We understand that. Up to 24h before arrival, you can cancel the reservation at will. We won’t ask why, and if you want to reschedule, sure! We aim to please. So if your plans of visiting Wrocław in 2021 go wrong, we won’t cause you any troubles.

Wrocław – What to see? Best Tours Available

Explore Wrocław with Best City Tours

Wrocław City Walk

Wrocław is big and fascinating. It is a city easy to fall in love with! We hope that you will have the best possible time when visiting Wrocław in 2021. However, while blind exploration is an enticing adventure, you risk missing some of the most awesome things to see. With our Wroclaw City Walk, you will be able to experience all the essentials! You will get to see Ostrow Tumski and it’s unique monuments and gas lamps. If you are a fan of gothic architecture, the cathedral of st. John the Baptist will get you excited!

Hopefully, The Lover’s Bridge will bless you with its good fortune. The Market Square, Wroclaw University and Town Hall; you will see it all, and more! And since getting lost and wasting time is not fun, we will pick you up with a car straight from your hotel, and take you everywhere. Worried you might miss some important historical or cultural context? We took care of that! You see, the tour includes a certified local guide who will be more than happy to tell you everything there is to say about the places you visit and things you see. They love this city more than anybody, and will be glad to help you fall in love with Wroclaw yourself. If you have any questions, ask away! Stories of Wroclaw await!

Wrocław Bike Tour

Remember the Wroclaw City Bike? If that idea got you excited, you should take a look at Wroclaw Bike Tour! This tour is 3 hours of pure awesome biking action. You will get to see the best parts of Wroclaw, and just like in our City Walk, you will be guided by an expert local guide. It’s eco-friendly and healthy adventure unlike any other.

Highly recommended when visiting Wrocław in 2021!






Wrocław Island Tour

Of course, biking and walking aren’t the only options available. River Oder looks cool, doesn’t it? If you look at it and think “I would love to take a cruise down this river”, well… Wroclaw Island Tour might be just for you! On this tour, you will explore the Slodowa and Sand Islands of Wroclaw. Of course, you will be accompanied by a local guide! The final reward is of course seeing all the things you walked through from a different perspective – from a river cruise. There is something incredibly satisfying about relaxing on a ship and knowing that just a hour ago, you were walking down these tiny streets.




Beyond the City – Attractions near Wrocław

While you could spend years in Wroclaw and still have things to see, it might be refreshing to take a trip outside the city for a few hours. After all, even the grandest cities can get stale after a few days. Luckily for you, there are many really cool things near Wroclaw. The biggest challenge is reaching them – to help you, we offer door-to-door tours to the most interesting locations in the region. These are our top suggestions for out of Wrocław adventure when visiting in 2021.

Pearls of Lower Silesia

While Wroclaw is the Royal Gem of Silesia, it is surrounded by Pearls of Lower Silesia. This 8 hours long tour will let you see the world famous Churches of Peace in Świdnica and Jawor. What makes them so famous? Well, for starters, they are the biggest wooden religious buildings in the entire Europe! Initially, there were three such Churches, but only two survived to the modern-day. So don’t waste your chance to see them while they still stand!

After that, you will also get to see the Książ Castle, which is one of the top three contenders for the title of the biggest castle in Poland! We could tell you many exciting stories about it, but why spoil it? The tour of the castle includes a live guide who will make the rich history of this place come alive right before your eyes.


Karkonosze Polish Mountains Tour

Of course, you might say that no man made building can match the majesty of nature. While we think that architecture is its own kind of awesome, we sure do agree that mountains are also great! Which is why we are proud to invite you to a Karkonosze Polish Mountains Tour. This day long adventure will take you 1603 meters above the sea level, and let you take a look from above at the beauty of Lower Silesia. You will get to conquer Karpacz, Kopa and Śnieżka. Before and after the hiking, you will also get to visit two cool places. The first stop is Vang Stave Church, built without use of any nails! You might remember that Stave Churches were built by vikings. What is it doing in Poland?! How did it get there? We could tell you…but we will let you see for yourself!

The final stop is the Museum of Sports and Tourism. Surprised? Don’t be – Karkonosze are the first place in Europe where winter sports became popular. This university celebrates all the interesting way to enjoy snowy mountains, so get ready to have some fun!


Secrets of World War II

It is hard to look at Lower Silesia and forget that less than hundred years ago, this place was torn by World War II. There are still many undiscovered secrets from the time of war hidden in the forests and mountains surrounding Wroclaw. Our Secrets of World War II trip will show you what we know and don’t know about these nazi mysteries. This is the best way to learn about the Osówka Complex project, a secret operation conducted under code name RIESE. This mysterious Underground City might have been meant to be the hidden headquarters of Hitler himself. Who knows? If you visit, you will be one step closer to knowing the truth.

During this trip, you will also get to see the Książ Castle, and pay your respects at Gross-Rosen in Rogoznica. Gross-Rosen was the biggest concentration camp in the region.

But even Gross-Rosen pales in the shadow of Auschwitz Birkenau, the site of the biggest tragedy and crime in the history of humankind. You probably know the answer to the question “where is Auschwitz located”. What you might not realize is that if you get up early enough – around 5 in the morning – it is actually possible to reach Auschwitz from Wroclaw. If you want to pay your respects to the victims of the Nazi death machine, we offer you our Auschwitz Birkenau tour from Wroclaw. There are many reasons to visit. You would not be the only one going out of your way to reaching Auschwitz. Auschwitz ended up being one of the top 10 day trips in 2020.  When visiting Wrocław in 2021, you should consider taking a side trip to Auschwitz.


How Much Does Trip To Wroclaw Cost?

All of these amazing options are just a slice of possibilities that Wroclaw has to offer. Still, we tried our best to help you have at least some idea of what is there to do, and how much it costs. This way, you will know what to expect when visiting Wrocław in 2021. Here are some rough approximations of possible budgets:

If you are aiming for a low price, super-economic adventure, you could get by with 1200zł – 269.44 EUR  – spent over 7 days. This would require super good planning and cheap lodgings.

If you are willing to spend more, but still want to remain within the realm of a relatively tight budget, 2300zł – 516.42 EUR – could work. We hope that our guidelines will help you make the smart choices and optimize the spendings that will allow you to make the best out of this budget!

4900zł – 1100.20 EUR – is more than double the previous budget, and it should allow you to have a pretty luxurious stay. You won’t have to compromise and decide which tour you want to skip, and you will have all the chances to explore the infinite possibilities Wroclaw and it’s nearby attractions have to offer.