Tatra mountains with a unique charm!

Zakopane is often called the capital of the Polish mountains. “Polish Alps” are visited by Polish tourists and by foreigners. Famous artists, people of science and culture often stay overnight in Zakopane. All this is due to the town’s location at the foot of the Tatra Mountains, which offers its guests a unique highlander atmosphere and a fantastic climate.

Zakopane is a town full of mountain inns and music performed by Zakopane highlanders, which captivates almost everyone. Besides, being in Zakopane at least once, you must go through the main promenade, which is Krupówki. One of the biggest attractions in Zakopane is the view of the entire Tatra Mountains.


Zakopane – a city full of tourist attractions

There are a lot of extremely interesting places in Zakopane. It is one of the most visited cities, and not without reason. It has its own unique charm, which is able to delight everyone. Zakopane is visited not only by mountain and nature lovers, but also by lovers of magnificent architecture and historical buildings.

In Zakopane there are many specific, original villas. The local buildings are maintained in the so-called Zakopane style and are unique in the world. First of all, you should pay attention to “Villa Koliba”, “Villa Pod Jedlami”, “Villa Atma”, “Villa Czerwony Dwór” or “Villa Herenda”. Lovers of art and literature should definitely visit the Kasprowicz Museum. There are numerous collections related to the famous poet, ranging from everyday use objects, through paintings, sculptures and books. You will fall in love with the local architectural style.

Krupówki – the hallmark of a mountain resort

Among the most famous Polish streets, Krupówki is undoubtedly a special place. It is the leading and prevalent pedestrian zone of Zakopane. It is a kind of cultural and shopping centre of the winter capital of Poland. Today it is hard to believe that Krupówki used to be an ordinary country lane connecting two villages.

Along with a gradual increase in popularity of Krupówki, more and more buildings were built along the street. The status of Krupówki Street has been enjoyed since 1870. Today it is 1100 m long. Many climatic mountain pubs and stalls offer “Oscypki”, “Kierpce”, or traditional lace. Near Krupówki Street, there is also a unique attraction for children – the Upside Down House.


Exciting Day Tour to Zakopane

“Morskie Oko” Lake

Attractions in Zakopane are top-rated and visited by many tourists, creating an exceptional atmosphere. One of the biggest attractions in Zakopane and its surroundings is certainly Morskie Oko (Marine Eye). It is a very popular place, very often visited by tourists, which is reached from the bottom by an asphalt road, which you can go on foot or use a horse-drawn carriage.


Upside Down House in Zakopane

What to do in Zakopane when you feel like having a bit of fun? A relaxing touch to your trip can be a trip to the Upside Down House. It’s small, and you don’t spend much time there, but it’s time spent intensely, as you have to focus on how to walk. The interior itself is atmospheric and matches its entertaining character.



“Gubalowka Mountain” is a hill closing the Zakopane valley from the north. The most suitable way to reach the top is by a modern railway track (the bottom station is located in the centre of Zakopane). Already on the way, you can admire magnificent views, while the best ones appear when you arrive at the place. From the top of the mountain, you can see the panorama of Zakopane and the Polish Tatra Mountains, as well as the Pieniny, Podhale, and Beskid Żywiecki Mountains.


Tatra Museum

Interesting places in Zakopane are also monuments, mainly related to the highlander tradition, manifested through buildings, costumes and other cultural products. An encounter with the local folk culture and art or with the history of Zakopane is provided by the Tatra Museum. You can also learn more about the geology, animals and vegetation of the Tatra Mountains.

Ski Jumping Hill – Wielka Krokiew in Zakopane

An essential point of the trip will undoubtedly be the “Wielka Krokiew” ski jump, which is one of the most exciting places in Zakopane. It is a must-see, especially for ski jumping fans. This object can be viewed by looking at it from below and admiring it from the perspective of jumpers entering and leaving the queue.


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