Sozopol, Bulgaria. Aerial view of the old town Apollonia, seaside town near Burgas1


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    St. Alexander Nevsky in the center of Sofia, Bulgaria’s capital against a blue morning sky with colorful clouds
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    Bansko, Bulgaria spring landscape with the wooden fence, trees, tower of chalet and snowy Rila mountains peaks

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Bulgaria, located in south-eastern Europe, is a fascinating country with a rich history, picturesque landscapes and hospitable people. It is known for its beautiful beaches on the Black Sea and charming mountains that attract both lovers of active recreation and nature enthusiasts.

Bulgaria’s history dates back thousands of years, and this place has been the scene of many important events and cultural influences. Centuries-old monuments and ruins, such as the ancient city of Plovdiv, testify to the nation’s long and varied history. Plovdiv, one of the oldest surviving European cities, is also the European Capital of Culture in 2019, which only underlines its importance as a cultural center.

The country’s capital, Sofia, is a dynamic city where the present meets the past. There you can find impressive Orthodox churches, Muslim mosques and Jewish synagogues, which are an expression of the cultural diversity that Bulgaria is known for. One of the symbols of Sofia is the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, an impressive example of Neo-Byzantine architecture.

Bulgaria is also a paradise for nature lovers. The Balkan Mountains, which cut the country in half, offer opportunities for hiking, climbing and winter sports. The Pirin National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, impresses not only with its magnificent mountain landscapes, but also with the diversity of flora and fauna.

The charms of the Black Sea cannot be overlooked, which attracts both tourists looking for sunny beaches and swimming, as well as those who want active recreation, including water sports.

Bulgarian culture is rich and varied, from traditional music and dances to delicious cuisine. Tasty dishes such as banica (filled filo pastry), kawarma (a meat dish in a clay pot) and shopska salad are part of Bulgaria’s culinary heritage.

Bulgaria is a country that has a lot to offer both to tourists who want to discover its history and heritage, and to those who dream of relaxing in beautiful landscapes. Its mix of tradition and modernity creates a unique atmosphere that goes to the heart of everyone who visits this charming country.

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