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The reinvented city of Lodz

The City of Łódź is the capital of Łódź Voivodeship and also the third biggest city in the country. While it started humbly in 1423, it climbed its way to become an industrial powerhouse. While it declined for a while after World War II, it has been experiencing a revitalizing surge and second youth recently, so make sure to visit and see it firsthand! The Łódź Manufaktura, Piotrowska Street, Planetarium EC1, Palm house are some of the most popular Łódź destinations, but there are many many more, including a handful of wonderful museums.
Łódź is located 123km south of Warsaw, which places it basically in the center of the country. If you need transport from Łódź to Warsaw or from Warsaw to Łódź, give us a call – MrShuttle will take care of it!

Famous in Lodz

Did you know that Piotrowska street is the longest trade street in Europe? Sounds crazy, right? If you don’t believe us, check it out yourself! There is a lot to see there, so we welcome you to give it a try. You will see beautiful townhouses, churches, palaces, monuments, avenues, and courtyards. This is the pretty, atmospheric side of Łódź…but it isn’t everything the city has to offer!

Post-industrial city

The other side of Łódź is very different, like day and night. The industrial part of it is much rougher and raw, but still charming in its own way. The textile dye works got transformed into the famous Manufaktura. If you wonder why all the tourists take selfies next to it, well, it is the iconic bustling heart of the city! This is where all the culture, fun, and trade intersect. Manufaktura hosts tons of various events over the year, and when visiting, you are basically guaranteed to walk into something interesting happening there.

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I highly recommend this company. The car for 6 people was waiting for us even before the scheduled time. The drivers were super nice and the car ( minibus) clean and comfortable. Good price too and you can pay in cash or credit card if you order via website.

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Easy to book, drivers arrived on time, well priced, glad we used them, made the transfers hassle free.

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Here you can find answers for frequently asked questions.

Łódź has its own airport, the Lodz Airport! It isn’t very big, but is constantly upgraded and developed. You can reach Łódź from London, East Midlands, and Dublin. If you are going to fly from or to Łódź directly, you will fly with Ryanair. During the vacation season, expect around 4 flights here per week, one per destination. The good thing about Lodz Airport is that it is located only 7 km from the city center! That is 30 minutes trip when using city transport, or 15 minutes when taking a car, such as MrShuttle door-to-door airport transfer. However, you might want to reach Łódź from other cities than those 4. What then? Well, Łódź is located pretty much in the center of Poland, so there are many OTHER airports that are within a car trip distance! Warsaw, Pyrzowice and Kraków all offer much better international connections than Lodz Airport, and are within airport transfer distance. Contact MrShuttle - we will help you plan your trip and figure out if you are better off reaching Łódź from Lodz Airport, or one of the other cities. In either case, we can offer you a fast, efficient, no-stress door-to-door transport. A ride from Krakow takes 3,5h, Pyrzowice - 2,5h, and Warsaw is only 1,5h away. As you can see, it can certainly be cheaper and fly to one of these cities and take a ride to reach Łódź, rather than try to fly to Lodz Airport jumping planes.

There are many interesting nature and landscape parks near Łódź. If you prefer man-made architecture, well, you are in luck! You can find many amazing examples of Polish buildings nearby, especially castles. Visit Inowłódz, Oporowo and Łęczyca for some great experiences!

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