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Enjoy the southern part of Spain and discover the charms of Granada

Granada is a stunning city, located at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains, which is almost incomparable to any other place in Andalusia. Suppose the whole of Andalusia can be said to be gorgeous, and each of its cities to admire the influence of Arabic architecture, the art of flamenco and the artistry of its people. In that case, everything is multiplied in Granada, which is also a World Heritage Site!

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Granada: Celestial Location and Unique History

Granada, situated at the foot of the highest mountains in the Iberian Peninsula, the Sierra Nevada, is enchanted by its views, including the charm of a white town, the power of the Alhambra and the rugged, snow-capped three-thousand-metre peaks. It lies at an altitude of 685m, in the valley of the river Genil, and is one of the many incredible cities of Andalusia such as Seville, Ronda, Malaga or Cordoba.

Granada was founded by the Arabs in 711 and was under Muslim rule for almost 800 years. Even today, historical buildings built during the Almohad rule (1147-1238) remind us of this. In the 13th-15th centuries, Granada, the capital of the emirate, was the wealthiest city in the Iberian Peninsula and a natural pearl among the towns of Western Islam.

The gold and silk trade flourished here, and the items produced were among the most beautiful and desirable in all of Europe. The city was finally taken over by the Catholic Kings in 1492. From the 16th century onwards, Christians marked their presence in the city by erecting key buildings and institutions – the cathedral began to be built, the university was founded, Charles V’s palace was added to the Alhambra, and mosques were turned into churches.

The weather in Granada is extraordinary, all thanks to the presence of the mountains – the Sierra Nevada. Summers here are extremely hot, and in winter it is quite cold. Sometimes the difference between daytime and night-time temperatures is as much as 20 degrees. If you search for top tours in Granada keep reading our guidelines!

Main Tourist Attractions and Monuments in Granada


The Alhambra is Granada’s most prominent attraction and Spain’s second most popular tourist attraction. The palace and fortress complex is second in popularity only to the Sagrada Familia church in Barcelona. It is one of the most beautiful of its kind in Europe. It is visited by about 3 million people every year. It would certainly be much more if not listed on UNESCO (World Heritage Site).

Granada Cathedral

In Granada, you can also see the Catedral de Santa María de la Encarnación, the first Renaissance church in Spain. It was initially intended as a Gothic church, but the rulers preferred to build a more “elegant” building. In the end, its construction took almost 200 years, so you will also find Baroque elements on the façade. The five-nave church is extravagantly decorated with sculptures and paintings. The Cathedral attracts many tourists every year.

The Royal Chapel

Next door is the Royal Chapel (Capilla Real), the burial place of the Catholic Kings and is considered a symbol of the victory of the reconquest fought for several hundred years by the Christians. A collection of Flemish paintings is also gathered here.

The Albaicin district – a former Arab quarter

Albaicin (or Albayzín) is a district characterised by atmospheric narrow streets and white houses. It is situated on a hill adjacent to the Alhambra, and thanks to that, it offers the most beautiful views of this Arab fortress. After the Christian takeover of the city, 30,000 Muslims lived in this district, but they had to leave quickly. If you are a fan of walking tours, this is definitely for you!

The town, due to its location, is characterised by relatively mountainous terrain. However, just wandering through the intricate but charming streets of Albaicín is a pleasure. Artisan workshops have been operating here for generations – you can watch how intricate ornaments or instruments are made. You will probably start your exploration of the district from Elvira street, and from there, you will go up to the highest part of the district, where the most popular viewpoint is located – Mirador de San Nicolás.

And many more if you love communing with nature or are a fan of hiking! Tourists love the Cármenes – the gardens of Granada and stroll along the Calle Calderería Nueva, which is called little Morocco. Granada is a magnificent city for long walking tours to visit many interesting places on foot.

Spanish Climate: Flamenco, the showpiece of Granada

You have undoubtedly heard of Spain’s most popular and traditional dance, Flamenco. Being in Granada, you have the perfect opportunity to admire this majestic dance among real Spaniards of flesh and blood. The flamenco show in the caves of Sacromonte la Zambra is world-famous for the expressiveness and supreme artistry they display.

The origins of la zabmra’s games date back to the 16th century and derive from the wedding rituals of the mauris living in the city. An additional attraction of the show is the place where it takes place – a cave. The tradition of cultivating flamenco shows has been passed on from generation to generation. The artists participating in the show are all members of the same family. This is a Spanish show you’ve been definitely looking for!

The Sacromonte district is an additional attraction for visitors due to the magnificent views and historical approach of the Alhambra complex, and the Generalife illuminated at night. If you love to dance or want to experience a real touch of Spanish culture, be sure to attend this fantastic event.

Although the show itself lasts 2 hours, you will also be able to sample local delicacies, including Spanish wine.

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