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Madrid tours

Top Reasons why you should visit Madrid City!

Madrid, the modern capital of Spain and the third-largest city in the European Union. Today, Madrid is primarily associated with football clubs or the characteristic white buildings. It is increasingly being chosen as a tourist destination for its numerous attractions, museums, monuments and fantastic cuisine.

Find out more about this marvellous city and discover its remarkable history with MrShuttle!

A brief history of Madrid

Madrid is a city built on a hill – full of nature and greenery. It owes its name to the Ancient Romans – it dates back to the 2nd century BC when the Roman Empire established its settlement here. Over time, it became the favourite place of successive rulers, so in the XVI century, the capital of Spain was moved here from Toledo. Soon it became the largest commercial and economic centre of the whole country.

Madrid became the capital of Spain in 1561 and was granted city rights in 1118. Between these years, the present-day capital did not develop dynamically and was not a very important centre of the Kingdom of Spain. Today you will find lively squares overflowing with people, impressive parks and modern buildings or museums.

The city is made up of 21 districts (barrios) and, depending on your personality or interests, you will discover what you are looking for in them. Whether you are a fan of art, good food, majestic museums (e.g. Prado Museum or Reina Sofia) and history, parties, beautiful sunsets – you will find everything you need in Madrid. One of the best cities on your bucket list. Trust us!

Madrid never sleeps. Fiesta is in the blood of every Spanish. This is perfectly noticeable in this city. Take a walk through the majestic streets or enjoy a bike ride with your family or best fellows! Enjoy a park or a glass of wine with your friend when looking at the show of Flamenco.

The breathtaking architecture and entertainment in Madrid

Madrid is the ideal place to lose yourself if you are an architecture lover. This is due to the large number of architectural styles that make up the landscape of this city, buildings and structures from different periods that coexist in harmony and that can be discovered during a simple walk around Madrid.

Would you like to visit this place and see the best of it? Extra! We are here for you and would love to take you on a fantastic adventure. Explore “Madrid City” with MrShuttle and see for yourself that this will not be your last time in this city. We have prepared a list of the most exciting tours, which you can easily tailor to your tourist preferences, time of year or the activity you like most.

Whether you are just passing through, or perhaps you are going for an exciting city break with your friends or family – we are sure we will exceed your expectations.

The Best Tours in Madrid with MrShuttle

1.Madrid Walking Tour

If you want to explore Madrid and squeeze your leisure time as a sponge just book Madrid Walking Tour to proceed with the best sightseeing in Madrid! You can rest assured that you will get a perfect chance to check must-see places on your bucket list.

Why is this trip mandatory? It lasts only 3 hours, and apart from walking and admiring top landmarks of the Spanish culture, you receive an exciting chance to “watch” the city thanks to a ride by a panoramic bus! Let’s have fun and take the best pictures without leaving your seat. If you wish, you can get back to the historical places on your own to enjoy them at your own pace.

2.Madrid Bike Tour

Do you crave more activity and top entertainment at the same time? We’re pleased to deliver it to you! Especially, if you’re a lover of bikes. MrShuttle has prepared an exciting bike tour to see the best Madrid’s places, monuments and other things in a more private style. Feel a cooling wind on your skin and explore the best cultural spots in just a few hours!

This town is full of numerous landmarks, and if you want to see them from a close distance (or avoid some queues) and combine this trip with an extra activity – this is the best decision you can make. Book now Madrid Bike Tour and check out the primmest places. Book the trip now and have fun thanks to a guided tour with MrShuttle! Get excited with Madrid!

3.Toledo Guided Tour

This beautiful city full of monuments, located 70 km from Madrid, was put on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. This is one of the oldest cities in Europe that blends different cultures and histories at the same time (Arabic, Gothic, Mudejar, Medieval ages including Renaissance and Baroque). Toledo is also called the “city of three cultures” because Christians, Muslims and Jews lived there. You are bound to be impressed with the cultural “mecca”. If your like city tours with a dose of culture experience, this is something for you!

We will show you the landmarks, including the church of St. Tome, famous Synagougue of Sta. Maria la Blanca and Monastery of San Juan de los Reyes. Everything to deliver the best experience to you – just within 5 hours. Of course, this is a guided tour. Moreover, if you are searching for a more private tour, this is the best choice as well.

4.Santiago Bernabeu Stadium Guided Tour

As well as having plenty of museums in Madrid (such as the famous Prado Museum), it’s also a city loved by football fans. And all because of one place.. recognized across the entire world!

Santiago Bernabéu is Real Madrid’s stadium, which is a major excursion destination for many visitors to the Spanish capital. The venue opened in 1947 and was named after the club’s president at the time. In its initial guise, the stadium was able to accommodate 75145 spectators. Today that number has grown to over 81,000!

If you are passionate about football and want to combine walking tours with sport sightseeing, this opportunity is for you! Everything in a private atmosphere!

Which tour of Madrid seems to be the best for you?

Here are a few more reasons why sightseeing with MrShuttle is a good idea:

  • Guided tours in English: Enjoy your dolphin tour or any other top spots during the tours with MrShuttle. Especially, that we offer many language options during the trips. Also, rest assured that the boat crew will assist you with any needs too. Enjoy the bay from the very beginning without being stressed even for a second! We don’t only deliver the best Gibraltar tours, but many other. Our tours are bound to meet your expectations!
  • Forget about the queues: We know that your time is precious, so don’t waste time in queues to buy the entrance tickets. Our driver will give you the tickets and share all the essential information about the meeting point, toilet locations, the closest museum or marvellous park.
  • Free time: We plan everything in advance, but still there is room for free-time activities. Take some photos and relax without a fear to miss metro or any public transport. Enjoy your leisure time. Trust us – we only arrange the best tours.

Do not hesitate and check availability of the tours and discover the best spots of Madrid with MrShuttle! Disregarding the fact if you like walking tours or more active leisure time, we are convinced that you spend the best time with us!

Looking for more best Madrid tours or tourist ctivities? Want to find out more about the culture of Spain? Check out our offer and let us know what you are interested in. Have a great stay in Madrid!

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