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Best Antalya tours - destination guide

Turkey is a popular holiday destination. Thanks to great weather, beautiful tourists sites and low prices, people choose to spend their free time there. Like any other person, you might wonder how to plan your trip itinerary. We are here to help you to get to know this amazing country and choose perfect tourist attractions.

Popular tours in Antalya

In order to create your best lifetime memories and get an amazing experience, you need to decide what you really like about travelling. Maybe it is discovering the city and strolling along wonderful streets, or an exciting adventure on a boat, jeep or quad. No matter what you are into, we prepared various options so that you are happy with each of them. Take a look at our full-day trips and enjoy every minute of your holidays!

Best Tours in Antalya – Turkey

Below, you will find the best things to do both in Antalya and around the city. Each suggestion is a day trip that includes a comfortable transfer and professional tour guide. Travel with Mr.Shuttle and be fully satisfied with your journey.


  • Antalya City Guided Tour

This is the best selling tour on the market. It includes visiting every attraction that you need to see inside the city. With the help of our highly-skilled guide, you will visit the most desirable places. Moreover, the guide is there to give you pro tips regarding local spots that you can visit in your free time. His advice will make your trip one of a kind.

The tour lasts about 5 hours. During this time you will have the opportunity to see the amazing Old City Marina, Clock Tower, Hadrian’s Gate and much more! Each site will leave you speechless and make you want more. Great view guaranteed!

In order to stay fresh and energized, you will be given lunch (included in the price)

  • Ancient Cities Guided Tour

You cannot miss the chance to visit three ancient cities full of culture and finish the trip with a beautiful panorama of Kursunlu Waterfalls. The main points of the trip that you will go to are the ancient city of Perge, Aspendos, and finally Side. The places are filled with ancient ruins such as the Acropolis from the Bronze Age, the best-preserved ancient amphitheatre with 15,000 seats, or the ancient town situated on the picturesque small peninsula.

It is a day tour which provides a variety of experiences and will bring many positive emotions – the combination of nature and human activities.



Ready for more trips?

  • Termessos and Duden Guided Tour

Discover another amazing destination with Mr. Shuttle. This time we will take you on a thrilling adventure. You will be surrounded by the beautiful Duden Waterfall and the magic place Thermessos, mentioned in one of Homer’s works.  In the past, the city was considered one of the most important sites in the region. It was built at over 1,000 meters above sea level, which makes it possible to admire breathtaking views around. Definitely worth seeing!

This kind of tour takes around 5 hours. Lunch and transportation is included. To see more, click here.

  • Derme & Myra Guided boat Tour

Now get ready for more adventurous tours. Derme is a town on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey in Antalya Province. During the trip, we will take you to terrific Myra and Lycian Rock Tombs. These are ancient tombs in the rocks where people were buried in the past.  Many travellers appreciate this destination and willingly put it on their itinerary. The landscapes of the sites are breathtaking and you will remember this journey for the rest of your life.

The tour also includes a boat ride and enjoying the magnificent views from the water. The sailing will take place to a fantastic small Turkish island called Kekova. It is located nearby Antalya, around  150 km. The island is an uninhabited area with remarkable nature and incredible historical remains.

  • Pamukkale City Guided Tour

Have you always dreamt of visiting one of the most gorgeous destinations in Turkey? Now you have the opportunity to do it! In order to make you feel comfortable, you will travel with us in an air-conditioning car with our professional tour guide. The view on the way there is only the beginning of your great full-day tour. 

Pamukkale, also called ‘cotton castle’ is a carbonate mineral left by the flowing of thermal spring water. It creates divine small terraces of beautiful light blue and white colours. During the tour, you will also see Hierapolis – an ancient city situated above the Pamukkale terraces.  The sites are very special – both were listed as UNESCO World Heritage in 1988. Next stops are the stunning Greco Roman theatre and Basilica of St. Philippe.

  • Antalya Jeep Safari

Discover your wild side – with Mr.Shuttle it is possible now! Do not hesitate and go on an extreme Jeep Safari ride with a highly-skilled tour leader. The ride takes around 2 unforgettable hours of your life. Do not worry about safety. All the necessary equipment is provided as well as the help of a professional guide. Book it now!

  • Antalya Quad Safari

Are you a fan of extreme tours? We have something special for you. If you like driving a quad and feeling the wind in your hair, choose our great Antalya Quad Safari. It is an excursion for adventurous people who are not afraid of anything. Remember that all the safety measures are followed and you will be under the care of friendly and professional people who will explain everything to you!

Cappadocia – the historical region

Cappadocia is a Turkish historical region in Central Anatolia. The history of this City dates ba What characterizes it? A stunning view of the Fairy Chimneys is enough to fall in love with this place. These are formations that were caused by volcanic erosion. Thick ash changed into soft rock, and later wind created these unique chimneys.

The area is filled with amazing places which can be also admired from a height. If you want to discover the place from a different perspective, try to travel by balloon. It is an amazing chance to get the best view and see Cappadocia as a whole.

This will definitely be an unforgettable excursion for everybody. A tour to Cappadocia will let you feel closer to nature and you will be thrilled to see them with your own eyes.


Aspendos is a town near Antalya, located about 40 km from it and about 16km inland from the Mediterranean Sea.

Nowadays, it amazes us with its Roman theater, which has been preserved in very good condition. The facility is huge and can fit around 15000 people. It teaches us a lot about the past culture and people, who lived at that time. The view from the top is fantastic and makes it very special. Visiting Aspendos will make your travel experience even more special.


Olympos is located in the Lycia region. Over there, you will have the opportunity to discover historic Lycian, Roman, Byzantine relics. It is one of the six most important cities in the region. The city is also on the list of the Lycian way – a well-known walk for people who love to explore the world. The road leads through phenomenal ancient paths that make you fall in love with nature and history all over again.

This is a site that must definitely be on your tour itinerary. 

Why choose our services?

We create unique tours and we are the best in it! We provide everything that is needed to spend the best holidays. It means that you do not have to worry about any formalities. Mr.Shuttle will take care of every detail such as transportation in a comfortable car, trip itinerary, friendly tour guide, and lunch. We make sure that all the participants experience the best of our tours.

Sometimes, travelling can be a challenge. That is why we take great pains to follow all the safety measures and provide the travellers with the best service

Moreover, our cancellation policy is always clear and easy. You can check your reserved trips on our website and if you are not able to take part in it, you can let us know about it. In most cases, a tour can be cancelled within 24-72 hours.

How to book a day trip with Mr.Shuttle?

In order to book a tour with Mr.Shuttle, fill in the form on our website page. Choose a suitable date for the tour and enjoy the comfortable services provided by our company. Each tour is handcrafted and all the safety measures are followed. You don’t have to worry about anything. If you want to pick up one of our Antalya tours click here.

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