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United Kingdom

The world's first industrialised country


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United Kingdom

What should I know about the United Kingdom before visiting?

There are many questions that a traveler might want to ask before visiting a new country. Below, we gathered some information we hope you will find useful! If you have more questions that are not answered here, check out the FAQ on the bottom of this page or contact us directly. You can email us, phone-call us, or click on the chat pop-up you should see on the screen right now to talk with us directly! We are happy to answer anything and offer you recommendations.

How can I go to the United Kingdom?

Since the United Kingdom is located on an island, you will almost certainly arrive by plane! The United Kingdom boasts a vast and grand network of flight and air connections. You can get there on a plane from pretty much anywhere on Earth. Once you arrive at the airport, all you need is to get into your airport transfer and go to your hotel. We recommend booking it in advance to minimize stress! 

During the Coronavirus pandemic, you should take extra caution before coming to the UK. You have to book 2 COVID tests in advance to take them in the UK. You will also have to provide a result showing that you were COVID-negative before starting to travel.

Do I have to quarantine after traveling to the United Kingdom?

After you arrive in the UK, you will have to take a COVID test and quarantine yourself for 10 days. If you traveled through a “red list” country, you will have to quarantine in a special hotel. If you did not, you will be able to quarantine at whatever place you are staying instead. So make sure to plan accordingly! You can take a private “test to release” test that is a basis to end the quarantine faster.

What is the minimum time I have to quarantine myself after arriving in the United Kingdom?

The minimum time you have to self-isolate in the UK is 5 days if your “test to release” results are negative. Otherwise, you have to quarantine for at least 10 days.

What is the best airport transfer in the United Kingdom?

MrShuttle aims to be the best door-to-door airport transfer and transport provider in the world When looking for transfer services in the United Kingdom, you cannot go wrong with MrShuttle. 

Big Ben Clock Tower and Parliament house at city of westminster, London England

What makes MrShuttle a good choice when visiting the United Kingdom?

  • Door to Door Service: We believe that Door to Door services should be a world standard in the industry. What does it mean in practice? We take care of you from the beginning to the end of your trip or transfer. You pick a place where we pick you up, and a place where we drop you off. As long as it is within city limits, anything is fair game. Sometimes the best way to reach your destination will be via city transport. Do not worry – even then, our guides will accompany you from beginning to end.
  • Professional guides: To make sure you don’t miss anything cool, we focus on providing you with the guidance of the very best guides available. They can and will answer any questions you can come up with and will explain all necessary context to fully enjoy the tours. It is fun to be curious, so ask away!
  • Full Cost Transparency: We believe in full cost-transparency. Hidden costs and unfair pricing is a plague of the industry. Many tourists fall prey to predatory tactics relying on obfuscation and misinformation. MrShuttle says “no” to all of that. Our prices are clear and fixed. Since the price of transports within the city limit is not based on distance or time traveled, you will not be surprised by hidden extra charges when you arrive at your destination. Whenever there are optional costs, we will inform you what are pros and cons of paying them. We want to give you an informed choice.

Why is the UK a good place to visit?

The UK is a great country full of fantastic experiences to be had. One of the best vacation choices in Europe, UK has something for anyone. There are many good reasons to travel to Britain. Here is why the United Kingdom is a great place to visit:

  • Long, unique, and vibrant history, with many preserved landmarks and architecture dating back to 1000 years of British history!
  • Terrific museums and exhibitions that let you feel like you are traveling around the world by moving from a hall to a hall. 
  • The outstanding natural beauty and breathtaking natural scenery will make for the best photo ops of your life.
  • Scenic historic towns and villages
  • Fascinating culture and incredible cuisine, known and wanted in every corner of the Earth! Experience the famous “English breakfast”
  • Home of many of the best and most famous works of culture in the world – Shakespeare, Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter 
  • Countless tours, trips and attractions!

What is the most visited place in the UK?

The number one most visited place in the United Kingdom is hotly contested by two museums. The two most popular tourists spots in the UK are:

  1. The most visited place in the United Kingdom is The British Museum. It attracts more than 6 million visitors every year. The British Museum also places very high on the list of most visited places in the world. In terms of museums, it is the most popular one, only rivaled by the Louvre of Paris. Come and visit the British Museum if you want to taste the incredible diversity of humanity. The Museum collects and displays the cultural heritage of the entire Earth. You can find art and exhibits from every corner of the world in the British Museum.
  2. The Tate Modern gallery is the second most visited place in the UK. Traditionally, it is only a few million behind the British Museum. The Tate Modern Gallery is known for its masterpieces of international and British modern art dating from 1900 until today. It attracts about 5.7 million visitors. Tate Modern is displaying artwork according to themes and not chronology, which is an innovative way. Works from different centuries can be seen next to each other as long as it is kept in the theme.

Where should I go on a holiday in the UK?

The UK is a great holiday destination. If you want to spend some time relaxing away from busy cities, consider choosing one of the following United Kingdom holiday options:

  1. Dedham, Essex
  2. Salford, Manchester
  3. Shropshire Hills, Shropshire
  4. Lake District National Park, Cumbria
  5. Isle of Sheppey, Kent
  6. England Coastal Path
  7. West Highlands, Scotland
  8. Norfolk
  9. Lundy Island, Devon
  10. Snowdonia, Wales

What are the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the United Kingdom?

A UNESCO World Heritage Site is a place, building, institution, landmark or location that has been deemed to be a valuable and wonderful addition to the shared heritage of humanity. To become a Heritage Site, you need to make the world a better place. These sites are one of the most popular tourist destinations. If you are in the area of one, you definitely should make time to visit! After you choose where you spend your vacations, look at the list below to find the Heritage Sites you can visit. In Britain, you will find many of them! Go and explore as many as you can!

What is the most beautiful part of the UK?

England is such a rich and diverse country that you will have to decide which part of it is the most beautiful yourself. Locals and tourists alike debate which part of England is their favorite. The United Kingdom is sure to leave you speechless if you know where to go! The parts of the UK that are universally agreed to be beautiful and worth exploring are:

  • Fingal’s Cave, the Isle of Staffa, Scotland
  • The Old Man Of Storr, The Isle Of Skye
  • Lake Windermere, Cumbria
  • Stonehenge, Wiltshire
  • Durdle Door, Dorset
  • The White Cliffs Of Dover
  • Cheddar Gorge, Somerset
  • Micheldever Forest, Hampshire
  • The Needles, The Isle Of Wight
  • Glen Nevis, Scottish Highlands
  • Llanthony Priory, Monmouthshire, Wales
  • Dunnottar Castle, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
  • Land’s End, Cornwall
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