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London Tours

Check out MrShuttle – top attractions and transport options in London

London is a magnificent city offering excellent walking tours and world-famous attractions. The iconic red bus, clock tower known as Big Ben or Buckingham Palace are widely recognized all over the world. Discover your expert guide to London for the best sightseeing tours. From the most popular attractions to top tours behind the scenes, find out more and plan ahead what’s on in London today. The best tours may require advanced booking to get a good grasp of English culture. Of course, there are free tours and checking the River Thames is out of any charges.

You could spend your whole life discovering other parts of the city, and it would continue to surprise you. From St. Paul’s Cathedral to the Tower of London or everywhere. London has its own personality, thanks to the vibrant culture and energetic approach to life – this is the main feature of the British capital.

If you want to get the most out of your time in here, check out top London tours with MrShuttle. We offer an all-embracing tour guide to meet the best trip expectations. Sounds interesting? Scroll down and explore the top places in London! Start your sightseeing with the below tour suggestions and many other free spots.

Can you get door-to-door service in London?

Yes, absolutely! All-inclusive door-to-door transportation services are easy to get around. Need more explanation on this? No problem at all. Get your afternoon tea after reaching the final destination and leave transport with us. We provide reliable services covering both safety and relevant comfort. Travelling takes on an entirely new dimension as it is free from the stress associated with a journey. A weekend trip to London or a several-day trip to the UK does not have to involve several hours of sitting behind the wheel or getting across the streets, armed with heavy bags. Door-to-door service is for everyone of all ages to make your tour more comfortable and help you see a changing of the guard on the day of your arrival. There is no time to lose. The London Eye is watching.. you! Many positive sides are arising from door-to-door services, but most of all, you get psychological comfort. Stop worrying about anything, whether you will make it, how to get to your destination, etc. Our offer is very attractive, as you do not have to pay for other means of transport: taxi, underground, bus etc. The route is determined based on your guidelines to help you as much as possible. We aim to give you more time around by plummeting your commuting efforts and hours in queues.


A beautiful dusk-time view of Tower Bridge and the River Thames in London

Where to ask questions about London City and London tours?

Any questions? That’s perfect! Better to ask the way than to go astray, especially when you visit the royal city for the first time. Or you are seeking reliable information in one place to make your sightseeing in London merely intensive. We gathered the most frequently asked questions in a FAQ to expand your knowledge and accelerate forthcoming London’s tour experience. If you can’t find the most suitable answer or still struggle with some concerns, just drop us a message. We aim to make sure that the FAQ remains useful to all visitors. Don’t hesitate to share one of your questions regarding top attractions in London or any tour you wish to head off. If you need more clarity in establishing your personal tour guide, we are more than happy to help.

Feel free to reach us through the most convenient channel. You can give us a ring, send an e-mail across, or chat with one of our friendly representatives online. Choose the best option and don’t hesitate to get listed your concerns to us. We will get back to you within one business day!

If you demand more thorough knowledge, you should dive into our blog with all-embracing tourist content. It covers a wide range of tour-related topics regarding the cities we operate in. We prepared dedicated know-how guidelines referring to London’s iconic spots and safety measures you should consider before heading to London, including TOP places you should explore as well. Below you will find an extensive list you may want to flip through and add top places to your London travel list.

Tours in London with MrShuttle

Pursuing a city break to London or a weekend away? Excellent. Explore London with MrShuttle to boost your understanding of British culture and make your visit remarkable.

Here are a few reasons why sightseeing with MrShuttle is a good idea:

  • Airport transfers: Start your tour of London immediately without wasting your time catching a bus. By booking our London airport transfer, you save much of your time along with filling out your pocket due to savings. You can forget about tickets, crowds, carrying out your luggage through the streets. Unless the traffic is crazy, our driver will get you to the final destination in absolute comfort. 
  • Guided tours in English: If you are concerned with a new place and want to experience London to the fullest, check out our offer and find out more about top London tours. Time is money. Taking a guide service is a guarantee of well-used time. A professional guide will arrange a route to meet your expectations. Wondering if sightseeing is feasible for non-English speakers? Sure thing! Contact us to see if we can offer you a tour of London in different languages.
  • Sightseeing in a small group: We realize how much privacy is fundamental when going on a highly anticipated vacation. The size of the tour depends to some extent on the number of reservations and current restrictions. Want to enjoy a private London tour with no crowds or a minimal number of people? You can hit top spots just with your fellows and find out much more about the places you aim to visit. Just raise your query and get in touch with our Customer Support Team.

Tourist Attractions In London

UNESCO Heritage Sites in London

When arranging your travel plans, you should definitely consider UNESCO World Heritage Sites to enrich your trip. There are 28 World Heritage Sites in the UK, and four of them are located in London.

  • The Tower of London

Officially known as Majesty’s Palace and Fortress of the Tower of London is a legendary building – one of the oldest symbols of the British monarchy, which went down in history as a prison with no escape route. Today it serves as a museum and is one of London’s main tourist attractions. The building also used to serve as a fortress, infamous prison, royal palace and even as a zoo. Apart from its monumental size, your visit will be also made memorable inside where you can find: Traitor’s Gate, The White Tower, Torture at the Tower, Priceless Crown Jewels, The Ravens, Royal Beasts any many others.

  • The Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew

The name of the botanical garden does not fully reflect the essence of this place. In addition to the largest and most diverse collection of plants and trees in the world, Kew Gardens are divided by theme, you will find the Palm House, Orangery, Princess of Wales Conservatory (opened by Princess Diane 1987), Bonsai House and many more like so-called Pagoda, Japanese Gateway or country cottage Queen Charlotte’s Cottage.

  • The Palace of Westminster, Westminster Abbey and St Margaret’s Church

These three places combine the history of one of the oldest parliamentary monarchies of modern times. The importance of parliamentary and constitutional institutions are deeply rooted in the walls and monumental architecture arising from Gothic and Neo-Gothic-related style. The present appearance of the interior of the church is the effect of renovation from 1877. The designer’s name was Sir George Gilbert Scott. The church was also a venue for merrier events such as the weddings of British aristocrats such as Sir Winston Churchill.

  • Maritime Greenwich

The Maritime Greenwich encapsulates the memorable town centre and its history, Royal Park, including associated institutional buildings. Maritime Greenwich is deemed an influential and extraordinary place, being on every expert guide’s list. Tourists are encouraged to visit and absorb an unforgettable experience thanks to its natural character. The gathering of buildings, including their landscape surroundings is recognised as a dominant architectural symbol of English aesthetic and other institutional efforts, notably from the 17th to late 19th centuries.

Best London Tours

Since London is such a magnificent city with mesmerizing museums, famous places, and enterprises, MrShuttle prepared an expert guide you should follow before paying a visit to London. Check out our list of remarkable tours to see which places are the most suitable and entertaining for you. Trust our experience let yourself immerse in this city.

If you want to discover every little detail of London, we encourage you to book a trip with MrShuttle! Our company provides any kind of London tour as well as trips outside the city e.g. Warner Bros Studio Tour where you can explore The Making of Harry Potter. Don’t hesitate for a while! We will take you to the most popular and worth seeing places.

Tours in London

The London Eye is the world’s tallest, cantilevered observation wheel consisting of 32 glass capsules at the height of 135 m. Their gradual rotation allows observing the ever-changing perspective of London. Tower Bridge is, next to Big Ben, the most famous symbol of London. It was made in the Victorian style and symbolizes the mighty British empire and the bustling River Thames. Don’t forget about the Royal aspect of this city!

Buckingham Palace needs no introduction. This imposing building is a symbol of the British monarchy and the royal family’s seat since 1837. Here are held the most important state ceremonies and official meetings of the elite of various countries. About 50,000 guests visit the Queen every year! Don’t miss a Changing of the Guard. This is a formal ceremony when the group of soldiers currently protecting Buckingham Palace are changed by other soldiers representing the Royal Family. We have already mentioned Westminster Abbey and St Paul’s Cathedral as top-notch places for your one day tour. Apart from this church, London offers to see another one called St Paul’s Cathedral in the City of London district. Add to your list the Houses of Parliament! You won’t regret it for a while.

If you are tired of exploring monumental buildings, you should definitely check out the most mesmerizing and natural places like Hyde Park. Why so famous? This is the largest park in the central park and the royal parks of London. Your tour in London does not always require tickets and long queues and spending one day in such a place will stress you out too. If you want to change the scenery and move out of the city, you should see Windsor Castle, also known as a royal home located in the county of Berkshire. Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace are favourite places of the Queen. So, good chances of seeing her in here walking around!

Or perhaps you are a real fan of James Bond? Great! MrShuttle offers a private tour through the city a chance to explore secret offices, routes and other places. Just let us know you want to try it!

An immersive Harry Potter Museum. Warner Bros Studio Tour.

Are you a real fan of Harry Potter? Or just curious about making of? Great! Book with us a magical trip to Warner Bros. Go behind the scenes of filming sets, see magical props and costumes and immerse yourself in the magical world. Experience the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, touch magic wands and get on the Hogwarts Express. This is an unmissable point on your tourist map. Get to the Diagon Alley and Forbidden Forest on the same day. Dumbledore used to say that nobody should enter the Forbidden Forest. You are allowed to enter every place and don’t bother with any safety issues. Your English experience will hit the roof!

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Here you can find answers for frequently asked questions.

When visiting London, you should see British Museum and Tate Modern. The iconic Big Ben and London Tower are also a must to see. If you are a fan of was figures, Madame Tussauds has its home here. Maritime Greenwich and Royal Botanic Gardens are wonderful treats for anyone interested in botany and science. To get the best shot of London, try to reach the top of Londons’ Eye!

There are six airports in London: Luton, Stansted, Heathrow, Southend, Gatwick and City Airport. The best airport to choose is either City Airport or Heathrow - they are the closest and best connected to the city. The single best way to get to your destination from the airport is to schedule a private door to door airport transfer. This way, you can dodge all the inconveniences of public transport, do not have to be afraid of predatory drivers trying to scam you out of your money, and don’t have to worry about anything!

Some of the most interesting things to see within a day of London include Stonehenge, Oxford, Bath, Canterbury, Stratford-upon-Avon and many others! If you wish so, you might even take a quick break to visit Paris!

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