Is Sardinia your next vacation? Pristine beaches, quaint towns, fishing villages, and delicious food are great reasons to visit this Mediterranean island. Sardinia has so many incredible sites that it's difficult to decide on where to go. If you're planning to visit Sardinia and are feeling a bit lost, have a look at our recommendations below. I

Northern Sardinia: beautiful beaches, glamour, and a dose of France

The northern coast boasts some of Sardinia’s most iconic places, such as Costa Smeralda or La Maddalena. A boat trip to La Maddalena island (or the Maddalena Archipelago National Park) will leave you breathless thanks to turquoise waters, rock formations, and unspoiled nature. If long sandy beaches are your thing, you’ll find plenty of them all around the island, but a good chunk of the best beaches are on Sardinia’s north coast. One of the most popular beaches here is Cala Brandinchi with clear water, white sand, and pine trees surrounding it. Costa Paradiso is also a great spot if you’re looking for a pretty beach, lots of sun, and amazing views.

Say ‘bonjour’ to Corsica

If you’re in North Sardinia, perhaps you fancy a day trip to Corsica? Santa Teresa di Gallura, the northernmost village of Sardinia, is located just around 12 km from Corsica. Taking a ferry to Corsica from here is a piece of cake.

Around 80 km from Santa Teresa Gallura, the medieval village of Castelsardo is perfect for a lovely walk. The main attraction here is the Doria Castle situated on a hill from which (on a clear day) you can see Corsica. If you’re staying in this area, you may even consider a ferry ride from Porto Torres to the uninhabited Asinara island.

Go back in time in Olbia or experience the glitz in Porto Cervo

Located in northeastern Sardinia, Olbia with its Archeological Museum is a great place for history buffs. Despite being a small town, it has plenty to offer to its visitors thanks to its rich history and vibrant streets. Olbia is also known as the gateway to Costa Smeralda, often called the Emerald Coast. This part of Sardinia is particularly famous among celebrities. If you’re looking for a luxury holiday, Porto Cervo is the place to be. If all the glamour is not quite your cup of tea, you can instead opt for Porto San Paolo, a seaside village not far from Olbia.

Take a break from the beach in Alghero

If you don’t want to spend too much time on the beach, a stay in Alghero in the northwest of Sardinia is a good idea. One of the top things to do in Alghero is to explore its narrow streets and historic center. Here you can see the Santa Maria Cathedral (or Alghero Cathedral) and enjoy views from the bell tower. The San Francesco church is also popular among tourists. If you’re looking for something local and unique to do, we recommend visiting the Coral Museum.

Southern Sardinia: city life, ancient history, and more beaches

If you already have your flights booked and land at Cagliari airport, you’ll have all the wonders of South Sardinia at your fingertips. As Sardinia’s capital, the fortified city of Cagliari is great for a visit any time of the year. It is also a good option if you want to enjoy the nightlife, as well as history and art. We recommend a visit to the National Archaeological Museum, Saint Remy Bastion, Palazzo di Citta and Cathedral di Santa Maria. And if you want to spend some time on a city beach, there’s Poetto Beach. This is one of the longest beaches in Sardinia, located a few kilometers from the city center.

See an ancient village

From Cagliari, you can easily visit one of the main tourist attractions in Sardinia – the ancient city of Nora. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is considered to be Sardinia’s most ancient village.

Beach time on the south coast

Sardinia has so many amazing beaches that it’d be a shame to stick to just one. The island’s southern coast is home to a popular beach called Spiaggia di Chia. It has soft sand, incredibly clear water, and high dunes. Not far from there, the wide Su Giudeu Beach also deserves a visit and is especially good for scuba diving and windsurfing.

Western Sardinia: Oristano and nearby beaches

If the western coast of Sardinia is your destination, you don’t want to miss Oristano. The highlights here are Antiquarium Arborense Museum and the old town. This part of Sardinia is less touristy and there are many wild beaches in the vicinity. We also recommend a visit to the picturesque town of Bosa and taking a short walk around the Sa Costa neighborhood known for colorful buildings.

East coast of Sardinia: Gulf of Orosei

If you’re looking for a beautiful beach, consider the Gulf of Orosei and Cala Luna beach. The Gulf of Orosei is great for hikers and fans of water sports. Note, however, that Cala Luna can’t be reached by car – you can get there by boat or hiking.

MrShuttle in Sardinia

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